7 value-packed articles from 2015

I hope you are gearing up to enjoy some down time with friends and family during this holiday season. Before we ring in 2016, let’s look at the 7 of the most value-packed articles published at Bridging the Gap in 2015.

1)  4 things I would have liked to have known before I started my BA career

A little inner turmoil is perfectly normal when starting a new business analyst job. Here are the 4 things I wish someone who have told me when I was just starting out.

2)  5 Business Analyst Nicknames

The nicknames we give ourselves (and stakeholders give us) say a lot about our value. What does your nickname say about you?

3)   It’s not just about the software

Business analysis is expanding. And our roles are going well beyond the software. Read how.

4)  The IT Business Analyst – 4 ways the job description is expanding

And even if your role is about the software, it’s likely that your work is expanding to take on broader impact. Here we look at how the systems-focused IT BA role is expanding too.

5)  Getting started with data modeling

Data modeling skills continue to creep into business analyst job descriptions. This article will walk you through some of the key pieces you’ll want to know about as you take on these highly valuable analysis tasks.

6) Do this one thing, and you’ll become a much better stakeholder interviewer

Adriana Beal lets you in on an extremely powerful elicitation technique that will help you ask the right questions to the right people.

7)  6 ways to minimize project rework

Do your insides turn inside out like mine do, whenever you discover the implementation team needs to rework one of your requirements? Pick up some techniques for minimizing this sort of occurrence by reading this article.

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And in addition to all of the new content, we launched the second edition of How to Start a Business Analyst Career, one new course (Data Modeling for Business Analysts), one new toolkit (Email Communication Templates) and made two of our time-tested courses available for on-demand PDs, CDUs, and PDUs (BA Essentials Master Class and Use Cases and Wireframes).

Wherever you are in getting started with your business analyst career and wherever you are headed in 2016, our goal is to be here when you need us. We provide the just-in-time training you need to be more effective in your business analysis skills to increase your job performance.

Thank you so much of being part of what we do at Bridging the Gap and investing your time, resources, and intelligence in being a great business analyst. I look forward to helping you achieve even more career success in 2016.

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