Business Process Analysis

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Earn Respect From Your Stakeholders, Get the Input You Need, and Improve Your Organization

>> What if there was a method that, once learned, could enable you to solve problems and make your organization more effective, even if you have a lot of technology constraints?

>> What if this set of strategies could radically transform how you get input from stakeholders so you earn their respect and figure out what they really, really want?

Start your BA work with
business process analysis

Well, there is. And it’s called business process analysis. Business process analysis is done by BAs and non-BAs alike to:

  • find opportunities to improve business operations,
  • understand the root cause of a business problem,
  • analyze a new domain or project idea, even when you don’t know what questions to ask.

 I’m Laura Brandenburg and I’ve been making organizations more effective since 2002, and teaching professionals like you my practical, real-world approach since 2009. When it comes to starting as a business analyst, whether it’s for a new project or finding your first real opportunity,  it all starts with discovering, analyzing, and improving business processes.

Once you know how to map out the process and analyze the details, then you’ll always have new questions to ask and be able to get even your most reluctant stakeholders opening up to help you quickly discover the real problem that needs to be solved and surface the most-needed software requirements.

I created the Business Process Analysis online course to help you, whether you are in a formal business analyst role or not, discover, analyze and improve a business process to make your organization more effective and get more recognized for your abilities.

What’s more, it’s worth 12 PDs / CDUs / PDUs / Contact hours so it supports your certification and re-certification needs for the ECBA, CCBA®, or CBAP® from IIBA®, along with the PMP® or PMI-PBA℠ from PMI®.

“After doing the Process Mapping course last year, I landed a Business Analyst job.  I believe that doing your course at that time, helped significantly in getting the job.   They are hands-on practical sessions which allowed me to apply the skills and techniques immediately in the workplace.  In both courses I’ve done, I’ve used actual projects I was working on at the time and so the course documents were directly used in my projects.” – Russell Taylor

This is one of the most useful courses I’ve studied to date. That is because it directly relates to things I’m doing daily. I am very interested in studying more of your courses. – Graeme Wilson, Technical Communicator

“The course helped reassure me that even though I’m new to being a BA, I understand the overall concept well. I appreciated the feedback I received and with some minor fine tuning I ended up with a well-documented process.” -Sanda Huff

How to make a positive difference
and do more fulfilling work

Now…I’ve helped hundreds of business analysts and aspiring business analysts alike analyze a business process, but when I first started out all I knew was that I wanted my work to be more fulfilling and more rewarding. I wanted to make a positive difference – create transformation and change – not just do the same kind of work day in and day out.

To be honest, I was a little lost for a while, trying to figure out my career path.

Now I’m in a different place – I’ve been a practicing business analyst for over 15 years. I’ve contracted, consulted, and led a team of BAs and PMs.

And it all started with how I chose to approach my new role as a quality assurance engineer – analyzing and improving the testing process I did day in and day out. By the time I was promoted into a business analyst role 18 months later, I was able to leave behind a structured, step-by-step process that was easily filled by another engineer.

Get unstuck,
and discover missing requirements 

Now at this point, your big question might be whether this also works for practicing BAs who are supposed to be focused on functional, software, or business requirements. And the answer is absolutely yes.

Archana participated in Business Process Analysis as a practicing business analyst.

  • At first, she wasn’t getting good information from stakeholders and was missing software requirements.
  • Then she applied the business process analysis methodology we teach in this course, and she was more easily able to discover what her stakeholders really wanted, without all the waiting and frustration.
  • As a result, she became respected as a leader in her organization and soon after making these shifts to her approach, was promoted into a Senior Business Analyst position.

If you are a practicing business analyst looking to expand your skill set, engage stakeholders more easily, and create more lasting change, business process analysis is the set of techniques you want to be working on.

Even if you aren’t a BA,
you can improve a business process

A lot of our participants aren’t yet practicing BAs. And, as I did as a quality assurance engineer, they’ve used these techniques to gain confidence in their business analysis skills.

For example, Adam sat down with two stakeholders in his organization to map out the process for attending a trade show. Before he analyzed it, there were tons of issues with this process, and often a sales rep showed up to an event without all the items to represent the company well at the booth.

By going through the method we teach in Business Process Analysis, Adam was able to map out the process, fill in gaps, and make some substantial improvements – even without leveraging technology. What’s more, Adam was a Customer Service Representative when he applied his business analysis skills to make a difference in his organization, and his confidence in his business analyst career goals soared.

“I was able to leverage your course, my pharmacy (pro bono) experience and their request for me to come back for process improvement assistance to get the in-person interview! I wanted you to know, even if I don’t get the ultimate job offer, that you’ve made a difference in my life and I thank you.” – MT, November 2012 Course Participant

“I realized how many activities in my current job can be classified as business analyst tasks so I can build from that and position myself better in the future. I don’t expect to get the business analyst title at my current employer, but I’ll certainly be able to get the experience.” – Dave Wolf

How to start applying
business process analysis
right away

Fortunately, learning business process analysis doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve put together a very flexible, online class covering exactly how to discover, analyze, and improve a business process.

