Build a High-Functioning, High-Credibility Business Analyst Team

With Online Business Analyst Training with Individualized Instructor Support

You want to feel confident when your business analysts meet with stakeholders, tackle projects, and make commitments. You want to know that they are digging into the real problem to be solved, and doing their best possible work to create efficiencies and increased client value with technology.

The path to creating a high-functioning, high credibility business analyst team comes by not only standardizing processes and templates but also training your analysts to ask the right questions and guide stakeholders effectively through the business analysis process.

The biggest barrier our client’s face to incorporating training is finding the time – and that’s why we make our programs incredibly flexible, so you can work them in between deadlines and project commitments.

Invest in your business analysts with training in core skills

When you focus on core skills, those that are essential and fundamental to achieving a greater return on investment from your projects, your business analysts learn how to thrive in any project or stakeholder environment.

They are confident and capable in new situations because they’ve learned the core skills of success, not just tips and tricks that work in specific situations.

At Bridging the Gap, we offer 4 online training courses focusing on the core business analyst skills.

  • BA Essentials Master Class – Covers the business analysis process, and does a deep dive into each of the 8 steps of the business analysis process, while also giving practical tips for handling the most common challenges that pop up in the real world and how to resolve and prevent them in the first place.
  • Business Process Analysis – Learn to use process flow diagrams and business process documents to discover, analyze, and improve business processes, and find the real problem to be solved.
  • Use Cases and Wireframes – Get everyone on the same page about the software requirements, along with a crash course on user stories for agile. Ultimately this means you avoid the finger-pointing that can surface between business and technical stakeholders on a project.
  • Data Modeling for Business Analysts – More easily clarify technical concepts while also learning new domains more quickly with essential data modeling techniques like ERDs (or Entity Relationship Diagrams), system context diagrams, data dictionaries, and data maps.

Each of these courses provides a pathway to create more consistent, repeatable results from your business analysis practice, with the potential immediate returns in improved work performance, credibility, and respect.

Keep project commitments with flexible, online training

All of our courses are delivered online and that means you don’t need to travel anywhere farther than your closest computer with an internet connection. They are also very flexible, allowing for participants to maintain project commitments while improving their skills.

Our generous 90-day windows and on-demand, online materials means that participants can invest time in the training when it works for them, and without impacting project commitments.

Provide a path to credibility and career paths with certification

Many organizations are looking to certifications to further increase the credibility of their business analysts and build out a business analyst career path in their organization.

All of our online business analyst training at Bridging the Gap has been endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) for 12 PDs or CDUsBridging the Gap has also been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI)Bridging the Gap has agreed to abide by PMI established quality assurance criteria.

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Successful completion of each individual course qualifies for 12 PDUs/Contact Hours. And your business analysts can even get credits for work they are already doing (or should be doing) anyway since we count their real-world application of the course materials (that they receive confidential, real-time instructor feedback on) against your credits for the course.

Experience immediate results with
real-world application and
individual instructor support

One of the biggest challenges with any course is incorporating what you have learned theoretically into your real life at work. The unique Bridging the Gap learning model is specifically designed to take you beyond book learning and into actually implementing a better business analysis approach.

This means you can expect to see improved results immediately, as an active course participant will be applying what they learn in their active business analysis project work.

  • First, participants receive access to our certified instructors to ask any question about how to apply the course materials in their real-world project work via email, saving valuable time from your management and leads in answering these questions.
  • Second, this confidential on-hand support lasts for a full 90 days, so they have plenty of time to receive support on a variety of real-world project situations.
  • Third, guidance is provided on your actual project work, not a fictitious case study, so participants don’t have to do something ‘extra’ just to benefit from or complete the course.

Your participants will translate learning into experience with unprecedented, confidential access to our trusted mentors.


Team-building support, even for de-centralized teams

Training can also help foster a more collaborative team environment. By learning to apply industry-standard practices together, in an online learning environment, your business analysts will find ways to make their work more consistent across projects. They’ll leave with a greater awareness of how analysis flows throughout the organization, even if they are on different teams, spread across various business units, or working in different physical locations.

Our training can be part of larger culture change, by helping break down silos of business knowledge and even out varying levels of skill and expertise.

Here are some of the ways clients have leveraged the flexibility of our online programs:

  • Taken a course together during weekly breakfast or lunch, flexibly timed between major project windows, with time after each session for discussion and collaboration.
  • Created team intranet pages to share work samples and provide feedback to their peers.
  • Allocated time to go through the materials individually over lunch or in-between meetings, and then meet together as a team to discuss what they are learning.

Our instructor team can even support your team building, by helping facilitate discussions and peer reviews when you invest in private webinar or mentoring sessions.

Lisa Curll, MBA, Senior Business Performance Analyst, Dominion Energy, Helps 3 Business Analyst Groups Achieve a Consistent Standard of Work

In my organization, a business analyst’s role can vary depending on the group in which they work.  For many of us, we entered our job titles without any formal training on how to approach business analysis.  I discovered Bridging the Gap and convinced my company to pilot the training program with eight analysts across three business groups and from three different states.

Personally, I found the course provided a great overview of business analysis concepts, as well as templates we could use in our normal work.  Furthermore, because we all completed the course together, we developed both a shared language and a deeper professional relationship as a cohort.  Sharing our projects and our progress with each other during the course enabled us all to experience the application of concepts to different real-world examples in our daily work.

The online elements of the training were practical and flexible.

  • Our participants liked the different formats (video, audio, and transcripts), which were adaptable to different learning styles.
  • The instructor support and workbook reviews and feedback helped ensure that each of our participants was applying these new skills to their work with meaningful and measured competency.
  • The live webinars and small-group sessions were also great ways to share our experience with each other.

I would recommend this program to any organization with business analysts, especially if there are multiple BA’s that could learn and grow together.  I am so proud of the BA’s from my group who completed this training, and I have confidence I can hand projects off to them knowing the standard of work they’ll complete.

You can even customize your training for a perfect fit

While our online, on-demand sessions are perfect to work into each business analyst’s schedule, we’ve found that some clients want more customized, private offerings to accelerate their learning, support team-building, and bring in outside, industry expertise as part of leading organizational change.

For an additional investment, Bridging the Gap can offer the following customizations and services:

  • Private online webinar sessions to encourage team building and peer reviews, that ultimately lead to business analysts that collaborate to create more consistent results. Draw on our outside expertise to break down silos without the cost of travel.
  • Customized course outlines, so you can build a program that meets the needs of the specific business analyst roles and responsibilities in place at your organization.
  • Additional 1-1 coaching and mentoring from our senior business analysts instructors, to support your top performers in accelerating their careers or help your newest hires get up to speed more quickly.

Combine our flexible, online courses, with a package that meets your exact needs to experience an even greater return on your investment in training your business analysts.

Here’s how to learn more

Email us at info [at] bridging-the-gap [dot] com to book a complimentary consultation with Laura Brandenburg, the founder and CEO of Bridging the Gap, to discuss your organization’s specific training needs. She’ll develop a custom quote to help you, your team, and the business analysts in your organization truly shine and deliver with increased credibility to maximize the return on investment from your projects.



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