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Fill Your BA Toolbox
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Launch Your Business Analyst Career

(Includes 36 PDs / CDUs / PDUs / Contact Hours)

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Are you ready to find more fulfilling, more financially rewarding work as a business analyst, but getting stopped because you don’t have the necessary experience?

Or perhaps you are in a business analyst job role, but you don’t feel truly respected or fully confident in your skills?

Or maybe you are ready to pursue a professional certification from IIBA® or PMI®, and are looking for a comprehensive program that provides the professional credits you need while also providing you with tools to actually elevate your career?

This premium, virtual, interactive training program is designed around one core concept – and this is the secret we’ve discovered that has played out again and again across more than a thousand course participants that we’ve served since 2008. The concept is that you always have an opportunity to apply business analysis skills – no matter what type of office role you are employed in today.

And once you start doing some business analysis, you open up opportunities to do more business analysis. This is the virtuous cycle that will enable you to gain confidence and achieve your business analysis career goals more quickly.

The Business Analyst Blueprint
is a virtual and interactive,
business analyst training program
**Only scheduled session in 2018, starting late January**

bablueprint-iconThe Business Analyst Blueprint will support you as you expand your business analyst experience and gain confidence in your business analyst skills. What’s more, it’s worth 36 PDs / CDUs / PDUs / Contact hours so it supports your certification and re-certification needs for the ECBA, CCBA®, or CBAP® from IIBA®, along with the PMP® or PMI-PBA from PMI.

With The Business Analyst Blueprint, you’ll get started expanding your business analyst experience right away, by analyzing and documenting a business process.

In addition to on-demand instruction you can take with you anytime, anywhere, and templates you can use to get started right away, you’ll be able to ask your questions in our live webinar sessions and submit your sample work for instructor review and feedback.

The program starts late January – dates still TBD – and registration is limited.



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As you move from analyzing a business process through the 3 modules of the program, you’ll add even more skills to your business analyst toolbox, including use cases, wireframes, and core data modeling skills, along with the critical communication techniques that help you discover the right requirements and collaborate with business and technical stakeholders.

In short, you’ll leave the program having done the work of a business analyst, even if it’s in pieces and parts across multiple different initiatives, so you’ll be more ready than ever to take on a more recognized business analyst role on an end-to-end project.

What’s more, when you do this work, all of a sudden, you find yourself more confident, more skilled, and more experienced. And that means you are able to elevate yourself into a more full-fledged business analyst role.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to grasp the concepts as well as I would have if I was in an ‘in-person’ training course. I also thought that it may be hard to drive myself in my own time to complete the course.

As a result of participating, I immediately gained recognition by my people leader for completing the course. Subsequently, I was able to take the lead in a requirements piece and actually implemented theory I had learned and practiced during the course in a real world, important project for my employer. This was successful and well received results.

It’s great to see the business analyst profession presented in an organized and practical manner. The training courses are well thought out, and detail real world steps and scenarios which help clear the ambiguity in some of the theory that is being taught.

– Chris Traianou, Australian Business Analyst

Here’s what you’ll learn to do with
The Business Analyst Blueprint

I’m sure you – being an analyst like me – would like some specific details of what’s covered in this program, so you know exactly what skills you’ll be able to add to your resume and what work samples you’ll have to present as evidence of those skills.

Here’s a snapshot of the course material included with The Business Analyst Blueprint.

Module 1:

Business Process Analysis

You’ll learn how to solve the right problem and build the right solution by clarifying business procedures, finding improvement opportunities, and getting an “in” to even more business analyst work.

  • Introduction to Business Process AnalysisBPA
  • How to Create a Process Flow Diagram
  • How to Discover the Details of the As-Is Business Process
  • How to Analyze Business Process Details
  • How to Validate a Business Process Model
  • How to Improve a Business Process and Gain Stakeholder Buy-In

Live webinar sessions with recaps + Q&A (replays available): {dates TBD}

“I wanted to document a process at my current company as I felt that would provide more value to me than one that was not work-related. I was nervous about asking at first as I thought my company might see this endeavor as not being worth the time needed (to interview stakeholders, etc.). When I did bring it to them, I asked what processes could use better understanding and documentation. They presented me with a few options and we decided what to tackle first.

