Bridging the Gap Instructor Role

Bridging the Gap contracts with business analysts to provide instructor support for its online training platforms. Primary instructor support includes:

  • Answering participant questions via email.
  • Completing workbook reviews and assessing participant work based on formal standards.
  • Hosting online coaching webinars to help participants apply the learning material and meet the standards of completing the course.
  • Preparing for webinars by reviewing prepared training materials and/or reviewing and organizing participant questions and submissions in advance.
  • Attending monthly instructor meetings to provide ongoing feedback.

Additional instructor support responsibilities can optionally include:

  • Updating course materials.
  • Performing business analysis activities within the business of Bridging the Gap.
  • Contributing to the Bridging the Gap business in additional ways, on an as-needed basis.


  • Practical experience with business analysis subject matter covered in all 4 courses, as evidenced by job accomplishments and responsibilities in a BA-related position;
  • Ability to critically and constructively evaluate participant deliverables and provide feedback in an encouraging manner;
  • Ability to effectively communicate their experience and knowledge to those new to the subject matter in webinars and instructor hour calls, handle real-time questions, and prepare for webinar sessions;
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development, as evidenced by attending courses and conferences throughout the year, keeping up-to-date on BA professional literature, and/or publication of content that demonstrates ongoing dedication to knowledge-building experiences;
  • Relevant professional certification or completion of The Business Analyst Blueprint® certification program strongly preferred.


  • Available for monthly instructor meetings, held in the evening Eastern time, typically on the first Thursday of the month.
  • Available to respond to participant questions via email within 2 business days.
  • Available for online coaching webinars at pre-scheduled times, for 60-90 minutes in duration (can choose between evening, daytime, and weekend times) – a minimum of 5 webinars during each session of The Business Analyst Blueprint® and 3 webinars for on-demand courses throughout the year.
  • Available during peak times of The Business Analyst Blueprint® to review a minimum of 7 workbooks (approximately 4-5 hours of work) during peak periods. (Actual assignment of work is variable, depending on participant registration and engagement.)
  • Provide 30-day advance notice of unavailability, preferably during non-peak times.

Key Qualities

At Bridging the Gap, we believe we build our profession one business analyst at a time. We value the investment the participants make with us and in themselves, and we do our best to maximize the value of that investment.

We have a passion for serving our participants. We want to see our participants succeed, and we celebrate results, big and small.

We provide helpful, constructive, and honest feedback to help our participants apply industry-standard practices to their individual business analysis work.

We provide coaching and teaching in alignment with what’s taught with the course materials, while also representing that business analysis work varies from role to role.

We value practical experience and real-world application, and so we bring our own personal and professional experience to our teaching and are careful to differentiate between our personal experience and course/industry standards.

We draw out the best in our participants. We are approachable and do our best to answer their true question, and get to their underlying doubt and concern. We mix questions with answers to help our participants expand through improving their analytical thinking and communication skills.

We are clear about our boundaries and commitments, to each other and to our participants. We set clear boundaries and expectations with our participants. And we do our part by honoring the commitments we make to the program as well.

We believe that professional work can be both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. We strive to put the right people in the right roles and compensate team members fairly.

About Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap offers 4 on-demand, online courses. Participants can sign up for the course when it works for them, and move through at a pace that works for them. Most courses come with 90 days of instructor support in which participants can ask questions via email, during live instructor hours calls for small group coaching, and submit course materials to meet the certificate of completion requirements.

Twice each year, we run our live online session of The Business Analyst Blueprint® certification program, which combines 3 online courses in a 4-month period with additional live webinars and instructor hours for small group coaching.

Additional Benefits

In addition to fair compensation for instructor work, being part of the Bridging the Gap team has additional benefits. You get to connect and collaborate with some of the best instructors in the industry in our monthly meetings, via team communication, and on our online webinar sessions.

You have an instrumental role in shaping the next generation of business analysts, and the work you do is part of giving back to a profession that has given so much to you.

You are also recognized as part of our public communication – we highlight our instructors on social media, our website, in our programs, and in course training materials.

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