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Fill Your Toolbox with
12 Industry-Standard Best Practices

While Earning 36 PDs / CDUs / PDUs / Contact Hours for Certification

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Are you ready to find more fulfilling, more financially rewarding work as a business analyst, but get stopped because you don’t have the necessary experience?

Or perhaps you are in a business analyst job role, but you don’t feel truly respected or fully confident in your skills?

Or maybe you are ready to pursue a professional certification from IIBA® or PMI®, and are looking for a comprehensive program that provides the professional credits you need while also receiving practical learning that will actually elevate your career?

When you join The Business Analyst Blueprint® training program, you’ll learn all 12 of the industry-standard techniques – the best practices in business analysis. Even if you aren’t yet an “official” business analyst, you will become more confident in applying this structured, formal approach.

The 4-month, online, interactive program contains in-depth learning, templates, and ample time to apply what you learn while receiving best-in-class instructor support from our expert training team.

The Business Analyst Blueprint®
is an online and interactive
business analyst training program

The Business Analyst Blueprint® training program supports you as you expand your business analyst experience and gain confidence in your business analyst skills. What’s more, it’s worth 36 PDs / CDUs / PDUs / Contact hours so it supports your certification and re-certification needs for the ECBA, CCBA®, or CBAP® from IIBA®, along with the PMP® or PMI-PBA® from PMI.

With The Business Analyst Blueprint® training program, you’ll get started expanding your business analyst experience right away, by analyzing and documenting a business process.

In addition to on-demand instruction you can take with you anytime, anywhere, and templates you can use to get started right away, you’ll be able to ask your questions in our live webinar sessions (participation is optional and recordings will be available) and submit your sample work for instructor review and feedback.

(Employers tend to love our learning model because you can fully participate while keeping up with your project commitments. In fact, your project work can actually become part of the course, so the training can deliver an immediate return to your organization.)

Registration closes September 17. The program starts September 19, 2019, and runs through January 2020.


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Learn All About
The Business Analyst Blueprint®
Training Program

Watch the video below to get all the details on The Business Analyst Blueprint® training program, or keep scrolling down this page to read through those details instead.

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Get recognized for your
business analyst skills

The Business Analyst Blueprint® covers 12 core industry-standard business analysis techniques across the 3 different perspectives of requirements analysis.

As you move from analyzing a business process through the 3 modules of the program, you’ll learn the key skills for business analysis success, including use cases, wireframes, user stories, and key data modeling skills, along with the critical communication techniques that help you discover the right requirements and collaborate with business and technical stakeholders.

In short, you’ll leave the program having done all of the key work of a business analyst, even if it’s in pieces and parts across multiple different initiatives, so you’ll be more ready than ever to take on a more recognized business analyst role on an end-to-end project.

What’s more, when you do this work, all of a sudden, you find yourself more confident, more skilled, and more experienced. And that means you are able to elevate yourself into a truly official business analyst role.

“The biggest change that has happened is that this course has enabled me to better correlate the ‘systems analysis’ work I performed 20 years ago to the ‘business analysis’ work I am seeking today.”

– Cathy Warren, Health Ministry Program Director

“I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to grasp the concepts as well as I would have if I was in an ‘in-person’ training course. I also thought that it may be hard to drive myself in my own time to complete the course.

As a result of participating, I immediately gained recognition by my people leader for completing the course. Subsequently, I was able to take the lead in a requirements piece and actually implemented theory I had learned and practiced during the course in a real world, important project for my employer. This was successful and well received results.

It’s great to see the business analyst profession presented in an organized and practical manner. The training courses are well thought out, and detail real world steps and scenarios which help clear the ambiguity in some of the theory that is being taught.”

– Chris Traianou, Australian Business Analyst

“These lessons have helped me understand the fundamentals of being a business analyst. We don’t apply these tools and techniques and I hope to use them and implement the tools as part of my job. I now have more knowledge about what my role could be and the new information I have learned can help me revamp my role.”

– Julie Strickland, Digital Banking Business Analyst

Here’s what you’ll learn to do with
The Business Analyst Blueprint®

I’m sure you, being an analyst like me, would like some specific details of what’s covered in this program so you know exactly what best practices you’ll be able to add to your resume and what work samples you’ll have to present as evidence of those skills.

Here’s a snapshot of the course material included with The Business Analyst Blueprint®.

Module 1:

Business Process Analysis

You’ll learn how to solve the right problem and build the right solution by clarifying business procedures, finding improvement opportunities, and getting an “in” to even more business analyst work.

