3 Business Process Modeling Case Studies

Business process modeling is used by BAs and non-BAs alike to create lasting change in organizations. It’s how we actually make our ripple effect as business analysts. Today we get specific as I’m sharing 3 examples of some of our business analysts and to-be business analysts, and exactly how they applied business process modeling to change not […]

The Ripple Effect of Your Work as a Business Analyst

As business analysts, we find it really hard to communicate our value. And we often feel under-valued and under-appreciated. In reality, our ripple effect is huge.  You know when you throw a stone in a pond and there are ripples and ripples of water that flow out from that one stone falling into the water? […]

How to Avoid Incomplete Business Requirements

There are many reasons that BAs end up producing incomplete requirements, and this can have an extremely negative impact on our job performance. Today we’re taking a question from one Bridging the Gap community member, who gave us this scenario: “In my company, there are no business requirements meetings. Business requirements are discussed among other […]

Dealing with Resistant Stakeholders

As business analysts improving business processes, it’s not uncommon for us to encounter stakeholders with a deep-rooted suspicion of IT and the belief that no matter what, the solution is not going to work for them. So what do you do? In today’s video, I share 5 ways to help resistant stakeholders on the path […]

Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers – How to Really Sell Your BA Skills

If you are preparing for your first business analyst job interview or if it’s been awhile since you’ve interviewed, you are probably wondering what to expect. Interviewing for a business analyst job is very different than interviewing for a more technical or domain-focused role. In particular, what’s different is how you position your skills to […]

4 Strategies to Manage Information Overload as a New Business Analyst

Business analysts will often find themselves in “information overload” mode. On a new project, with new stakeholders, in a new business domain, it’s not uncommon to be on the receiving end of new terminology, new tasks, and new information about everything from business processes to how a specific system works. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. […]

How to Protect the Emotional Investment You Make in Your BA Work

As a business analyst, it’s not uncommon for me to get way over-invested emotionally in my projects and my work. I’m guessing a lot of you have a similar challenge. In today’s world, we are so connected, that it is really difficult to break away from work – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I used to […]

How to Build Engagement with Stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement is incredibly important to successful business analysis. Without engaged stakeholders who care about the project and understand the work you do as a business analyst, you will work harder to discover the right requirements. You’ll face issues like stakeholders not showing up to your meetings, unanswered questions about requirements that delay your project, […]

Cloud Implementations: Can You Guess the 3 Types of Requirements that are Still Critical?

As more organizations are working on cloud implementation projects, or leveraging software available in a SaaS (Software as a Service) environment, many business analysts feel that it isn’t necessary to capture requirements at the same level of detail as you would if you were building or updating software in-house. And that might leave you wondering […]

From Customer Service to Business Analysis – Adam Haesler Does Not Take “No” For an Answer

I’m so excited to be able to share this case study interview with you. Adam Haesler’s BA career has been evolving for the last 2 years, and he recently landed his first formal business analyst position. Learn how Adam got more confident in his business analysis skills, mined his career for relevant experiences (even without […]

These Are the Top Technical Skills that Business Analysts Really Need to Know

Today we’re going to answer a question that comes up quite often, and that’s what technical skills a business analyst needs to be well-positioned in the job market and to be able to have detailed discussions with technical professionals. While it’s important that a business analyst has a conceptual technical understanding as it helps you […]

5 Ways to Get Your Business Analyst Department Recognized

A lot of business analysts face challenges getting recognized for their value, and as a result, get cut out of important project work. Instead of doing the critical work to solve bigger problems for their organization, they end up fighting just to stay involved, begging to get stakeholders to show up for their meetings, or, […]

Unrealistic Requirements Deadlines – How to Respond to Your Project Manager

Today we’re talking about an issue that’s more common for business analysts than you might expect. And that’s how to handle the situation when your project manager insists on an unrealistic requirements deadline, even after you have mapped out your business analysis plan. In this video, I share exactly what to do in this situation. […]

Avoid These BA Pitfalls {3 video tutorials}

I’ve been experimenting with a new collection of video content recently, and I’d love to hear what you think about the videos. One piece of feedback we’ve received is to add full-text articles or transcripts of the videos – is that something you’d like to see? Here are the 3 videos – each touch on […]

3 things to do first, to get a quick and effective start on the requirements

Have you ever been asked to just get started writing the requirements? While it can feel quick and effective to jump right in and start documenting, this habit is likely to lead you down the wrong path, really, really quickly. In this video I share the 3 things you should do first, that will set […]

Can you really be too business oriented?

Have you been told that you are “too business oriented?” How could that be? As business analysts, we are supposed to figure out what the business wants and needs, right? Yes…and, well, no. Watch this short video to learn how to respond to this kind of feedback. Key points include: Appreciating technical and project constraints that […]

How to Handle Push Back from Your Technology Team

Today we’re talking about a problem all business analysts face – what to do when the developers push back on your requirements. Here are a few key points: Re-frame what the developer means by “that’s impossible”…everything is possible, given unlimited time and budget. Be sure to understand the true business need, and not present a business […]

On every successful project…

In the Business Analyst Manifesto, I state: On every successful project, you’ll find a business analyst. Their title might be director of technology, product owner, product manager, requirements analyst, business process engineer, VP of operations, development lead, team lead, project manager, or CTO. The title is rather irrelevant. The activity of creating alignment around a […]

65 Business Analysis Techniques

The business analyst’s toolbox is chock full of dozens of business analysis techniques. Here is a list of 65 business analysis techniques that are useful to know about. Not that you would use every technique on every project (though some of these are definitely my tried-and-true, go-to, techniques), but so you have a toolbox of […]

What is a Functional Analyst?

One question that has been coming up in our recent business analyst webinars is what is a functional analyst and how does this role differ from a business analyst job role? I’m always the first to say that business analyst job titles can be extremely deceiving, as they are used inconsistently across organizations. However, that […]