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Laura Brandenburg, CBAP, is the author of How to Start a Business Analyst Career and Professional Development for Business Analysts. Laura offers business analysis courses and consulting to people who want to get started in a business analyst career. Click here to learn more about getting started as a business analyst (it's a free email course).

How Business Analysis Can Help a Non-Profit Organization: Emily Tom and the Ottawa IIBA BA-Blitz

Today, it’s my honor to introduce you to Emily Tom, of the Ottawa IIBA chapter, and organizer of their first “BA Blitz” – a hack-a-thon type of event where 21 local business analysts of all career levels used business analysis techniques to find creative solutions to the organization’s most pressing business problems. You’ll learn: How […]

Circle of Success – Success Stories

You might be wondering what you can expect to achieve by joining the Circle of Success coaching program. The best way for me to answer this question is to share the stories of some of our members who have accomplished incredible things in 2019 and are coming back for more in 2020! Moving Into a […]

Leaving Behind Burnout to Start a New BA Job in a New Domain with Confidence: Molly Zglobicki

It’s my honor to introduce you to Molly Zglobicki, from Maine, who recently started a new business analyst position at a healthcare company after leaving her consulting role that had her consistently working nights and weekends. You’ll discover how Molly: Made a clear decision to leave her job, even if it meant being unemployed because […]

Immersing Herself in the Business Analysis Profession – Sue Melchert

It’s my honor today to introduce you to Sue Melchert, a founding member of the Circle of Success coaching program and wonderful, positive influence in our community. Sue joined the Circle of Success with the intention of moving into a more people- and business-focused analysis role. Watch or read Sue’s story to discover: How she […]

Moving Into a Senior Business Analyst Role with a $30K Salary Increase: Tracie Edwards

It’s my honor today to introduce you to Tracie Edwards, a founding member of the Circle of Success career coaching program, and one of the leaders in our community. Tracie recently received a new job as a Senior Solutions Analyst, with a very significant salary increase. Watch or read Tracie’s story to discover: How she […]

Finding Confidence in Her Value as a Business Analyst: Kira Judge

It’s my honor today to introduce you to Kira Judge. Kira was a participant in the Spring 2019 Session of The Business Analyst Blueprint® and also a year-long participant in our Circle of Success career coaching program. In this interview, she shares her journey to finding her confidence in a relatively new business analysis role […]

How to Figure Out the Next Step in Your Career

Wondering what the next step is in your career? Overwhelmed by all the options and feeling stuck? Here are 2 quick questions that will help you get more clarity about what your next step looks like.

Bridging the Gap Instructor Role

Bridging the Gap contracts with business analysts to provide instructor support for its online training platforms. Primary instructor support includes: Answering participant questions via email. Completing workbook reviews and assessing participant work based on formal standards. Hosting online coaching webinars to help participants apply the learning material and meet the standards of completing the course. […]

What Questions Do I Ask During Requirements Elicitation?

Are you looking for a simple way to get more out of your requirements elicitation sessions? Would you like to make better use of yours and your stakeholder’s time? Would you be interested in learning a simple technique for improving your stakeholder meetings?  A critical part of preparing for requirements elicitation is identifying a list of questions. […]

What Business Analyst Skills are Important for a New BA?

Discover the most critical business analysis skills for new BA – including core skills, business analysis skills, soft skills, and skills that can be required for specific types of BA jobs.

The Origin of the Bridging the Gap Business Analysis Process Framework

Hundreds of business analysts have learned and applied the Bridging the Gap Business Analysis Process Framework to make their BA work more effective and successful. And I’ve been receiving lots of questions about how this framework came to be… The answer might surprise you…   To learn more about the 8-step business analysis process framework, […]

Laura Brandenburg is speaking at BBC 2019!

The Building Business Capability conference is fast approaching. And I’m incredibly honored to be speaking on my favorite topic these days – The Business Analyst Success Path. Helping analytical professionals upgrade their growth mindset so they can achieve their version of success without burnout is what we do inside our Circle of Success Coaching Program, […]

Medical Interpreter On His Way to Business Analyst: Dilli Sharma

Today we meet Dilli Sharma, and it was such an incredible honor to meet him and hear his story. Dilli is currently employed as a Medical Interpreter and does an incredible job identifying his transferable skills and capabilities, as well as articulate his goals and passions for the business analyst role. Listen in to learn […]

Vancouver In-Person Workshop – The Business Analysis Process Framework

I’m so incredibly excited to announce that I’m headed to Vancouver to present a first-ever in-person, full day business analysis training workshop. This is the first-of-its-kind in-person workshop leveraging the time-, experience-, and BA-tested materials in our BA Essentials Master Class. Bring your projects, common challenges, and real-world situations so we can work through practical, […]

The Business Analyst Blueprint® Training Program – Success Stories – and what it looks like to up-level your career

One of my favorite aspects of running our online training programs is seeing our participants up-level their careers and to be able to help them celebrate their successes. Often these messages come out of the blue, like when Amelia Kram McHenry shared this post with me. Whether or not now is the right time for […]

How to Land Paid Contract Work as a Business Analyst with a Software Background: Todd Fleming

Today I’d like to share Todd Fleming’s success story with you. Todd is from Somers Montana, which is near Kalispell, Montana – a beautiful area of the United States I hope to visit someday! Todd has a long background in developing and designing software and is now a business analyst. Listen in (or read below) […]

How to Up-Level to a Senior BA Role: Munzolli Tower’s Success Story

Today, I’d like to share a course participant success story with you.  Munzolli Tower, from the New Jersey area, is a business analyst with a business background. During the Spring 2019 session of The Business Analyst Blueprint®, he interviewed for and receive an internal promotion to Senior Business Analyst within a new department in his […]

Are You Too Old to Be a Business Analyst?

Today we’re touching a really sensitive topic – your age and how it impacts you as a business analyst. Almost every week, we receive a question around, “Am I too old to be a business analyst?” I always say no, you are not too old – because I believe with my whole heart that anyone […]

From Technical Writer to Lead Business Analyst and a $20K Salary Bump: Amelia McHenry

Today, we meet Amelia McHenry, a participant in the Spring 2018 session of The Business Analyst Blueprint®. Amelia went from reaching the ceiling of her Technical Writer role to a Lead Business Analyst Role making $90K/year in Brentwood, Tennessee. This move represented a $20K salary bump in less than a year. Despite this phenomenal success, […]

Getting Out From Under a Never-Ending To-Do List: Kenji F.

Maybe you get an incredible amount of work done, but it never feels like enough. Perhaps your to-do list is always growing, no matter how hard you work or how many hours you put in. Maybe you are drowning under the burden of managing your career, being there for your family, and just want a […]