  • Introduction to Business Process AnalysisBPA
  • How to Create a Process Flow Diagram
  • How to Engage Stakeholders and Discover the As-Is Business Process
  • How to Analyze Business Process Details to Ensure Clarity
  • How to Validate a Business Process Model
  • How to Improve a Business Process and Gain Stakeholder Buy-In

“I thought I was quite competent with workflow diagrams and process maps etc. but the information provided by the course has forced me to review this so-called competency – which is good and confirms that one’s BA practical skills are already improving! : )

My main-take away was the additional practical skills that I now have which in-turn gives me confidence in my skills and abilities. My confidence in January was low but as a consequence of my participation on the The Business Analyst Blueprint® course, it is high and I am now optimistic about my chances of securing another BA role soon.”

– Perry McGuire (soon after finishing The Business Analyst Blueprint®, Perry received offers for 2 business analyst jobs)

“I wanted to document a process at my current company as I felt that would provide more value to me than one that was not work-related. I was nervous about asking at first as I thought my company might see this endeavor as not being worth the time needed (to interview stakeholders, etc.). When I did bring it to them, I asked what processes could use better understanding and documentation. They presented me with a few options and we decided what to tackle first.

I knew I’d get a lot of value from this course … having had a course with Laura before. The course did build more confidence in my elicitation and documentation abilities. I got to see first-hand how iterative this process was. The template is wonderful as well!” 

– Wendy S.

“Thank you for a wonderful course and great feedback.  My one take-away besides of course knowledge is confidence.  Since I’m in my first “process” job, I’ve been concerned that I’m going to make a rookie mistake and my novice skills will fall horribly short.  Your feedback showed me what I need to improve upon and what I’ve been doing (kind of instinctively) correct.”

– Laura L.

Module 2:

Use Cases and Wireframes

You’ll learn how to get everyone on the same page about software requirements, even if you don’t have detailed technical knowledge, and in a format that your technical stakeholders will love and your business stakeholders will actually understand.

This module gets you out of “over-thinking” about the requirements, by helping you get to the exact right level, so you can better communicate the software requirements, more quickly.

  • Introduction to Use Cases and Wireframes
  • How to Analyze Functional Requirements in a Use CaseUseCasesWireframes
  • How to Create a Wireframe
  • How to Create User Stories to Model Requirements in an Agile Environment
  • How to Make Your Functional Requirements are Clear and Complete
  • How to Engage Stakeholders in Use Case / User Story / Wireframe Reviews

“I am now able to write more detailed and meaningful requirements and get a better appreciated for use of wireframes as this technique was not often incorporated in my requirement documentation. Additionally the course provides certification that increases my marketability.”

– Carol Wheatley, Product Development Officer

“The course helped me be more confident as a BA. Although I have failed in capturing requirement at times the courses I took allowed me to understand how I can improve and prevent those issues in the future.

Specifically, the course helped me in:

  • Analyzing better and taking an apt decision.
  • Understanding my strengths and what I need to improve on.
  • Communicating better and writing better user stories.
  • Setting a process.

Today I am a Business Analyst with experience working on projects that vary from Technical currency, defect corrections, enhancements, API and third party integrations . 🙂 My responsibilities involve communicating with stakeholders, eliciting the user stories & acceptance criteria, drafting the document for the feature, signoff and presenting the changes to stakeholders and clients. Apart from that also a key member in providing inputs for planning and also considered the main contact point for the features I handle.

The courses I took helped me improve my skills and make me a better and confident BA.”

– Preethi Rajagopal

Module 3:

Data Modeling for Business Analysts

You’ll learn how to help business stakeholders make data requirements decisions, without getting too technical. You’ll also earn more credibility with developers since you’ll be able to talk their language (even when you don’t know how to code or write SQL).

  • How to Get Started with Data Modelingdata_modeling-ad
  • How to Clarify Business Terminology Using a Glossary
  • How to Create an Entity Relationship Diagram
  • How to Create a Data Dictionary
  • How to Create a System Context Diagram
  • How to Create a Data Map

“I’m part way through a legacy ERP & SAAS e-commerce integration project and found myself knee deep in relational databases and trying to understand how these fit together with the business requirements . I talked thru my ERD with the DBA at work … and we spoke the SAME language! It was awesome to get the recognition from a technical person.”

– Joanne Thirlwall

“The class has been terrific. Really filled some gaps I had (mainly because certain tasks just never come my way). Certain techniques like ERDs are not scary anymore!!! The lessons include practical information you really use.”

