Diary of a CBAP-Seeker: Facilitating study groups to explore the BABOK

Dear Diary: After the CBAP class I took, my instructor, Linda, offered to open some time in her web meeting utility for us classmates to have a study group to review the material. This informal start has blossomed into a full virtual study group that has members from across the globe. The insight from many […]

Doug’s Diary of a CBAP Seeker: Making Sense of the BABOK

Dear Diary: The application is now finished and after having it reviewed a couple of times by an official CBAP, I’m waiting on the results to return. I’ve documented over 11000 hours for the committee to pick and choose from for acceptance, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem. Reviewing the BABOK in the […]

9 Tips for Hearing What the Customer Really Needs

When was the last time that you spoke with your customer at length about the things that are most important to them? When was the last time you asked yourself what you thought the customer might say to you if this question were posed? If you have been waiting for the most recent defect log […]

Doug’s Diary of a CBAP-Seeker: Facing the CBAP Application

Dear Diary: “This new CBAP® Certification may be my ticket to a more rewarding career. If I can just pass the test, I’ll have those letters at the end of my name and it may give me the edge in the resume selection/ job search process. I think I can pass the test with enough […]

Doug’s Diary of a CBAP-Seeker: Taking Stock of My Business Analyst Experience

Dear Diary: “I’ve been an analyst for a long time now and have finally come to the decision that I don’t want to be just an analyst. I want to be a really good analyst. I’m no longer satisfied with taking the word of someone else as to why things are done a certain way. […]

A Senior Business Analyst Looks Back and Shares Lessons Learned

When we were young kids, there was I’m sure a time for each one of us in which we learned a lesson that we still haven’t forgotten. I can think of a few myself, such as don’t spit (mouth washed out with soap), don’t play with fire (lit forest fire with magnifying lens) and don’t […]

Do You Have the Key Business Stakeholders Involved in Your Project?

If customers are not receiving what they ask for in a project deliverable, what causes that? Where would everything fall apart to the point that requirements were not being carried out through implementation? Chances are the analyst may have had an incorrect or partially incorrect set of key stakeholders providing input to the requirements. When […]

Improving software processes by engaging the business stakeholders

The last couple of posts about the collaboration between Business and IT have revolved around the active reaching out from one side or the other to engage the other team. Much of the commentary described problems with regard to different teams communicating poorly, which resulted in poor understanding of the total picture. Resolutions to these […]

How to Reach Across Organizational Boundaries to Create a More Successful Project

Whether an analyst resides on the business or IT side, he or she is ALWAYS in the middle. For a Business-side analyst to be effective, there must be an understanding of how to interact with IT and a knowledge of what is expected when requirements are turned over. The inverse is true for the IT […]

Making it Work Between Business and IT: Why and How to Reach Across Boundaries to Dissipate Potential Attitude Issues

As long as customers have been seeking solutions from the computing industry, there has existed a barrier between those who need a technological solution and those who provide one. That barrier has morphed from basic miscommunication into a more complex problem that prevents success. Today, teams of resources attempt to work together in high-pressure environments, and […]

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