When you join Business Process Analysis you get core lessons covering my exact methodology for discovering, analyzing, and improving a business process. I’ve broken this detailed training up into 5 individual lessons where I walk you through all the steps to make your organization more effective.

The course is very hands-on, and you’ll leave not just with theoretical knowledge but practical application creating these models in your own business or technical domain.

You’ll learn
5 core success strategies

  1. How to Create a Process Flow Diagram – Learn how to map out the high-level process to create powerful ‘Aha!’ moments, ask powerful questions, and clarify with techniques like decision points and swim lanes.
  2. How to Engage Stakeholders and Discover the As-Is Process – Stop sitting at your desk trying to figure out the process and learn how to engage end users from multiple departments to show you their process, even if they are reluctant.
  3. How to Analyze Business Process Details to Ensure Clarity – Learn how to create the kind of detailed, textual documentation that creates true clarity, and include details like business rules, exceptions, entry points, and end points.
  4. How to Validate the Business Process – Learn how to use the power of language to discover unexpected gaps (this will make you look absolutely brilliant), and gain consensus from multiple business user groups. This lesson will give you dozens of more questions to ask to get past the flip-flopping and dial into the root cause of problems.
  5. How to Improve a Business Process (No Tech Required!) – Showcase the value of your work by learning how to create actual positive change, even when you have technology constraints, by exploring improvements and hidden opportunities that will have the most value and gain buy-in from stakeholders.

How the self-paced,
online course works

When you join Business Process Analysis today, you’ll be starting a self-paced, online course that will walk you through all 5 success strategies. You get the luxury of working through the materials on your own schedule and applying them in your own work.

But that’s not enough. I want to take you beyond just learning the material…and right into action.

  • I’m going to give you templates and sample files for all of the models we cover so you can get a quicker start on your own business process analysis.
  • You’ll also receive email access to our certified, expert instructors who can answer any questions you have about applying the coursework in your real-world project environment.

Lessons cover core
business process analysis techniques

We cover the core business process analysis techniques in a series of video, audio, and written lessons.

  • You’ll receive access to new lessons every week, each covering a new set of strategies.
  • Lessons are provided in mp4 video and mp3 audio format so you can stream them or download them to your mp3 player and listen when it’s convenient for you.
  • Full-text PDF transcripts are also provided so you don’t have to take detailed notes, or if you want to quickly refer back to a key point. These are also great for comprehension if English is your second language.

Video lessons are all less than an hour, so they are easy to incorporate into your workday or commute.

(Since these lessons are available for you at any time, there’s no need to reschedule your work commitments or weekend plans and you can fully participate in the course regardless of where in the world you live or what time zone you are in. Simply carve out an hour or two each week to work through them when it’s convenient for you.)

But there’s another component of the course that is essentially important. So let’s talk about that next.

Templates and swipe files
give you a quick start

We want to be sure you have everything you need to apply these business process analysis strategies in your business analyst work. That’s why you’ll receive several templates, swipe files, and checklists to support your analysis and communication.

  • 2 Process Diagram swipe files (Visio)
  • Business Process Template (Word)
  • Business Process Document – draft
  • Business Process Document – with edits and then again with improvements (see firsthand how a document evolves through BA work)
  • Discovery Session – Meeting Template (Word)
  • Discovery Session – Opening Script
  • Improvement Session – Meeting Template (Word)
  • Improvement Session – Opening Script
  • Improvement Summary – Email Template (Word)

I’ll even demonstrate via video exactly how to use the templates and swipe files so you’ll get to see the analytical, creative process in action and have no doubts about what tools to use and how to use them.

What’s more, there is a single concrete case study running through the entire course. We look at the high-level process to Hire Employee, break that down into a specific process for Vet Applicant, and then show you how to edit and improve the Vet Applicant process.

And of course, the templates and swipe files are editable so you can add content from your own business domain and show them to your business stakeholders and end users.

Gain confidence with
confidential instructor feedback
on your real-world project work

One of the biggest challenges with any course is incorporating what you have learned theoretically into your real life at work. The unique Bridging the Gap learning model is specifically designed to take you beyond book learning and into actually implementing a better business analysis approach.

  • First, you receive access to our certified instructors via email and instructor office hours to ask any question about the course materials or how to apply business process analysis in your real-world project work.
  • Second, this confidential on-hand support lasts for a full 90 days, so you have plenty of time to receive support on a variety of real-world project situations.
  • Third, guidance is provided on your actual project work, not a fictitious case study, so you don’t have to do something ‘extra’ just to benefit from or complete the course. (And if you aren’t currently working as a business analyst, don’t worry, we provide plenty of scenarios for you to apply business process analysis outside a formal BA role.)

As a participant in Business Process Analysis, you’ll translate learning into experience with unprecedented, confidential access to our trusted mentors.