– Susan

“I am working as a “partial” BA and the 3rd section of this course dealing with Data Modeling has been a complete eye-opener to me and what I can do to make our team and the business more efficient. We run a lot of small projects using Agile/Scrum, so the data dictionary and matrix knowledge will speed up each build as we will have a common foundation between us and the vendors.”

– David

All along the way, through all 3 technique-packed modules of The Business Analyst Blueprint®, you’ll also be learning how to incorporate critical communication techniques, so you are prepared not only to analyze the requirements, but also discover the right requirements through active collaboration with your stakeholder community.

How the online, instructor-guided
program works

This program makes it as easy as possible for you to expand your business analysis experience and find more success in your business analyst career, without the hassle of travel or missing work.

You can work through the course material when and how it works for you.

Multiple formats for your learning style,
available anytime, anywhere 

One thing participants (and their managers) love about our model is that the flexibility makes it relatively easy to incorporate into their day-to-day work, while also receiving targeted mentoring and instructor support on their real-world project work.

  • Video (mp4) files and Audio (mp3) files you can download to your computer or mp3 player.
  • Full-text PDF transcripts to refer back to as you apply, reinforce, and evolve your learning, without relying on your notes.
  • Templates, samples, swipe files, quick reference guides, and worksheets so you can get started right away.
  • Concrete step-by-step exercises to apply the techniques on your current project work and cement your learning. (Alternatives are provided if you aren’t working and have no formal business analyst experience.)

Real-world application
builds your confidence

This is not a 2-3 day program where you leave full of information but no real guidance on how to actually apply at work what you learned.

This is an interactive, 4-month professional development program where we are with you step by step as you expand your experience and face real-world challenges, and are at your side to help you work through them with confidence and increased success.

We make the best of the asynchronous, online learning environment to expand your learning and confidence.

Inside the program:

  • You apply each technique you learn in your real-world business analysis work.
  • You get to ask the questions that come up as you create your own requirements deliverables
  • And you receive an expert instructor review on each module of the program.

“I think the biggest win for me professionally was this just really built my confidence. Before I would look at things differently or I would ask questions or I would just walk through how things worked with my stakeholders. And I was definitely doing that kind of haphazardly, not in a formalized or contextual, well thought out way, to pain the complete picture.

I would definitely say that the course has built my confidence, and I think it really has been a great stepping stool to step off in terms of, “I can do, I can be, I am a business analyst.” And after completing my first data model,  I have some street cred with the developer.”

– Sara Rankin, 2018 participant in The Business Analyst Blueprint®

“I have used some of these techniques (Data modeling, mapping for data migration) in my previous projects but I was not sure whether that work can be considered as BA work or not. This course has given me confidence about my skills and experience as BA. As well as it has helped me polish my BA skills.

During the course, I got opportunity to use some of these techniques in my current project like BPM, and Use Cases. The team was very much impressed by the documentation I had done and the outcome were much better than my previous brainstorming sessions.

I think I am a confident BA now, ready for CBAP certification!”

– Rachana Dharpure, Domain Analyst (Life Sciences and Health Care)

Expert instructor support
to help you every step of the way

As a participant in The Business Analyst Blueprint®, you’ll translate learning into experience with unprecedented, confidential access to our trusted, expert mentors through January 2020, so you have plenty of time to receive support on a variety of real-world project situations.

  • First, you receive access to our certified instructors via email to ask any question about the course materials, at any time, or how to apply the techniques in your real-world project work.
  • In addition, we have multiple instructor hours at different days and times, so you can call in and ask your questions in a small group setting.
  • What’s more, because this is an interactive session, you’ll have the opportunity to join 8 live webinar sessions (participation is optional and recordings will be available) throughout the program to get your questions answered personally by Laura Brandenburg, CBAP or one of our expert instructors.

And guidance is provided on your actual project work, not a fictitious case study, so you don’t have to do something ‘extra’ just to benefit from or complete the course. (And if you aren’t currently working as a business analyst, don’t worry, we provide plenty of scenarios for you to apply these techniques outside a formal BA role.)

From Support Analyst to Business Analyst at the British Red Cross

During The Business Analyst Blueprint®, I held a workshop with people in the organization so that we could collaboratively document the business process, and then improve it. As a result of this words spread in the different teams. Not even the teams that I, necessarily, worked in, but the teams that are containing the people who I helped the workshop with. People were saying, “Oh, this is really good. It’s really good.”

