How to Handle Negative Energy with Grace

How do you respond to negative energy and confrontational situations? Doug Hill tells us a beautiful story of how small gestures can have a great impact. Enjoy. – Laura I walked into the office last week and as I turned the corner to my desk, I witnessed it.  It was the breaching of the dam, […]

Looking to Break Into a Business Analyst Career?

Doug Hill recently posted about his first 100 days as a business analyst. In this post, he shares his knowledge with one of his readers with some tips for breaking into business analysis. Note from the reader Hi Doug, I recently read your article on Bridging the Gap between Business and IT site about your […]

My first 100 days as a business analyst

This past January, Barak Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States.  Traditionally the new administration’s first 100 days is closely scrutinized.  Although I wasn’t elected to the office of Business Analyst, I scrutinized my first 100 days just as closely.  Although I have worn the hat of a “BA” many […]

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