Earn Respect From Your Stakeholders,
Get the Input You Need,
and Improve Your Organization

>> What if there was a method that, once learned, could enable you to solve problems and make your organization more effective, even if you have a lot of technology constraints?

>> What if this set of strategies could radically transform how you get input from stakeholders so you earn their respect and figure out what they really, really want?

Start your BA work with
business process analysis

Well, there is. And it’s called business process analysis. Business process analysis is done by BAs and non-BAs alike to:

  • find opportunities to improve business operations,
  • understand the root cause of a business problem,
  • analyze a new domain or project idea, even when you don’t know what questions to ask.

 I’m Laura Brandenburg and I’ve been making organizations more effective since 2002, and teaching professionals like you my practical, real-world approach since 2009. When it comes to starting as a business analyst, whether it’s for a new project or finding your first real opportunity,  it all starts with discovering, analyzing, and improving business processes.

Once you know how to map out the process and analyze the details, then you’ll always have new questions to ask and be able to get even your most reluctant stakeholders opening up to help you quickly discover the real problem that needs to be solved and surface the most-needed software requirements.

I created the 12-credit Business Process Analysis virtual course to help you, whether you are in a formal business analyst role or not, discover, analyze and improve a business process to make your organization more effective and get more recognized for your abilities.

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