And what happened was that I contacted the program manager for the project off the bunch of project lists that were related, and he introduced me to another, to a project manager who was thrilled when she heard that I wanted to do business analysis. She was looking for someone to help her. As a result, my manager approved that part of my role would be business analysis going forward. So, it wouldn’t just be support analysis, which was great because that’s what I wanted.

Roshni Dominic


Amelia McHenry volunteers for her husband’s company to build valuable BA experience

Basically, I just came home to my husband and said, “I need to find something that I can do process work on. Do you have any processes that you need to be checked out and worked on?”

And he was like, “Actually, yes I do. I’m doing a disaster recovery revamp,” because he’s the infrastructure director at a healthcare company that he’s in.

They were re-looking at their disaster recovery process, and I was like, “Perfect. Let’s do that.” He shared that with his boss, and his boss was like, “This is great. Fabulous. Let’s get that in the documentation.” We had meetings with them, as well.

So, I got to talk with his other people, and they were like, “Thank you so much for coming in. What do we owe you?”

I’m like, “This is fine. I just want the experience.” What was the next one? The wireframing was the next one. I’m like, “This is my next project. You got anything else?”

And they were like, “Yeah, we’ve got the marketing group setting up our website and revamping that, so here. Work with them.”

And I’m like, “Awesome.” So, I got the first two of the sections of this course, I got to work with them. They got improved things, I got to learn.

Amelia McHenry (this experience led to paying contract work with a consulting company and eventually Lead BA role at $90K/year)

How you can earn
36 PDs / CDUs / PDUs / Contact Hours

The Business Analyst Blueprint® is endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) for 36 PDs or CDUsBridging the Gap has also been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®Bridging the Gap has agreed to abide by PMI established quality assurance criteria. Successful completion qualifies for 36 PDUs/Contact Hours.

Your professional credits are backed up by a Certificate of Completion, which you can also use to prove to your employer that you finished the course successfully and claim your credits for certification or re-certification.

You’ll earn a Certificate of Completion by completing short work samples of each of the techniques within the timeline of the course and having it assessed by one of our experienced instructors.

This means that by completing the program, you’ll have successfully applied 12 different business analyst techniques in your work, created supporting work samples that you can use to validate your learning (or even present in job interviews).iiba-endorsed-course

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Here’s a quick recap of
everything you are about to receive

When you join The Business Analyst Blueprint® – our unique and custom online, interactive business analysis training program – you’ll apply industry-standard best practices to strengthen and formalize your skills as a business analyst.

You’ll be on your way to creating more fulfilling work that will elevate and advance your business analyst career.

What’s more, you’ll leave the program with confidence in applying key business analyst techniques and experience having done so in your work setting. We’ve packed a lot of value into this program, and make it available at a significant package discount, so let’s take a quick look at everything you will receive when you sign up today:

Core industry-standard,
best practices in business analysis

  • Module 1: Business Process Analysis ($1297 Value) – Learn how to solve the right problem and build the right solution.
  • Module 2: Use Cases and Wireframes ($1297 Value) – Learn how to get everyone on the same page about software requirements, even if you don’t have detailed technical knowledge.
  • Module 3: Data Modeling ($1297 Value) – Learn how to help business stakeholders make data requirements decisions, without getting too technical.

And each module includes the following components:

  • Mp4 videos, downloadable mp3 audios, and full-text PDF transcripts that you can use anytime, anywhere.
  • Templates, swipe files, exercises, and work samples so you can cement your learning.

Instructor support
to ensure your success
and build your confidence

  • Live webinar recaps + Q&A (participation is optional and recordings will be available) to get your questions answered.
  • Instructor support via email, for continuous support between modules, all the way through January 2020.
  • Small group Instructor Hour calls (at various days and times to meet multiple time zones and work schedules) to work through any challenges in completing the program.
  • Bonus Resume/CV Building Workshop with Program Manager, Paula Bell, CBAP
  • Individualized feedback on your requirements models, so you leave the program feeling truly confident in your skills.

36 Professional Credits

Finally, provided all the requirements are met within the program timeline, you’ll leave the program with a Certificate of Completion that provides the proof you need for 36 PDs / CDUs / PDUs / Contact Hours for PMI or IIBA® certification or re-certification.

Sign up below to join
The Business Analyst Blueprint®

This is a premium program that’s more flexible, interactive, and instructor supported than any other type of training out there – and yet the investment pales in comparison to a college course.

