How to Use Bridging the Gap Electronic Products

How to download and unzip files

Bridging the Gap products are delivered in electronic format as a Zip file (.zip) download. A Zip file is a compressed file that takes up less space and is quicker to download than regular files. You will need to “unzip” the file to see the contents.

To download your product, click the link provided and save the Zip file to your computer. If you have Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Apple OS X, simply double click the file to unzip it. You may then want to save the extracted files to the desired location on your computer for easy access later. If you don’t have one of the above operating systems, you will need to install software such as WinZip ( for PC or StuffIt Expander ( for Mac, PC, or Linux.

PDF files

Most of the files delivered will be in PDF format (.pdf). To view these files, you will need PDF viewer software installed on your computer such as Adobe Reader (

Excel files

Some of the templates are in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format. You will need Excel or other compatible spreadsheet software installed. If you do not have a compatible program, you can use the free Google Docs service ( to upload and view the spreadsheet files.

MP3 files

An MP3 is a compressed audio file. MP3s can easily be listened to on your computer by double clicking the file. Of course you’ll need to have a sound card, speakers or earphones, and MP3 software already installed such as iTunes ( or Windows Media Player (  You can also listen to these files on an iPod or other MP3 player.

Many older CD players (such as car or portable CD players) cannot play MP3 files, so if you want to listen to the files on an older CD player, you will need to “burn a CD” in standard Audio CD format. Follow the instructions in the help section of your MP3 software to burn an audio CD.

Other questions?

Please ask. You can send them to info [at]