How to Avoid Burnout

Here’s a limiting belief that’s holding a lot of people back from achieving more success in their careers – that expanding into a higher level role requires working longer hours.

(I’ll be sharing content over the next few days about limiting beliefs that analysts commonly face, as we welcome Founding Members into the Circle of Success – the online program for high-achieving, analytical professionals who are ready for a greater level of success in their life and in their career. The last day to join is Tuesday, January 15.)

Now, before we dive into exactly how this belief holds you back, I want to address your very first “yes, but” response. And that goes as follows – Yes, but of course higher level roles, bigger projects, and promotions all mean more hours. I mean, everyone I see with those roles in my company has sacrificed time with friends and family to get where they are at.

I won’t disagree with you, if it’s your actual experience. (Although I would encourage you to look around for a positive example – I bet there are at least one or two people climbing your corporate ladder who are not working around the clock. What’s the key to their success?)

Even so, just because no one else is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s not possible for you.

And this is why I’m calling out this limiting belief.

The thing is, you have to make a choice. You have to choose not to work harder to achieve more success.

And first, you have to decide this is what you WANT, and believe you DESERVE this kind of life. The life full of interesting projects at work AND being home in time for dinner with your kids. Or better yet, leaving early so you can go to their soccer game or ballet practice once a week. Imagine that?

Then you have to say “NO.” And this is important, but you have to say no to the right things.

Right now you are probably saying no to the wrong things – the activities that would actually help you climb the so-called ladder. The extra, high-profile project work. The opportunity to mentor others. The invitation to serve on a committee that feels right, but you don’t know why.

Instead, you have to choose to say no to the activities you are doing today that are creating the least value.

For most of us, there are a few easy culprits:

  • Checking and responding to email all throughout the work day.
  • Meetings where we are unnecessary, or meetings where little actual work is getting done.
  • Work we’ve been doing for years that we can easily hand off to others.

Do this, and you’ll free up loads of time to say “YES” to new opportunities – without working extra hours.

Simple, right? Yes and no. Because here’s what happens as we start to do this.

  • Someone says something about us not replying to their 10 pm email. We feel guilty about it and start checking in just for a few minutes before bedtime.
  • We miss out on something in that meeting, and even though we could easily recover from it and move on, we blame ourselves and start going to those meetings AND doing all the extra work we just took on.
  • The person we hand off work to makes a mistake and we have to clean up the mess. We decide it’s easier to just do it ourselves.

Now, these are all problems with solutions. But because we start taking the right actions (saying “yes” to the right opportunities) without actually changing our beliefs about what we deserve, our subconscious programming pulls us right back into normal.

Except normal is now worse, because now it means more work without more recognition.

And we’ve repeated this pattern so many times now, that “no” is our default response. We don’t want to say yes because yes has negative consequences.

I’d like to help you get out of this pattern and into the ever-expanding circle of success. Where more means more of what you truly want and desire, without the over-working and burnout.

It is possible. There are people doing this. It comes down to changing your beliefs and turning problems into opportunities to move further forward, instead of retracting.

This is why I’ve created the Circle of Success – the online program for high-achieving, analytical professionals who are ready for a greater level of success in their life and in their career. There’s a limited window of time to join us as a Founding Member – until next Tuesday, January 15.

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