Build a Business Analyst Resume that Lands You Interviews

(Even If You've Never Held the
"Business Analyst" Job Title)


When you join Building a BA Resume that Lands You Interviews today, you’ll learn exactly how to present your career background in a business analyst resume, even if you’ve never held the “Business Analyst” job title.

In addition to a detailed lesson walking you step-by-step through our resume writing process, you’ll also receive worksheets and checklists you can use to create the content that goes into your resume.

Before we dive in to the details of what’s covered in this virtual, self-study course, let’s talk about what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in your resume so you’ll know what kind of improvements will land you more job interviews.

  • First of all, recruiters read very few resumes. They receive hundreds of applications for any given job and they just don’t have the time to read them all.
  • Second, while it may seem counter-intuitive, an employer does not really want a candidate who meets the job specifications. What they really want is someone who will solve a particular problem and do the job well.
  • Finally, neither a recruiter or a hiring manager typically cares about seeing a detailed catalog or completely balanced view of your career. Recruiters and hiring managers care more about the business analysis experience that is relevant to the position they are recruiting for as it’s the candidates with the experience they want to interview.

While this might seem like a lot of bases to cover in typical 3 page resume, it’s entirely doable. And the work you invest in getting your resume right will also help you figure out the right jobs to be applying for, and prepare for job interviews too.

When you go through the resume writing process covered in this self-study course, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to update your resume so you land interviews for the right business analyst positions.

Let’s look at how this course leads you through the resume-writing process.

How the course will help you land more BA job interviews

When you join Building a BA Resume that Lands You Interviews today, you’ll receive a 90-minute lesson (complete with a 36-page PDF transcript) walking you through how to put together a business analyst resume, the Ultimate Guide to Bullet-Proofing Your BA Bullet Points, the How to Create a Compelling Project Summary Worksheet, and your questions answered via email.

Let’s look at what’s covered in each of the course components.

 Part 1

The One Thing Your

Resume Should Do For You

You know that you don’t need a complete catalog of your career in your resume. But deciding what responsibilities and career experiences to include in your resume can cause a lot of angst.

The following questions are just a small snapshot of what we address in the course.

  • Should you include your first job right after university or not?
  • What about your internship?
  • How about the special project you worked on a few years back?

And if you happen to have a situation that’s not covered, we can handle it via the email Q&A component that’s included in the course (more on that below).

A lot of the unnecessary work and rework that goes into a resume comes from trying to serve too many objectives or focusing on the wrong objectives. You add in a section only to take it back out again only to further expand it in yet another version of your resume.

We start the course by getting crystal clear on exactly what a recruiter and hiring manager want to see on your resume before they call you in for a job interview. For most of our participants, these insights create a mindset shift that brings a tremendous amount of clarity to the entire resume-writing process.

That’s important because once you’ve got your mindset right, often key parts of the resume start to write themselves.

But even though your resume might start writing itself, we’ll also walk you through how to put your business analyst qualifications into your resume.

Part 2

How to Write

Better Bullet Points

In this section, we cover how to write bullet points that communicate your business analysis qualifications in a clear and compelling way. When you are swimming in a sea of hundreds of applicants, a hiring manager needs an easy way to separate you out from the others.

This is where we cover how to turn a very standard and boring list of responsibilities into compelling and readable bullet points that showcase why and how you actually made a difference.

We’ll cover:

  •  A simple formula for turning a responsibility into an accomplishment that shows you don’t just do your job, but are worth hiring because you make a difference.
  • How to include concrete details that make these accomplishments believable and help a hiring manager start to see you working for them, before they’ve even given you a call.
  • Straight-forward ways to shine a light on your soft skills, showing that you are not only qualified for the job, but also fully capable of getting the job done in tough situations. These are the candidates that often get called first.

These are not tricks or gimmicks and they do not require a degree in English or the savvy of a used car salesman. They are simple writing techniques which will improve the content you already have in your resume and make it more readable and relevant.

What’s more, each technique is accompanied by real examples from the business analysis profession so you’ll be able to see exactly how to apply it in a BA context.


My main take-way was that I can modify my resume to not so much try to look like I’m the BA that I’m not, but to show how the progression of my experiences would demonstrate to the recruiter or hiring manager that I can do the job. -David Wolf


I became aware of the Business Analysis tasks I have performed but was not aware that I was performing a BA role. The main benefit was in learning how to emphasis your experience by using the correct wording. – Florence Mojapele


I was always system analyst (the only technical person) inside of business unit. I was acting as BA by getting requirements from traders, recording, analyzing, deciding with users on priorities and then verifying it. Then I was a developer/dba to build applications, testing them, and distributing. With help of your course I was able to highlight BA part of my experience. -Inna


You’ll also receive the 

Ultimate Guide to Bullet-Proofing

Your BA Bullet Points

This 5-page guide walks through each area of business analysis and gives you patterns you can apply in writing bullet points. It also includes sample bullet points from my own resume that incorporate concrete details and showcase soft skills so you can draw from them when writing your own bullet points.