I knew I’d get a lot of value from this course … having had a course with Laura before. The course did build more confidence in my elicitation and documentation abilities. I got to see first-hand how iterative this process was. The template is wonderful as well! 

– Wendy S.

Thank you for a wonderful course and great feedback.  My one take-away besides of course knowledge is confidence.  Since I’m in my first “process” job, I’ve been concerned that I’m going to make a rookie mistake and my novice skills will fall horribly short.  Your feedback showed me what I need to improve upon and what I’ve been doing (kind of instinctively) correct.

– Laura L.

Module 2:

Use Cases and Wireframes

You’ll learn how to get everyone on the same page about software requirements, even if you don’t have detailed technical knowledge, and in a format that your technical stakeholders will love and your business stakeholders will actually understand.

  • How to Create a Use CaseUseCasesWireframes
  • How to Create a Wireframe
  • How to Make Sure a Use Case is Clear and Complete
  • How to Apply Use Cases and Wireframes in Different Scenarios
  • How to Engage Stakeholders in a Use Case Review

Live webinar sessions with recaps + Q&A (replays available): {dates TBD}

I learned that a Use case and its alternate flows can really help you to take user orientated goals and extract functional system requirements from them. I also took away that wire frames are a great visual tool to aid requirements elicitation, and many stakeholders really are visual people.

– Chris Traianou, Australian Business Analyst

The course helped me be more confident as a BA. Although I have failed in capturing requirement at times the courses I took allowed me to understand how I can improve and prevent those issues in the future.

Specifically, the course helped me in:

  • Analyzing better and taking an apt decision.
  • Understanding my strengths and what I need to improve on.
  • Communicating better and writing better user stories.
  • Setting a process.

Today I am a Business Analyst with experience working on projects that vary from Technical currency, defect corrections, enhancements, API and third party integrations . 🙂 My responsibilities involve communicating with stakeholders, eliciting the user stories & acceptance criteria, drafting the document for the feature, signoff and presenting the changes to stakeholders and clients. Apart from that also a key member in providing inputs for planning and also considered the main contact point for the features I handle.

The courses I took helped me improve my skills and make me a better and confident BA.

– Preethi Rajagopal

Module 3:

Data Modeling for Business Analysts

You’ll learn how to help business stakeholders make data requirements decisions, without getting too technical.

  • How to Get Started with Data Modelingdata_modeling-ad
  • How to Clarify Business Terminology Using a Glossary
  • How to Create an Entity Relationship Diagram
  • How to Create a Data Dictionary
  • How to Create a System Context Diagram
  • How to Create a Data Map

Live webinar sessions with recaps + Q&A: {dates TBD}

The class has been terrific. Really filled some gaps I had (mainly because certain tasks just never come my way). Certain techniques like ERDs are not scary anymore!!! The lessons include practical information you really use.

– Susan

All along the way, through all 3 technique-packed modules of The Business Analyst Blueprint, you’ll also be learning how to incorporate critical communication techniques, so you are prepared not only to analyze the requirements, but also discover the right requirements through active collaboration with your stakeholder community.

How virtual, instructor-guided
program works

This program makes it as easy as possible for you to expand you business analysis experience and launch your business analyst career, without the hassle of travel or missing work.

You can work through the course material when and how it works for you.

Here’s what’s included with each module

  • Video (mp4) files and Audio (mp3) files you can download to your computer or mp3 player.
  • Full-text PDF transcripts to refer back to as you apply, reinforce, and evolve your learning without relying on your notes.
  • Templates, samples, swipe files, quick reference guides, or worksheets so you can get started right away.
  • Concrete step-by-step exercises to apply the techniques on your current project work and cement your learning. (Alternatives are provided if you aren’t working.)

You’ll receive new lesson material each week, and each lesson builds upon the one before it.

While people love our virtual courses because it’s easy to incorporate learning into their day-to-day work, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from participants looking for professional development credit for certification or employer reimbursement.

