About Laura Brandenburg

Laura Brandenburg, CBAP, is the author of How to Start a Business Analyst Career and Professional Development for Business Analysts. Laura offers business analysis courses and consulting to people who want to get started in a business analyst career. Click here to learn more about getting started as a business analyst (it's a free email course).

How to Structure a Business Analyst Team

This question came to us from our Facebook page. When you have multiple projects and multiple business analysts, how do you structure your team and work assignments? Like so much in BA, it depends. The best answer to this question has to come in the context of your organization – what projects are you working […]

What Tasks to Give to a New Business Analyst

This question comes to us from Marie, who is a business analyst manager and often has people in her organization approach her for help getting started in business analysis. She wanted to know how to find the right task, or first assignment, that will help increase their confidence and expand their capabilities.   For those […]

How to Help New Business Analysts Capitalize on Their Transferable Skills

In your role as a leader in your organization, it’s likely that you are approached by many people interested in starting business analysts careers, and are looking for your support and guidance. Helping new business analysts get started provides a path for you to move into more of a leadership role, expand the credibility of […]

Getting Clear Requirements in Agile from Waterfall Stakeholders

We’re going to the dark side of business analysis and agile requirements today, and looking at how we really help out end users who still have a waterfall mindset get clear about their requirements. This is the under-the-radar STUFF that no one else is talking about. But it’s very much the reality of many of […]

How to Transition to Agile as a Waterfall Business Analyst

So, you’ve heard the news – your organization is going agile. Or you are looking for jobs, and every single one requires agile experience. What does this mean for you, your career, and business analysis? How do you leverage your skills and experience in more traditional, waterfall environments to succeed as an agile business analyst? […]

The Agile Business Analyst: 4 Crucial Strategies for Success

Many business analysts feel like their role is not needed in agile. We hear that agile teams don’t want “requirements” and so we assume they don’t want business analysts! Nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s exactly why agile teams need business analysts.   For those who like to read instead of watch, here’s […]

The Inner Game of Succeeding as a Business Analyst

Succeeding as a business analyst takes more than just knowing all the right questions and techniques. It also requires getting your mindset right – this is what is called the inner game. I also share how certifications really can help you with your inner game, when you approach them with the right mindset.   For […]

How to Get Past Barely Managed Chaos

If you are always running from one fire drill to another, can’t get key people to show up for your meetings because they have competing or last-minute priorities, and are overwhelmed by trying to finish ALL the requirements (but never actually getting there), then you are working from barely managed chaos. You feel busy, but […]

Your Organization Needs You to Step Up

Business analysts create positive change, make our organizations more efficient, and help us add more value to our customers. If you’ve been frustrated by your lack of opportunity in your business analysis career, this is the message you’ve been waiting for.   For those who like to read instead of watch, here’s the full text […]

3 Ways to Write Clearer Requirements

Clarity is one of the most fundamental attributes of writing good requirements. Clear requirements are less likely to be misunderstood by business stakeholders and technical implementers. Clear requirements require fewer review cycles to confirm and validate them. Clear requirements lead to insightful questions, that show your power and value as a business analyst. But what […]

The Difference Between a Product Manager Role and a Business Analyst

The product manager role and business analyst role go hand in hand. Many product managers get their start as business analysts, and as a product manager, you can expect to work closely with a business analyst. What’s the difference between the two roles? And how do you transition from one role to another? That’s the […]

Laura Brandenburg on Being a Mom Entrepreneur

Last year, I was honored to present at Jeff Walker’s LaunchCon and share my business journey with nearly 1,000 entrepreneurs. During my 4 minutes on stage, I shared: **How I rekindled my passion for serving business analysts. **How I’ve doubled the size of my launches with less time and stress. **How I’m role modeling honoring […]

How to turn training into $$$…for YOU and for YOUR EMPLOYER.

It’s easy to look at the cost of virtual business analyst training and feel overwhelmed. But what about the potential value of that investment? What if you could 5X or 10X that investment through a single promotion or job offer or salary bump? It’s entirely possible, when you leverage your training in the right way. And […]

About our case studies

We just released 3 new case studies from 2017 participants in The Business Analyst Blueprint. Listen in to learn what to expect from each of the case studies and choose one or two that resonate with you and dive in! The case studies will be valuable to you even if you aren’t thinking about training […]

How to Avoid Missing Software Requirements

There are 2 primary reasons that business analysts miss requirements and I cover them in this video. Want to learn more? Watch this short video! And then register here for the free 3-part video training.

Secrets to Getting Started as a Business Analyst

One day, I was headed back to my desk after a meeting and a senior business analyst stopped me in the hallway, inviting me to apply for a new position on the business analyst team. The thing is – this was NOT a chance meeting. I had taken specific actions that led to this outcome […]

Shelly Feyerherm – Experienced BA Who Deepens her Knowledge and Re-Certifies for the CBAP

Today we meet Shelley Feyerherm who joined The Business Analyst Blueprint as a CBAP® with several years of business analysis experience. She shares how the program helped her deepen her knowledge of core business analysis skills, by going beyond the surface. Connect with Shelly Feyerherm on LinkedIn Shelly also shares some tips for getting the […]

Jennifer Hurley Leverages Flexible Training to Get Hours for Certification

Today we meet Jennifer Hurley who joined The Business Analyst Blueprint with a team of business analysts, as part of pursuing her certification goals. As a single mom, a lot of training options are not feasible, and our flexible online training program gave her opportunities to expand her skills and get the credits she needed […]

How to Get Started as a BA Even if You Have No Experience

If you are looking to start a business analyst career, but don’t yet have any business analyst experience, you might feel caught in a trap. What comes first, the business analyst or the business analyst experience? Why do so many industry veterans say they just “fell” into business analysis and what can you do to […]

Roshni Dominic Starts a Part-Time BA Role at the British Red Cross

Today we meet Roshni Dominic. Roshni is located in the UK and participated in the 2017 session of The Business Analyst Blueprint. Just a few weeks into the program, she turned her Support Analyst Role at the British Red Cross into a part-time Business Analyst role. Her business analysis responsibilities and capabilities have continued to […]