How to Collaborate with Other Business Analysts

The business analyst profession seems to attract A-type personalities:

This type of person contributes to the success of many projects.  What happens when you bring a number of these high performing people together to work on a larger project?  How do we work together without clashing personalities?  These goal-oriented people are amazing but quite often clash when working on the same project. Why? Because we are naturally competitive and we all want the project to succeed and, not unselfishly, we want to succeed along with the project.

Currently I work with four Business Analysts on a fast-paced, deadline-driven project.  Each one of the team brings their own background and skills to the project and each one of us wants to be the best.  Is this a recipe for disaster?  A recipe for clashing of egos?

It certainly does not have to be.  During this project I have found that listening, understanding, negotiating – all those skills we use as BAs also works with other BAs.  Everyone brings a different set of skills to the project.  As long as you are honest with each other and deal face-to-face about any animosity that surfaces – then you will be successful.

I have also found it beneficial to have clear lines in areas of the projects so that when you are collaborating, everyone owns a piece of the solution.  I cannot say it enough – talk, communicate, listen!

Now honestly this does not mean that we have not run into a clashing of egos and territory, but when one of us does that we talk about it.  We meet every week for a business analyst SCRUM to discuss where we are on the project, where we are going, do we need help, and also reminders that we are part of a larger picture and collaboration will help.  Pulling back from the details and revisiting the big picture is a great way to maneuver through this field.

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