From Customer Service to Business Analysis

YLS lead a Rework Team in Customer Service, then was a Business Procedure Analyst and Procedural Analyst/Writer in Knowledge Management before taking on the role of  business analysis (she’s still working towards the business analyst title).

She started her BA career by getting involved with continuous improvement projects on outsourcing, training, and requirements design of a digital imaging workflow program.

A key to her success was having an acute understanding of the internal user’s requirements and completing an overview of the workflow, business structure, and essential materials to performing the process.

YLS leveraged Bridging the Gap blog posts, our free email course, and LinkedIn group. She found the material supportive as it helped her put information she knew intuitively into defined parameters she could use to frame her transition.

She says that a great amount of your time is spent working. If you’re passionate about something, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and pursue it in your own time.

Find YLS on LinkedIn.

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