Get on the Fast Track to a Business Analyst Career

With a Customized BA Career Options Report and a 1-1 Consultation

Have you started to look at business analyst job postings but find yourself lacking a critical qualification for nearly every single one? Are you concerned about short-term pressures, such as getting some income coming in or getting started on your job search, but are just not finding much traction? Would you like to know what options you have within the business analyst profession?

At Bridging the Gap, we have been helping professionals get started in business analysis careers since 2008. It would be our honor to help you leverage the skills, experience, and qualifications you already have to get on the fast track to business analysis.

In what follows, I’ll walk you through how we can help you get moving more quickly towards your business analyst career goals.

Finding Your Career Options

Most professionals that contact us about getting started in a business analyst career are fairly confident that they’d like to be a business analyst. They are just not sure how to surface the right opportunity or they are being held back by one or more roadblocks.

They have questions such as:

  • How do I get the experience that’s required to qualify for a BA position?
  • Do I need to select an industry to focus on? What if I don’t have any expertise in a specific business domain or industry?
  • Do I need a specific degree, certificate, or certification?
  • What if I don’t have an IT background? Can I still become a BA?
  • What if I have related experience but it’s informal?

These are valid questions. When you look at the myriad of business analyst jobs out there, it’s really easy to see yourself as lacking a certain qualification or set of qualifications. Business analyst job postings are all over the map and it can seem that even a superhero would never be able to qualify for all business analyst jobs. And if you’ve found yourself thinking this before, you’d be right.

A superhero wouldn’t qualify for all of the BA jobs out there, nor would a senior BA. (Even the most senior business analyst is most likely qualified for less than 50% of the BA jobs in their local area.)

But while that’s reality, it doesn’t mean that your options are so limited that you can’t get on the fast track. In fact, what we’ve found in working with hundreds of professionals is that nearly everyone with a few years of career experience has a specific set of qualifications that they can leverage to get their “in” to the business analysis profession or a role that’s going to directly lead them to a business analyst role, sooner rather than later.

But the career options for one person look very different from those of someone else. This is why the one-size-fits-all advice you read on the forums or receive from other training providers doesn’t necessarily seem like it’s going to work for you.

The Fast Track Coaching Service is designed to find your best career options and get you moving forward fast. You’ll receive a customized set of career options that are a perfect fit for your skills and experience. And then you’ll have a 1-1 conversation with a BA coach to discuss those options and get answers to any questions or concerns you have.

Most people that contact us wish they had been offered a BA job yesterday. They are not exactly sitting around with thousands of dollars and years of time on their hands to blow on this career change. That’s why we will take into account not only your long-term business analyst career goals, but your short-term needs, and provide options that make good sense.

Who’s Behind the Fast Track Program

The Fast Track Coaching Service was designed by Laura Brandenburg, CBAP, the Founder and CEO of Bridging the Gap, and the leading authority on helping mid-career professionals transition into business analysis careers. You’ll hear from Laura when you review the on-demand materials you get immediate access to when you sign up.

Paula Bell, CBAP provides you with the individual support and personalized advice that is critical to getting on the fast track. Paula is a business analyst mentor, coach and author with 18 years in project roles to include business analyst, requirements manager, business process quality manager, technical writer, project manager, developer, test lead and implementation lead.

Paula has experience in a variety of industries to include media, courts, carpet manufacturing, banking, and mortgage. Paula has lead multiple highly-visible multi-million dollar technology and business projects to transform businesses where she was the Consultant, Requirements Manager or Lead Business Analyst.

What’s more, Paula has a track record of helping mid-career professionals like you gain confidence in their qualifications, build out BA career plans, and accelerate their business analyst job search.

“Paula is extremely effective as a business analyst mentor and coach.  Her knowledge about the industry is very helpful in preparing for an interview. She knows what hiring managers are looking for and is very helpful in preparing answers for potential interviewing questions.  I liked working with her and will use her again.  I also got the job I interviewed for.” -Allison Bishop


“Preparing for an interview can be such an overwhelming process, however what I found with working with Paula is that she makes the prep work simple.  She provides a relaxed atmosphere and gives great feedback in a mock-style interview.  Paula continuously stresses the fact that “interviews are nothing more than a conversation, so just converse”.  This helped with my own personal interviewing experience.  I went in relaxed and answered questions confidently.  As a result of working with Paula, I was able to land the position.” – Johanna Guiney

Here’s How the Coaching Works

Step 1 – Share Your Career Background and Short-Term Goals

Upon signing up for the Fast Track Coaching Service, you’ll receive a 3-page coaching questionnaire that will walk you through key elements of your career background and what you want to achieve in your business analysis career – in the long term and the short term.

Step 2 – Learn About Your Career Options

Paula Bell will perform a personal review of your coaching questionnaire and the most recent copy of your resume. You’ll receive a customized career options report based on your unique background and areas of expertise.