And unlike a college course, you get the theory AND the practical learning about how these techniques work out in a real-world setting – the type of practical, realistic approaches that employers are looking for – along with the accountability and support of a live program.

Each module is available individually at $1297, but when you join The Business Analyst Blueprint® you can also attend the bonus interactive sessions with Laura Brandenburg, and additional accountability and support. So this investment represents significant savings over investing in each module individually.

Registration closes September 17. So go ahead and click the “Join Now” button below to The Business Analyst Blueprint® for $2,997 or a $997 deposit + 3 payments of $797. (Professional development funding/reimbursements may be available – be sure to check internally.)

One Payment of $2,997

(Save $391)

Registration is now closed. Email us at info [at] bridging-the-gap [dot] com for more information about the next session.


$997 Deposit + 3 Payments of $797

Registration is now closed. Email us at info [at] bridging-the-gap [dot] com for more information about the next session.


Pay by Invoice or Purchase Order

Bridging the Gap accepts purchase orders and can invoice you for your registrations. Email us at info [at] bridging-the-gap [dot] com to pay by invoice or purchase order. Invoices can be paid by check, ACH, or wire transfer.

Please pay the invoice prior to the start of the course. Once payment is received, registration confirmation details will be sent to the course participant(s).


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How this investment can pay for itself, multiple times over

I understand this is a significant investment.

I want you to know that you are worth it.

And, while I can’t make specific promises for you personally, again and again we’ve seen the investment not only pay for itself, but multiply itself for our participants. The confidence you’ll experience when you engage in the program can transform your salary potential and your career.

You already saw how Perry received not 1, but 2 job offers shortly after finishing The Business Analyst Blueprint® training program.

Let’s look at 3 more examples from our many case studies.

Amelia Earns a $20K Salary Increase

Adam earns a $14K Salary Increase and Eliminates Hours/Day of Frustration

“The content here is a game changer for your business analyst career!!!

If you use your current position to do projects following along, or for credit, then that means 3 new projects on your resume, or more, which is worth 5X, or more, of what the course costs! 

Don’t believe me, watch this…

For me getting a Business Analyst position meant an extra $14,000 per year.

Having a position that I was passionate about, I would say was worth about 2 hours a day less frustration. I am not kidding about the 2 hours, the lack of challenge in my current position was killing me, and killed my passion for doing things after work.

Laura says she is passionate about this course, and wants to help everyone possible, it is for good reason.

Thank you a million times over Laura Brandenburg for the contributions you have made to the business analysis community, and to my own career!!!”

– Adam Haesler

Todd Fleming Lands Paid Contract Work

Todd Fleming found himself out of work at the end of 2018, joined the Spring 2019 Session of The Business Analyst Blueprint® training program, and went back to his previous employer offering to do a bit of pro bono work to leverage his new skills. 

This led to additional, paid administrative work on their system, and now they are getting into the start of redesigning the system he built, and they’ve engaged him to help.

“I’ve been self-employed for about the last four years, and now I feel confident that I can label myself as a business analyst, where before it was, more or less, I tried to give a name to it… I’ve enjoyed working with all the staff at The BA Blueprint, and from the very beginning when we met and spoke, I just really had a warm feeling from you that you care, and you do. It’s obvious you’re here to help people, and I appreciate that, and I thank you.”

– Todd Fleming

If you want a different result in your career, then you have to be willing to take a different type of action.

  • Think about how your stakeholders will trust and respect you when you can walk them through all 3 perspectives of the requirements, using industry-standard best practices, with confidence.
  • Consider how much more secure you’ll feel in your business analyst role, knowing you’ve done everything you could to minimize the risk of missing requirements.
  • How about when you receive feedback from our expert instructors to confirm your requirements align with industry standards. What will be possible then?

Finally, let me be clear. I’m not a business analyst magician and avoiding missing requirements does not require magic. There is a structured set of industry-standard best practice techniques to being sure you discover, analyze, and validate the requirements, and we cover it in The Business Analyst Blueprint®. These are teachable, learnable skills, and we’ve got you covered.

If you are ready to completely transform your business analyst career and go into your next project with more confidence, go ahead and click the “Join Now” button below and finish your investment. Registration closes September 17.

One Payment of $2,997

(Save $391)

Registration is now closed. Email us at info [at] bridging-the-gap [dot] com for more information about the next session.


$997 Deposit + 3 Payments of $797

Registration is now closed. Email us at info [at] bridging-the-gap [dot] com for more information about the next session.



I think you are going to love yourself for making this investment in you and your career. See you in class.


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