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Laura Brandenburg, CBAP, is the author of How to Start a Business Analyst Career and Professional Development for Business Analysts. Laura offers business analysis courses and consulting to people who want to get started in a business analyst career. Click here to learn more about getting started as a business analyst (it's a free email course).

Getting Out From Under a Never-Ending To-Do List

Maybe you get an incredible amount of work done, but it never feels like enough. Perhaps your to-do list is always growing, no matter how hard you work or how many hours you put in. Maybe you are drowning under the burden of managing your career, being there for your family, and just want a […]

What a Confident Business Analyst Looks Like: Diana Sofariu’s Successes as a BA Consultant

Diana Sofariu is a business analyst consultant and Founding Member of the Circle of Success. Over her first 6 months in the program, she went from lacking confidence to taking being recognized for her confidence with opportunities to train new business analysts and get her presented to her organization’s most challenging client. Watch to learn how […]

Super Effective Meetings: 5 Quick and Easy Tips

Running an effective meeting is a critical skill for business analysts to master. You’ll facilitate all kinds of meetings with all different levels of stakeholders as a business analyst – discovery meetings, requirements review meetings, issue resolution meetings, planning meetings, just to name a few. What’s more, when you cultivate this skill of running an […]

Successful Business Analysis Consulting – Interview with Karl Wiegers

Today we meet Karl Wiegers, author of 11 books (including Successful Business Analysis Consulting) and he shares loads of wisdom with us from his 30+ years as a business analyst consultant. Watch or read to learn: How Karl made the shift from corporate to consultant. The differences between being a corporate employee and a consultant. […]

A simple flip to help you achieve your dreams

We all have dreams we want to achieve. But often we allow our limiting beliefs to get in the way of taking action to achieve our dreams. Here’s a quick way to flip the reasons why you think you can’t achieve your dream and bake them right into your goal – so you consciously build […]

Leading the Way in Sustainability – Interview with Lisa Curll from Dominion Energy

Today we meet Lisa Curll – Business Performance Analyst managing sustainability projects at Dominion Energy. She has so much wisdom to share with you – I invite you to jump right in. Watch or read to learn: How Lisa went from Administrative Assistant to Business Analysis. What it looks like to roll out a sustainability […]

Restarting Your Career After a Career Break

One challenge I see a lot of people breaking into the business analysis field face is how to get back into the role after a career break. You may have taken a career break for an extended maternity leave, to care for an aging parent, or simply to travel the world. The good news is […]

What is the Difference Between a Business Analyst and a Systems Analyst?

I’m often asked about the difference between business analyst and systems analyst roles. In reviewing job profiles, the roles can seem very similar. In this quick video, I describe how both roles are defined so you can decide what career path you want to pursue. For those who like to read instead of watch, here’s […]

How to Build Confidence

Confidence is a belief – it is a belief in yourself and your ability to achieve a specific result in your life and your career. In my work helping business analysts, I see a lot of lack of self-confidence. I see people underestimate their abilities all the time. Our analytical minds can have a field […]

36 Alternative Job Titles for Business Analysts

One of the frustrating realities in our profession is that job titles are used inconsistently for business analyst jobs. Many, many job opportunities are really business analyst roles but simply have alternative job titles. Recently I was asked, “What job titles do business analysts actually have?” So I decided to create this article with a […]

The Career Trajectory of a Senior Business Analyst: an Interview with Disha Trivedi, CBAP

I’m so honored to share this interview with you today. I’ve known Disha Trivedi almost since the inception of Bridging the Gap. She’s been a course participant and we both completed our CBAP certification around the same time (and while pregnant with our first daughters). What’s more, Disha Trivedi is one of our instructors at […]

What Business Analyst Skills are Important for a New BA?

Discover the most critical business analysis skills for new BA – including core skills, business analysis skills, soft skills, and skills that can be required for specific types of BA jobs.

Case studies from The Business Analyst Blueprint® – and what it looks like to up-level your career

One of my favorite aspects of running our programs is seeing our participants celebrate their successes, and up-level their careers. Often these emails and posts come out of the blue, like this one from Amelia Kram McHenry in our online community for The Business Analyst Blueprint®  just a few weeks back. While Amelia’s story is amazing […]

Amelia Kram McHenry – From Informal BA to BA Lead making $90K/year

When Amelia joined The Business Analyst Blueprint® in January 2018,  she had the ‘business analyst’ job title but not the responsibilities. She even had to volunteer outside her actual work just to complete the program and be able to apply all the business analysis techniques you learn in The Blueprint. Less than a year later, Amelia started […]

Annette Richards: From Senior BA Lead to BA Manager, By Gaining Confidence in Her Skills

Today we meet Annette Richards, who was in a senior business analyst lead role when she joined The Business Analyst Blueprint®. And, as she says, she knew more than she thought she knew. But it didn’t matter because she felt like she had a “gap” that was holding her back. With the increased confidence that […]

Innovation in Learning – Leveraging the Real World in Training to Create Success

I was honored to be one of the featured speakers at Penny Pullan’s Business Analysis Summit. The topic was Innovation and I specifically answered questions about our innovative learning model at Bridging the Gap, and how we help mid-career professionals accelerate their careers by bridging experience gaps.  Penny has graciously allowed me to share the recording and full transcript […]

How to Avoid Burnout

Here’s a limiting belief that’s holding a lot of people back from achieving more success in their careers – that expanding into a higher level role requires working longer hours. (I’ll be sharing content over the next few days about limiting beliefs that analysts commonly face, as we welcome Founding Members into the Circle of […]

{Webinar} How to Expand Your Circle of Success: 5 Frameworks to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

You want more success in your career. All of us do. This is the natural guiding force of the Universe, to always be showing us the path to MORE. And more success is exactly whatever YOU mean by success. A lot of times it means more money, but it can also mean more time, more […]

How to Analyze a Business Process

When you are trying to figure out what problem to actually solve before you dive deep into the software requirements, you’ll want to analyze the business process. And to do that, you create both a visual and a textual business process model. A Business Process Model is a commonly used business analysis technique that captures how a […]

How to Write a Use Case

As someone with a business background, do you find that many business analyst jobs involve some interaction with the IT team or IT systems? Are you wondering how you’ll fulfill those responsibilities if you don’t have much (or any) technology knowledge?  As a technical professional, would you be interested in learning a technique for sharing […]