Let’s look at how that works.

How you can earn
36 PDs / CDUs / PDUs / Contact Hours

The Business Analyst Blueprint is endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) for 36 PDs or CDUsBridging the Gap has also been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®Bridging the Gap has agreed to abide by PMI established quality assurance criteria. Successful completion qualifies for 36 PDUs/Contact Hours.

Your professional credits are backed up by a Certificate of Completion, which you can also use to prove to your employer that you finished the course successfully.

What’s more, you will receive personal feedback on each of your work samples, with guidance on any areas you need to strengthen, and validation that you are on the right track. And, for the full length of the program – through July 31, 2017, you can email your instructor with follow-up questions as they come up, so there’s no reason not to leverage each and every section of this custom program.

And, at the end of the program, you’ll have successfully applied 10 different business analyst techniques in your work, created supporting work samples that you can use to validate your learning (or even present in job interviews), and received instructor feedback on your work.


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No matter what comes up,
we’ve got you covered

Let’s address some of the other questions participants tend to have about participating in a virtual course.

  • First, you’ll have online access to all of your course materials for 6 months. At the end of each module, we’ll even zip up all the files for you so you can easily download them for future use.
  • Second, while hundreds of participants have used our online learning platform without issue, we have friendly and responsive customer support just in case you lose your password, can’t open a file, or need an extra copy of your receipt.
  • The course is reasonably paced with an extra long instructor support window.
  • Finally, while I fully expect you’ll experience quick gains in your business process modeling skill set, we’ve got you covered with a hassle-free money back guarantee until 14 days into class, just in case things don’t work out.

More importantly, you’ll be applying those materials straightaway, getting feedback on your work, and having a forum to get your challenges and roadblocks addressed.

**Only scheduled session in 2018**

The Business Analysis Blueprint
is a one-of-a-kind instructor-guided,
4-month virtual training program

Instructor support, templates, and work samples are critical to applying the technique successfully, but knowing that other business analysts are tackling similar challenges and learning from their approaches can help you move more quickly along your path to getting recognized as a business analysis.

When you join The Business Analyst Blueprint, which starts late January, 2018, you’ll have the opportunity to join at least 6 live webinar sessions throughout the custom program.

While we’ve hired a team of top-notch instructors to ensure all your questions are answered via email and your work receives a comprehensive review, Laura Brandenburg, CBAP, creator of Bridging the Gap and author of the best-selling book, How to Start a Business Analyst Career, will personally be available to answer your questions during most of these live sessions.

Here’s a quick recap of
everything you are about to receive

When you join The Business Analyst Blueprint – our unique and custom virtual, interactive business analysis training program – you’ll get started expanding your business analyst experience and receiving recognition for your business analysis skills right away.

You’ll create more fulfilling work that will elevate and advance your business analyst career. What’s more, you’ll leave the program with confidence in applying key business analyst skills and experience having done so in your work setting.We’ve packed a lot of value into this program, so let’s take a quick look at everything you will receive when you sign up today:

Core BA techniques covered in 3 modules

  • Module 1 Business Process Analysis – Learn how to solve the right problem and build the right solution.
  • Module 2 Use Cases and Wireframes – Learn how to get everyone on the same page about software requirements, even if you don’t have detailed technical knowledge.
  • Module 3Data Modeling – Learn how to help business stakeholders make data requirements decisions, without getting too technical.

And each module includes the following components:

  • Downloadable mp4 videos, mp3 audios and full-text PDF transcripts that you can use anytime, anywhere.
  • Templates, swipe files, exercises, and work samples so you can cement your learning.

Instructor support every step of the way

  • Live webinar recaps + Q&A to get all of your questions answered. (This is the only planned live session for 2018!)
  • Several months of instructor support via email, for continuous support in between modules.
  • Instructor feedback on your work, so you leave the program feeling truly confident in your skills.

36 Professional Credits

Finally, provided requirements are met, you’ll leave the program with a Certificate of Completion that provides the proof you need for 36 PDs / CDUs / PDUs / Contact Hours for PMI or IIBA® certification or re-certification.

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