About Joan Davis

Hello! I’m Joan Davis, a “Virtual Business Analyst”, formerly of Philadelphia and recently relocated to mid-coast Maine.  I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to experience a remote existence after so many urban years.  With over 20 years solving complex insurance process and systems design issues, I’ve now turned my attention to the practices and tools that create an effective meeting space for distributed teams.  In April 2010 I started up the Virtual Facilitators’ Forum on LinkedIn, a subgroup of the Professional Facilitators Network, and now manage a discussion forum with over 600 member Facilitators, Educators, Project Managers, and yes, Business Analysts.

As a BA I led dozens of cross-functional process improvement projects; my work included systems implementation and workflow changes, as well as enterprise projects targeting operational problem-solving, regulatory compliance, continuity planning, and product development.

A few years ago I leveraged my facilitation experience as an analyst & project manager to become a professional moderator of public forums.  I get great satisfaction from helping a group with diverse opinions find common ground, and have supported deliberative dialogue in economic, political, zoning, mental health, and cultural forums.

But my greatest reward comes from advancing the skills of my fellow BA’s.  Prior to independent consulting my “best job” was as a mentor to a newly formed department of BA’s – Business Advocates within IT.  Here we created a learning environment to build skills for handling discovery, requirements, and implementation assignments. Now I’m getting the opportunity to repeat that experience, coaching BA’s virtually in state-of-the-art skills for handling distributed projects, so critical to a Business Analyst in our global economy.

My new home offers wonderful subject matter for my watercolors, and I hope you enjoy the occasional painting accompanying my articles. I can be contacted for consultation on engaging virtual groups or to join the LinkedIn Virtual Facilitators Forum or at theVirtualBA@gmail.com.  Website: http://www.thevirtualba.com/