How to Choose Project Contacts and References for the CBAP or CCBA Application

Reader Question:

“I am getting ready to send in my CBAP application, and I am wondering if it’s ok to submit the same person both as project contact and reference. The person I would like to use as reference was a project manager in two of my projects and is the only person I kept in touch with.”

Linda’s Answer:

IIBA does not restrict you from using the same person as both a project contact and reference. So, yes, you can use the same person twice. However, be careful when submitting a Project Manager as a reference.

The general rule for selecting a reference according to the CBAP Handbook is:

Two references from a career manager, client (internal or external) or CBAP® recipient are required.

And IIBA defines a career manager as:

The person who is responsible for providing and preparing the applicant’s annual performance review.

If the PM you are looking to use as reference was also the person who conducted your performance reviews, then he/she qualifies as a reference and can be used as both project contact and reference. Otherwise, you will need to find another person to use as reference.

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  1. What counts towards the required 21 hour professional development hours?

  2. Linda, wouldn’t the Project Manager qualify as an internal client of the reader’s BA work, therefore, can be used as a “client” reference on their CBAP application?

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