While rewriting your bullet points will go a long way to getting you hired, you also want to be sure that the information on your resume is organized in an easy-to-scan and easy-to-read way so that the recruiter or hiring manager actually reads what you wrote.

The third and final part of the resume-writing process is figuring out how to organize all of this information so your resume actually gets read. Let’s talk about that next.

Part 3

How to Organize Your Resume

So It Gets Read

There are two simple principles to organizing your resume:

  • Organize the first page so you make it past the recruiter’s scan.
  • Organize your work history so you demonstrate you are qualified for the position and get called in for an interview.

In this part of the course, we walk you through both principles in detail.

How to Make it Past the Recruiter’s Scan

To get past the recruiter’s scan, each of these three primary sections – with appropriate BA experiences and qualifications highlighted – need some real estate on the first page.

  • Your Summary
  • Your Key Accomplishments
  • Your Recent Work History (and especially the Job Titles in your recent work history)

You’ll also learn what to do when your most relevant business analysis experience is so far back on your work history, you can’t possibly see how it could make it onto the first page.

How to Keep the Recruiter Reading

Then, we look at the entire work history section, which will likely take up at least 1-2 pages of a traditional resume. We look at techniques for pulling out special projects, how to organize lists of more than 5 bullet points, and what to do with roles far back in your career history that have nothing to do with business analysis.

You’ll also receive a worksheet for pulling together a project summary that emphasizes your business analyst skills, a technique that many BA professionals have found helps them draw out their relevant BA experience without being dishonest.

“Sometime ago I made the decision to make a career change and become a Business Analyst. Writing a resume can already be very challenging, but to make it Business Analyst proof, I felt it was a huge obstacle. At first sight my background was a lot more marketing/sales oriented so far away from being a Business Analyst.  Thanks to Laura’s course, I was able:

  • To determine where I actually had Business Analyst related activities during my career;
  • To focus on where the issues were in my resume and make the necessary changes;
  • To make better use of my soft skills and determine the areas where I was lacking of knowledge.

On top of the course, I had a few email exchange with Laura, where she kindly provided me with some additional advises. A friend of mine who is a recruiter already positively reacted on my new resume. Therefore I really recommend this course to anyone who wants to make a career change to Business Analyst. – Cita van Mierlo”

The new resume has made all the difference.  I targeted the jobs I really wanted rather than applying for anything and everything.  I started to value myself and what I had to offer and feel that I did not have to settle.  All your skills are transferable and you can translate your resume into the career that you are passionate about – just find out what that is!  It is well worth the time and energy. – Michelle Swoboda

I actually love the way Laura conducts her teleseminars. Laura is passionate about Business Analysis and helping others to reach their goal of becoming a BA. The resume teleseminar was no different. Laura does a fantastic job of organizing information. You get the facts, not fluff! Laura has a knack for picking out all the gold nuggets of the subject matter being taught I always leave Laura’s webinars feeling that my time was not wasted and my money more than well spent! – Anonymous Participant

You’ll also get email access
if you need a little direction

Rest assured that even while this is an on-demand, virtual, and self-study course, you are not in this alone. We make sure you have the support you need to create a resume that lands you more business analyst job interviews.

Your career background and experience is unique and after going through the course materials you may have questions about how they apply best to your situation.

You’ll be able to email your questions and concerns and receive precise answers and on-target suggestions. Up to 2 questions are included with your course investment.

Here’s a quick summary of
everything you are about to receive

Once you apply these concepts to your resume, you’ll be more likely to be called for interviews for business analyst jobs. What’s more, you’ll be better prepared for those interviews because you’ll have learned how to communicate your BA qualifications in terms hiring managers and recruiters care about.

When you join Building a BA Resume that Lands You Interviews today, you’ll receive the following course components:

  • A 90-minute mp3 audio recording that will walk you through how to put together a business analyst resume, with tips specific to business analysts who’ve never held the job title of “business analyst.”
  • A complete PDF eBook transcript of the audio recording – nicely formatted with visuals and examples. This resource is 36 full printable pages.
  • How to Create a Compelling Project Summary Worksheet to help you draw out important details from your project work and organize the information before building it into your resume.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Bullet-Proofing Your BA Bullet Points which contains patterns you can use to make sure you’ve worded your bullet points in a way that captures your reviewer’s interest. This guide contains 5 pages of examples and patterns organized by business analysis knowledge area.
  • Your questions answered via email (up to 2 questions within one month of your investment).

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Getting Hired Faster

Get crystal clear on the relevant and transferable experience business analyst experience you have (even if it’s informal) so you can position yourself as qualified for a broader range of business analysis jobs.

We cover:

  • What experience counts as business analysis experience and how to find it in your career history so you can add it to your resume or bring it up during a job interview.
  • 8 Business Analyst Discovery Components to walk you through core business analysis skills.
  • How to use our brainstorming techniques so you don’t overlook any experience that might be relevant to your BA job search.

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