Leveraging the Business Analyst Job Title to Get Into the Role

Brian Vander Mey shares how his persistence in pursuing business analyst roles, as well as tweaking his job titles and leveraging a titled position (even though it wasn’t really a BA role) helped land him in his first business analyst job!

I spent a very, very long time unemployed or underemployed before I caught a couple small breaks.  The first was working on a contract basis for a small healthcare firm that resulted in producing a document that was published by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).  Then an old colleague hired me to work at a tiny web-based startup which, subsequently failed 7 months later.  Neither of these roles were formal BA jobs, but through your website I got some good advice about how to talk about them as BA jobs.

When the startup failed, I set about connecting with many recruiters, and changed all my LinkedIn profile names to something resembling Business Analysis.  I also joined BA LinkedIn groups.  Through a connection, I landed a job in July that was titled a Business Analyst… but was not at all.  However, during that time, I went on to obtain my CAPM certification.  In being currently employed, having a formal BA title, and being connected with many recruiters, I got bombarded with recruiters looking to fill BA roles.  It would appear there’s a strong BA need in Nashville, TN.

However, it wasn’t until I heard from an in-house corporate recruiter that I took the bait.  That company was HCA, and they sold me on their Business Analysis Center of Excellence.  Up until now, I’ve been the only business analyst that I know.  HCA is a very personal development-/education-oriented company, and I knew it would be a great place to work and grow.  I interviewed for the Business Solutions Analyst II position.

They ended up liking me, but feeling I wasn’t qualified for the II level.  So they downgraded the role and hired me anyway!  I recently started as a Business Solutions Analyst I, in my first official, formal business analyst role, in one of the largest and most well-respected healthcare companies in the world.

Congratulations Brian and thank you for sharing your story!

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