Career Check-In: How’s 2011 Going So Far?

Can you believe it’s almost the end of March? That means that the first quarter of 2011 is about to wrap up. I create quarterly plans for my business. I look back on what I accomplished in the closing quarter and look ahead and prioritize initiatives for the upcoming quarter. This probably isn’t a big surprise and we expect our organizations to do this.

But do we do it for our own careers? Quarter-end is a great time to pick your head up out of the weeds of your current work and look at the big picture of your career.

Ask and answer these questions:

  • What have I accomplished in 2011?
  • What are the most important objectives for me to accomplish in the next 3 months?
  • How can I ensure that I get the support I need to achieve those goals?

Share your self-assessment below and ask for suggestions in achieving your goals.

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  1. Congratulations Li. You won the free copy of Career Paths in Business Analysis. You will receive an email with the link to download it soon!

    Good luck with your Q2 goals and I hope this book gets added to your list on career development. 🙂

  2. These are some great accomplishments and goals. Nicely done Dave and Li!

    Li, have you thought about asking on of your study group participants to be your “check in” buddy to help keep you inspired and motivated?

  3. 2011 key accomplishment to date: organized three IIBA local chapter study group sessions; resigned from a full-time consultant position and started as an independent consultant; spent one month working with recruiting agencies and spreading words among my network looking for a contract position; signed a contract to be an on-line tutoe for the BA certification program offered University of British Columbia; will start on a one-year contract tomorrow.

    Key objectives in next three months: contribute meaningfully to the project; organize three more study group sessions; finishing reading a number of books on BA career development and communication gaps.

    Main support needed is the continued inspiration and motivation. Networking both online and in person, reading books, and exploring the value that I bring are ways to keep me motivated.

  4. Dave Schrenk says

    2011 key accomplishments to date: combined and updated our Business Systems Consultant, Business Process Analysis, and Project Business Analyst position descriptions; developed and updated our Requirements Plan and Requirements Packet deliverable templates; developed an overview of Agile BA best practices; coordinated the update of our IT skills and knowledge inventory; conducted two BA community of practice meetings; conducted peer reviews of several projects.

    Next 3 months: develop and deliver foundational BA training curriculum for our junior BAs; update our BA development roadmaps; conduct BA roundtable training sessions; follow up on additional training opportunties as documented in our previously developed BA training roadmap; continue to conduct BA community of practice meetings and peer reviews; begin investigating options to replace or just eliminate our current requirements management tool.

    The main support I need is money in the budget. There is none. Got any extra? 🙂



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