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Laura Brandenburg, CBAP, is the author of How to Start a Business Analyst Career and Professional Development for Business Analysts. Laura offers business analysis courses and consulting to people who want to get started in a business analyst career. Click here to learn more about getting started as a business analyst (it's a free email course).

Bridging the Gap is Hiring – Program Administrator

About Bridging the Gap Bridging the Gap is a leading provider of online training specifically for business analysts. We offer downloadable template toolkits, select self-study online courses, in-depth instructor-supported online training, and an online group coaching program. Our flagship offering is The Business Analyst Blueprint® certification program, in which participants have the opportunity to earn […]

The Business Analyst Blueprint® Certification Program – Success Stories – and What It Looks Like to Up-level Your Career

You might be wondering what to expect from participating in The Business Analyst Blueprint® certification program, and earning your Applied Certification in Business Analysis™. I invite you to check out the stories of our past participants to get a better feel for the kinds of results you might expect. Case Study Examples of Real-World BA Projects […]

Getting Hired as a Business Analyst After Immigrating to a New Country: Eno Eka

One question we receive often in the Bridging the Gap community is around how to immigrate into a new country and find a business analyst job. I’m so grateful to Eno Eka for sharing her personal story to finding a BA job just 2 weeks after arriving in Canada. But while we set out to […]

From Administrative Assistant to Business Analyst to Strategic Initiatives in Healthcare: Jami Moore

Today we meet Jami Moore. Jami participated in the Spring 2020 Session of The Business Analyst Blueprint® program, and has achieved some phenomenal successes in her career as a business analyst. You are going to want to tune in to discover how Jami: Transitioned from Administrative Assistant to Business Analyst by shadowing BAs, volunteering for […]

What a 17-Year Career Path in Business Analysis Looks Like: Stephanie Cracknell

It’s my honor today to introduce you to Stephanie Cracknell, one of Bridging the Gap’s early course participants who has come a long, long way in her career since participating in our programs back in 2013. She shares her career trajectory with us, along with her keys to success. In this interview, you’ll discover: How […]

Black Lives Matter – A Message From Laura

I feel like I’m a bit late in sharing this message. I’m always one to respond rather than react. And I mean what I say. As I’ve mentioned in previous messages, I’ve been on a bit of a journey of expanding my self-awareness and really understanding the issues when it comes to this inflection point […]

Building Her BA Skill Set and Paid Contract Work During COVID-19: Becky Goll

It’s my honor today to introduce you to Becky Goll. We recorded this interview when Becky was about halfway through The Business Analyst Blueprint® program. When I heard about what she was doing, I didn’t want to wait until she had finished the program to get the full scoop. As you’ll see, she’d already leveraged […]

Moving into Leadership, Agile BA Work, and More Technical Projects After The Business Analyst Blueprint: David Sullivan

It’s my honor today to introduce you to David Sullivan, a Senior Business Analyst from Madison, Wisconsin. David jumped in to lead his team of business analysts shortly after participating in The Business Analyst Blueprint® training program. What I love about David’s story is how he has jumped in and tackled so many big challenges…from […]

Helping Business Analysts Survive and Thrive Through the Pandemic

I’m writing this post on May 26, 2020. It was just over 2 months ago that the U.S. shut down international flights and schools started being cancelled country-wide due to COVID-19. For the first few weeks, I was in a state of shock, fear, and denial. I had scheduled an impromptu open coaching session with […]

I Survived the Layoffs…Now What?

As we see increased unemployment, today’s organizations are figuring out how to do more with less resources. If you have survived a layoff, or even if you are dealing with increased organizational pressures to deliver more with less to survive these challenging times, you might find yourself grateful for the paycheck. But also overworked, overwhelmed, […]

How to Articulate Your Transferable Business Analysis Skills Across Industries

It’s no secret that we’re facing record unemployment. And I’ve heard many stories of those in our community being laid off or furloughed, and now facing a flooded job market and wondering if and how their skills are relevant in this new world. Finding your next job opportunity might mean changing industries, sectors, or domains […]

3 Tips for Effective Remote Meetings

Many business analysts are finding themselves working from home right now and needing to elicit requirements and conduct collaborative requirements sessions virtually. In this video, I share 3 quick tips for being more effective.   To learn more about the BA role and what the business analysis process looks like, be sure to check out […]

What Real Job Security Looks Like Right Now

These times have certainly shifted our perceptions of security. What felt so certain – so secure – a few months ago, feels anything but today. This is actually a huge opportunity to see the truth of where our security lies, and that’s what today’s video is about.   To learn more about the BA role […]

How to Focus When You Are Working from Home

So many are working from home right now, and it can be a challenge to focus on “heads down” type of work. I share 3 concrete strategies for staying focused as well as look at the bigger picture of why it might be so hard to focus right now, and what you can learn from […]

The BA Essentials to be Focusing on Right Now

There is no doubt that these are challenging times and a lot of people in our community are facing hardships right now. But there is also an immense amount of opportunity. Organizations need business analysts now more than ever. In this video, I share the key business analysis essentials you need to be focusing on […]

What this Pandemic Shut Down Means for You and Your Business Analyst Career

There’s no doubt that these are challenging times and a lot of people in our community are facing hardships right now. But there is also an immense amount of opportunity. Organizations need business analysts now more than ever. If you’ve been waiting to take the next step in your business analyst career, the door is […]

BTG Template Bundle Product Demonstration

One of the more frequently asked questions we receive from potential buyers of our template products is, “What do they look like?” To answer this question, I recorded a short demo each of our 5 business analyst template toolkits. (Inside the video, you’ll hear me mention a limited time coupon code. You don’t need it […]

Into a BA Leadership Role with Expertise in Salesforce.com: Toni V. Martin

Toni V. Martin started her career in marketing and started developing a specialty in Salesforce.com, a business application that automates and streamlines sales business processes. After taking the BA Essentials Master Class, Toni quickly moved into a BA leadership role. She now runs her own company helping Salesforce.com BAs and is a Bridging the Gap […]

Working from Home as a Business Analyst – Coaching Session Replay

With one company after another announcing mandatory work-from-home policies with the COVID-19 events, you might be working from home this week. Many professionals in our community have never worked from home before or facilitated a meeting remotely. This can bring up a lot of fear and uncertainty in an already uncertain time. I, along with […]

Getting Her Confidence Back After a Career Break – and Into a High-Level Business Analyst Consulting Role: Julie Ayres

If you’ve ever faced a career break, you know how it can shake your confidence. Julie Ayres, from Perth in Western Australia, has spent the last few years consulting as a business analyst and overseeing high-profile ERP projects. But in 2017, she was ready to settle for a project coordinator role. All because she had […]

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