Business Analysis Fundamentals Self-Study Course from Wyyzzk, Inc.

  • Are you looking for an in-depth dive into some key business analysis techniques, especially the more technical ones such as use cases, activity diagrams, and business rules?
  • Do you want to learn the fundamentals of business analysis while also having practice assignments you can use to test your knowledge?

Geri Winters - Course Designer

If so, you’ll want to check out Business Analysis Fundamentals from Wyyzzk, Inc. This is what I would consider an “end-to-end” course — it goes through the entire BA process of how to be a business analyst, from scoping a project to working with other team members to managing requirements during implementation. It’s positioned to help someone who wants to become a business analyst or who is a relatively new business analyst.

The course is available online in a self-study format, providing 4 months of access, starting the day you register. Over the 4 months, you have time to absorb and apply the information. But there is so much content in the course that the pace is still intense. I know, because I sat in on one of Geri’s sessions last year. Along with the pre-recorded instruction, Geri provides you with pages of content to follow along. These include summaries of the course content, work samples, and assignments, so you can practice what you learned.

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The course is definitely targeted toward software requirements and software projects, and is wrapped around the idea that you’ll be a BA on an IT project (not necessarily in an IT department).

Geri last offered the class in the summer of 2010 and the feedback was fantastic:

“On my second interview I took a test – three different problems. Thank goodness for your class!”

“One, I had to write a use case for a specific situation, another was a UI mock-up (I had total confidence there), and third, questions to ask a project sponsor for a given request. They liked my answers.”

“I don’t believe that I told you that I took this job! They made me an offer and I decided to take the plunge.”

-Gail Gammel

While the instructor-led version of this course is IIBA Certified and automatically provides 30 credits upon completion of the class that you can use for Professional Development Hours (PD hours) for initial certification or Continuing Development Units (CDUs) for recertification, you’ll need to ask that this self-study version is evaluated for credit when submitting your IIBA application.

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