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I am totally passionate about business analysis. I have always loved my work – however when I found this role – I felt like I was home. I have been a BA for 12+ years. My first opportunity was when I was managing 23 people and my boss/mentor wanted to challenge me and use my learnings as a recent MBA graduate. He offered a 4 month role delving into the entire department to find efficiencies and to reduce the cycle time in processing contracts. I loved the four months and both he and I were very pleased with the results. I was able to reduce the contract cycle time from 2 weeks down to 80% of the contracts within 2 business days.

I have had many roles – project manager, business process analyst, team lead, business analyst – all that I love! Currently I am starting my consulting career and I am enjoying the new concept of owning your own business and making the assorted choices that go with that.

I started with a contract position as a business analyst to last for one month which turned into a one year contract.  Now I am on my third contract job. Each day I cannot wait to see what is around the corner. I am also passionate about writing and have written one book and look forward to many more. I am so blessed to have ‘met’ Laura on an IIBA webinar – I took the chance and asked her to connect with me on Linkedin – and then kept in touch. She helped me recently revive my resume and I realized that until that time I did not own my resume, I was letting other people do that by letting them write it. Very powerful! I live in Alberta, Canada with my wonderful husband and four West Highland White Terriers.

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I’m always looking to help business analysts and am excited to mentor others in our profession. Please feel free to get in touch with me using the form below!


  1. Michelle Swoboda says

    Hi Uma, thank you so much. Congratulations on your degrees – great work and dedication. I believe you most likely have talents that you would not normally think of as business analysis. You have probably worked on a project before but do not know how to translate that into a solid resume. If I can ask, what is your work experience?

  2. Hello Michelle,

    I have read your posts, they are great. I am a recent graduate, I have two masters, one MBA and the other in Computers and Information Sciences. I aspire to become a Business Analyst. It seems just impossible to get an entry level business analyst. Could you guide/advise me how can I get my foot in the door. I do not have any experience as a Business Analyst. I would really appreciate any of your comments.