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Laura Brandenburg, CBAP, is the author of How to Start a Business Analyst Career and Professional Development for Business Analysts. Laura offers business analysis courses and consulting to people who want to get started in a business analyst career. Click here to learn more about getting started as a business analyst (it's a free email course).

How to Create an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

An Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) is a data model describing how entities (or concepts or things) relate to one another. When created by business analysts or business users, ERDs can be used to understand the business domain, clarify business terminology, and connect business concepts to database structures.  (By the way, if you are looking to […]

How to Write a Use Case

As someone with a business background, do you find that many business analyst jobs involve some interaction with the IT team or IT systems? Are you wondering how you’ll fulfill those responsibilities if you don’t have much (or any) technology knowledge?  As a technical professional, would you be interested in learning a technique for sharing […]

How to Analyze a Business Process

When you are trying to figure out what problem to actually solve before you dive deep into the software requirements, you’ll want to analyze the business process. And to do that, you create both a visual and a textual business process model. A Business Process Model is a commonly used business analysis technique that captures how a […]

Bridging the Gap welcomes 2 new instructors to the team!

In all the hustle and bustle of starting the Fall 2021 session of The Business Analyst Blueprint® certification program and opening up early registration for the Spring 2022 session, I neglected to announce our two newest instructors. (By the way, if you aren’t on the waitlist yet for the Spring 2022 session, you totally should […]

What is the Difference Between a Business Analyst and a Systems Analyst?

I’m often asked about the difference between business analyst and systems analyst roles. In reviewing job profiles, the roles can seem very similar. In this quick video, I describe how both roles are defined so you can decide what career path you want to pursue. For those who like to read instead of watch, here’s […]

4 Strategies to Manage Information Overload as a New Business Analyst

Business analysts will often find themselves in “information overload” mode. On a new project, with new stakeholders, in a new business domain, it’s not uncommon to be on the receiving end of new terminology, new tasks, and new information about everything from business processes to how a specific system works. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. […]

22 Visual Models Used by Business Analysts

Today we’re going to go through 22 different models BAs use in their work. You may not be aware of all 22 of them, so even if you’re familiar with a few, keep your eyes open for new ones you can use. (By the way, real-world samples of each of these visual models are included […]

3 Diagrams to Add to Your Business Requirements Document

Do you create a traditional Business Requirements Document to capture your business and/or functional requirements? Adding a few diagrams to your BRD can make it more impactful and easier to understand. In this video, I demo 3 different diagrams that can easily be added to your BRD. And while a full-text transcript is available, you’ll […]

The Senior Business Analyst – 6 Areas of Responsibility

Are you wondering if you’d be qualified for a Senior Business Analyst position? Or perhaps you’ve been a business analyst for a while, and you are wondering how you can get promoted to a Senior Business Analyst role? While senior business analyst roles vary widely from one organization to another, in this post, we’ll talk […]

Can you really be too business oriented?

Have you been told that you are “too business oriented?” How could that be? As business analysts, we are supposed to figure out what the business wants and needs, right? Yes…and, well, no. Watch this short video to learn how to respond to this kind of feedback. Key points include: Appreciating technical and project constraints that […]

BA Veteran Increases Her Visibility on LinkedIn and Lands a 20% Salary Increase: Tammy Schlador

It’s my honor today to introduce you to Tammy Schlador, ACBA, and a Senior SAP Business Analyst, from Tempe, Arizona, who recently landed a new BA position and received a 20% salary increase. In this interview, you’ll discover: How Tammy experienced a light bulb moment around process maps, even though she’d been doing them for […]

How to Provide Work Samples that Get You Hired for a Business Analyst Job

Work samples can be powerful if they match your interviewer’s expectations but dangerous if they don’t. Learn how to overcome the most common problems your work samples might have so you get the job offer.

How to Find Business Analyst Volunteer Positions

If you are not yet a business analyst and are not currently employed, one of the best ways to build experience is to volunteer to do business analysis. Volunteering is also a great solution for someone who is in a role with limited opportunities to take on business analysis tasks. The Benefits of Volunteering as […]

Doing Business Analysis In a Non-Profit: Cathy Warren, ACBA

Today we meet Cathy Warren. Cathy was a Systems Analyst 20 years ago and is currently a Program Director at a non-profit, and has applied her business analyst skills in this role. Cathy joined The Business Analyst Blueprint® in 2017, and then came back to earn her Applied Certification in Business Analysis™ (ACBA) in 2021. […]

From Underwriting to Business Analyst with English As Her Third Language: Zineb Iotti

It’s my honor today to introduce you to Zineb Iotti, ACBA, in Zurich, Switzerland, who is now doing business analysis under the title of Transformation Manager on a multi-lingual team. In this interview, you’ll discover: Why she decided to pursue a career in business analysis, even though her first job applications were rejected. How she […]

Becoming the Go-To Business Analyst – An Interview with Andrea Wilson, ACBA, PMP

It’s my honor today to introduce you to Andrea Wilson. Andrea Wilson is an ACBA recipient and is doing business analysis under the title of Information Management Resource Consultant in Tallahassee, Florida, working in the court system. In this interview, you’ll discover: How she received a $26,000 salary increase while moving into her first business […]

Business Analyst Certification Options – Introducing the Applied Certification in Business Analysis™ (ACBA)

As Bridging the Gap introduced the Applied Certification in Business Analysis™, which you can earn when you participate in The Business Analyst Blueprint® certification program, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the ACBA, and also how it compares to the certification options offered by other providers, like IIBA® and PMI®. So today, I’m […]

How to Build a Business Analyst Career Path

What does the business analyst career ladder look like? What should your business analyst career path be? Discover what steps you can take to solidify your business analyst career.

What Business Analyst Skills are Important for a New BA?

Discover the most critical business analysis skills for new BA – including core skills, business analysis skills, soft skills, and skills that can be required for specific types of BA jobs.

The Typical Day of a Business Analyst

Hi, I’m Laura Brandenburg from Bridging the Gap, and we provide online training and certification programs for business analysts who are looking to start and succeed in their business analyst careers. If you are thinking of starting a career in business analysis, you are probably wondering what is a typical day like? What can you […]

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