Avoid These BA Pitfalls {3 video tutorials}

I’ve been experimenting with a new collection of video content recently, and I’d love to hear what you think about the videos. One piece of feedback we’ve received is to add full-text articles or transcripts of the videos – is that something you’d like to see?

Here are the 3 videos – each touch on a different pitfall that business analysts face. (I’ve seen these come up again and again, even for the best of the best among business analysts, and I’ve made a lot of these mistakes myself. So be sure to watch the videos or at least review the key takeaways.)

How to Handle Push Back From Your Technology Team

It’s not uncommon for developers to say, “that’s impossible,” but that doesn’t mean it really is. Learn how to handle this challenging situation to be sure the true business needs are addressed.

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Can You Really Be “Too Business Oriented?”

Have you been told that you are “too business oriented?” How could that be? As business analysts, we are supposed to figure out what the business wants and needs, right?

Yes…and, well, no.

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3 Things To Do First To Get a Quick and Effective Start On The Requirements

Have you ever been asked to just get started writing the requirements? While it can feel quick and effective to jump right in and start documenting, this habit is likely to lead you down the wrong path, really, really quickly.

Click here to learn more about the 3 things to do first, that will set the stage for an effective requirements process.

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