Your report will contain:

  • The types of business analyst and related roles where you’ll see the most traction short term.
  • Any roadblocks Paula foresees you needing to work around, with ideas for doing so.
  • Paula’s ideas about your career transition plan and what you can do to accelerate it.

Step 3 – Take a Deeper Dive with Follow-Up Materials

As a Fast Track participant, you have access to 3 on-demand lessons, which were personally created for you by Bridging the Gap founder Laura Brandenburg. You can go through these lessons at any time, but they will help you the most once you’ve received your customized career options report from Paula. Each lesson comes with an audio, full transcript, and next action worksheet. You can print and read the lesson or download it to your favorite mp3 player and listen to it on the go.

Here are the 3 lessons that are included:

  1. How Business Analyst Job Roles Impact Your Career Transition. The business analyst job market is messy. You’ll be armed with patterns you can use to sort through what you’re finding in your local BA job market and decide on a direction for your BA career. 
  2. It Can Pay to Be the Expert. As a seasoned professional, you have a rich career background that is bound to create unique opportunities for you within the business analyst profession. Expertise in an industry, functional area, or software application could set you apart from other similarly qualified candidates (and even set you ahead of those with stronger business analyst skills). The thing is, if you don’t know how to look for these gems or how to position them in a business analyst context, you might never surface the opportunities that are yours for the taking.
  3. Three Paths and Two Side Turns into Business Analysis. There are a few paths that most professionals have followed to become business analysts and once you understand why they work, it will be easy to select the path that will work best for you.

Step 4 – Consult with Paula Bell, CBAP

To be sure you have the opportunity to get any of your questions and concerns addressed, we’ll follow-up the career options report and on-demand materials with a 1-1 coaching call with Paula. Calls can be conducted via phone or Skype, whichever is most convenient for you.

This is your opportunity to receive personal advice on your exact career situation and goals and talk through anything that’s bothering you. It’s the perfect time to get that nagging question or doubt addressed privately.

Step 5 – Get Moving and Keep Moving

Your investment in the Fast Track Coaching Service includes six months of access to email Paula questions (up to 2/month) that come up about your career transition. This is a great way to get another take when something unexpected happens, receive advice on how to tweak your resume for a specific job opportunity, and find out what an unfamiliar term means.

Frequently Asked Questions

You know that we are dedicated to helping you find your fast track into business analysis. But I’m sure you have some questions. What follows are the questions we receive most often about our courses and coaching services. If you have any other questions about this service, please email us at info [at] bridging-the-gap [dot] com.

How much time should I plan to invest?

Getting on the Fast Track does take some time investment from you in terms of planning. But for each hour you invest in focused planning, you’ll save days and possibly even months in terms of getting moving towards your career goals.

  • In step 1, plan to invest about an hour filling out your coaching questionnaire. Since you can include your resume, you won’t need to document anything you’ve already got covered there, but we do want you to think through the questions in a fair amount of depth. The more thorough your answers are, the more options Paula will be able to draw out for you.
  • In step 2, the work is all Paula’s so there’s nothing for you to worry about there.
  • In step 3, plan to invest a few hours reviewing your career options report and absorbing the on-demand materials. The lessons are about 20 minutes each and we’ll walk you through some follow-up activities to apply the material to your unique circumstances.
  • In step 4, plan to invest about 30 minutes preparing for the consultation (that will help you get the most out of it) and 30 minutes on the phone with Paula.
  • In step 5, plan to invest a few minutes every month emailing Paula any questions you have as they come up.

When is Paula available for phone consultations?

Paula typically schedules coaching sessions in the evenings, Central Time.

What does the timeline look like?

You’ll have 30 days from your investment to complete your questionnaire and schedule your consultation. Paula will provide your customized career options report back to you within 5 business days of receiving your coaching questionnaire and resume. The rest of the timeline is up to you and what works best for your schedule.

What’s Included

Here’s a rundown of exactly what’s included in the Fast Track Coaching Service:

  • Customized career options report laying out the business analyst roles where you’ll see the most traction short term, how to work around the roadblocks you could encounter, and Paula’s ideas about how to accelerate your career transition plan.
  • 3 on-demand lessons created by Laura Brandenburg, CBAP to help you explore your career transition plan, available with mp3 audio files, full-text transcripts, and next action worksheets.
  • 30-minute individual consultation with Paula Bell, CBAP to discuss your career options and get private answers to any questions you have about your business analysis career.
  • SPECIAL BONUS: 6 months access to email Paula questions that come up during your career transition. (Up to 2 per month.)

Let’s Get Started

The financial investment in the service is $497 – that covers the career options report, 1-1 consultation, course materials, and six months email access to Paula.

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to make your financial investment. You’ll receive immediate access to the coaching questionnaire and on-demand materials so you can get started moving towards your fast track right away.

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