How to Create an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

An Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) is a data model describing how entities (or concepts or things) relate to one another. When created by business analysts or business users, ERDs can be used to understand the business domain, clarify business terminology, and connect business concepts to database structures.  Essentially, a conceptual or logical ERD will visually […]

Thomas Clarke Goes From Research Assistant to Business Analyst in Just a Few Months

Today we meet Thomas Clarke who transformed his career from data entry to research assistant to business analyst! Thomas leveraged his participation in the BA Essentials Master Class from Bridging the Gap to learn how to apply more structure to his work, and engage with more confidence. In this case study, Thomas reveals lots of […]

{Webinar} The Business Analyst Success Path: How to Create Your Dream Job Using the Laws of Success

Do you ever wonder why some people absolutely love their work, get all the interesting projects, and are consistently being rewarded for their efforts, while others seem stuck and never get a break? Which side of the pendulum would you like to be on? There is a success path for business analysts. And getting on it […]

How to Anchor In Your Career Goals

In September 2018, our family evacuated for Hurricane Florence. We are so grateful to be home safe and sound, and dealing with just minimal damage. So many lost everything. I finally had a chance to capture a few reflections on the experience, and some of the positive anchors I put in place to help keep […]

10 Tips to Engage Stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement is critical to success as a business analyst. Yet, often BAs will face challenges getting stakeholders engaged on their projects. They don’t show up to meetings or don’t provide the input you need to successfully navigate the requirements process. In the spirit of celebrating our 10 year anniversary, today I’m sharing 10 tips […]

{Webinar} 10 Lessons from 10 Years in Business

As you may have seen, Bridging the Gap is celebrating 10 years in business! Many have asked about the keys to running a successful business. With so many new businesses failing after 2-3 years, what principles and practices ensure you build a lasting, sustainable business that makes a positive impact while doing work you love […]

What’s one challenge you are facing in your business analyst career?

If you could solve one challenge in your business analyst career, what would it be? What’s holding you back from more success? Tell me where you are at in your career by leaving a comment below, and let me know what the challenge is and I’ll do my best to help you out! (This is […]

How to Handle Organizational Change and Get What You Want Out of Your Business Analyst Career

When organizational change (or any sort of external industry factor) looms, it can feel like our career paths are constricted. The reality is that when you know this one specific thing, you’ll see these changes as opportunities to grow and expand. A lot of the noise and spin will naturally start to quiet down. What […]

How to Almost Instantly Achieve More Success in Your Business Analyst Career

Today we have a super quick, but super high-impact tip for you – and it will help you achieve more success in your business analyst career almost instantly! (By the way, if you are looking for more success in your life and career, be sure to check out the Circle of Success – our mindset […]

How to Catch Up on Technology and Skills in a New Organization

In a recent webinar, one of our community members asked this powerful question: I have been in a BA role for over 8-years and recently changed organizations and I am finding that I am not currently up to date on technology and skills. How can I catch up without overwhelming myself? Switching business analyst jobs […]

Perry McGuire Boosts His Practical BA Skills, and Soon After Lands 2 BA Job Offers in the UK

Perry McGuire joined The Business Analyst Blueprint® having held the title of business analyst, but not fulfilling the full scope of business analyst work he found in his local job postings in Jersey, one of the British Islands. By going through each of the skill sets in The Business Analyst Blueprint® and applying them through […]

Sara Rankin Gains Confidence to Build a Business Analyst Career Using her Innate Gifts

Sara Rankin has always loved asking questions and solving problems, and only recently learned that there is a profession and a job title for doing just that! I love Sara’s story of self-realization and self-actualization, from the bigger ideals of doing work that truly leverages her innate gifts with more clarity and confidence and shifting […]

Michael Rodriguez Raises His Level of Thinking, and Affirms He is Doing Things Right as a Business Analyst

When Michael Rodriguez joined The Business Analyst Blueprint®, he had quite a bit of experience (like 10-15 years of experience) gathering requirements as a software development lead. He is a highly skilled and competent professional, and was looking to take his business analysis skills to the next level. Michael shares many tips with us in […]

How to Gain Funding for Training Opportunities

The best business analysts consistently update and upgrade their skills, to add even more value to their organization and achieve better business outcomes. As an online provider of training to business analysts, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how to gain funding for training. While many of our participants invest in […]

Requirements Prioritization Made Simple

Ask your stakeholders to prioritize requirements and you are likely to hear groans. While conceptually we understand that project budgets are limited, and requirements prioritization helps us receive the most possible value for our investments in technology, there is a part of us that wants it ALL and wants it ALL NOW. And that’s why […]

3 Ways to Find Cost-Effective Solutions to Business Problems

One way BAs add value is to find more cost-effective solutions to business problems, saving company time and resources in big projects where small changes might be just as effective. And even for larger projects, being sure the work that is being done actually adds value and eliminating a lot of the “fluff” that can […]

From Technical Recruiter to Business Analyst: Jack S. Michel Jr. Shares His Clear Path to Success

I met Jack Michel while speaking at the Charlotte IIBA meeting. He introduced himself and let me know how Bridging the Gap had helped him go from his role as a technical recruiter to get his start in business analysis. We didn’t have much time to talk, as he needed to get home to his […]

3 Tips for Minimizing Requirements Changes

We know that one of the ways we add value as a business analyst is through reducing rework and requirements churn. We get everyone on the same page about what DONE means, and minimize unnecessary requirements changes. What do we do if stakeholders keep changing their requirements? How can we ever be done? And how […]

How Business Analysts Create Value

As a business analyst, I’m focused on creating positive change for my organization, and ensuring my work adds value and increases the return on investment for projects. For those unfamiliar with business analysts, or who have never worked with a business analyst, or who have never worked with a good business analyst, this concept can […]

User Stories Versus Use Cases

If you are on an agile team, do you write user stories, use cases, or both? My take is that until you know how to think in use cases, you need to write them to be sure you’ve got a clear and complete view of the software or functional requirements, even on an agile team. […]

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