How you can earn
PDs, CDUs, or PDUs/Contact Hours

The Business Process Analysis course has been endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) for 12 PDs or CDUsBridging the Gap has also been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Bridging the Gap has agreed to abide by PMI established quality assurance criteria. Successful completion of the professional credit option of Business Process Analysis qualifies for 12 PDUs/Contact Hours.

Your professional credits are backed up by a Certificate of Completion, which you can also use to prove to your employer that you finished the course successfully.

You’ll earn a Certificate of Completion by completing a workbook that includes examples of each business process analysis strategy, and you have a full 90 days to complete your workbook.


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Here’s a quick summary of
everything you are about to receive

When you join Business Process Analysis, you’ll have everything you need to learn how to discover, analyze, and improve a business process.

Let’s take a quick look at everything you are about to receive when you join Business Process Analysis today:

  • 6 lessons on business process analysis and improvement.
  • Mp4 videos, downloadable mp3 audios, and full-text PDF transcripts.
  • Weekly guidepost emails to help you stay focused and motivated.
  • Templates, samples, swipe files, worksheets, quick reference guides, and exercises so you can cement your learning.
  • Instructor feedback on business process modeling. (Kept confidential.)
  • Certificate of Completion (provided requirements are met).
  • 12 PDs / CDUs / PDUs / Contact Hours for PMI or IIBA® certification or re-certification.
  • 90 days of instructor support via email and up to twice per month instructor hours.
  • 6 months of online access to the course materials. (You can also download them for future use.)

The bottom line is that we’re going to cover a lot of ground, and you’re going to come out the other end with a toolbox full of techniques to figure out what your stakeholders really, really want and create positive organizational change and accelerate your business analysis career forward.

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Business Process Analysis

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This is a premium program that’s more flexible and interactive than any other type of training out there – and yet the investment pales in comparison to a college course.

And unlike a college course, you get the theory AND the practical learning about how these techniques work out in a real-world setting – the type of practical, realistic approaches that employers are looking for.

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Remember, if you want a different result in your career, then you have to be willing to take some type of different action.

  • Think about how your career will be different when you always know what questions to ask to figure out what your users really want.
  • How about when you can make lasting improvements in your organization, and earn a reputation as an agent of positive change?
  • How about when you receive real-time feedback from our expert instructors on your business process analysis work? What would be possible then?

Finally, let me be clear on something. I’m not a career magician. I stumbled onto a set of techniques as a quality assurance engineer that elevated my reputation and catapulted me into a business analyst role. Since then, I’ve witnessed countless other professionals use the same exact methodology to do their first actual business analyst work, even if they didn’t yet have the title, and gain more confidence in their skills.

I’ve also watched a lot of new and struggling business analysts use these techniques to completely transform their work, and earn a more solid reputation as the one who can dig out the requirements no matter what.

If you’re ready to completely transform your career and gain confidence in your business analysis skills, while also learning techniques that are considered core, essential skills for today’s business analysts, join us today.

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I think you are going to love yourself for making this investment in you and your career. See you in class.

Here’s what past participants
have to say about the course

“I wanted to document a process at my current company as I felt that would provide more value to me than one that was not work-related. I was nervous about asking at first as I thought my company might see this endeavor as not being worth the time needed (to interview stakeholders, etc.). When I did bring it to them, I asked what processes could use better understanding and documentation. They presented me with a few options and we decided what to tackle first. I knew I’d get a lot of value from this course … having had a course with Laura before. The course did build more confidence in my elicitation and documentation abilities. I got to see first-hand how iterative this process was. The template is wonderful as well!” – Wendy S.

“The course is nicely designed to impart fundamental concepts of the business analysis profile. For me, it was a kind of litmus test, to understand whether my intention of making a career change makes sense or not. It was very interesting to go through the process of documenting the business process, preparation of process models, understanding the roles of stakeholders, etc. It was encouraging to get a very positive response from your team on the work I carried out as part of the course curriculum.” – Hemant Bapat

“Thank you for a wonderful course and great feedback.  My one take-away besides of course knowledge is confidence.  Since I’m in my first “process” job, I’ve been concerned that I’m going to make a rookie mistake and my novice skills will fall horribly short.  Your feedback showed me what I need to improve upon and what I’ve been doing (kind of instinctively) correct.” – Laura L.

“My main take-away was that I am capable of doing more than I thought and that I need not complicate things so much. Start simple and build.” – Mary Dell

“Love the blog posts on Bridging the Gap and was sure of getting back several times my money’s worth! After finishing the course I am only even more convinced now that it was well worth the time spent. My main take-away was how different people from different parts of the globe with their varied ethnic backgrounds approach these scenarios. The practical sharing that this course created served as a common forum to the learning process. Laura is a great presenter and grooms us every step of the way into being better business analysts!” – Srila Ramanujam

One Payment of $1297 $997 USD

3 Payments of $497 $397 USD


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