Another peek behind the scenes – who’s behind Bridging the Gap?

Today I’d like to introduce you to someone super special here at Bridging the Gap. Her name is Marci Dahms and she underpins so much of what we do here. She’s been involved with Bridging the Gap for two years, but you may have never come in touch with her yet! But if you’ve ever asked a question, contacted us, missed our free step-by-step BA career planning course, or had an issue downloading an eBook, you’ve probably heard from Marci and I bet she helped you out!

The reality is that Marci does a whole lot more than what’s been visible. She is the proverbial “wind beneath my wings” and doesn’t just keep me sane, but has been taking on an expanded role to generally improve things here at Bridging the Gap. She has been involved in every project for the last year – from The Promotable BA series to Launching Your BA Career – and on a regular basis edits every blog post and course lesson that goes out, incorporates a lot of the cool fancy pictures you see, supports newsletter subscribers and customers, and on top of all this, keeps the financials straight, and this is just for starters.

While Marci owns her own business, Indigo Administrative Services, and is an independent contractor for Clear Spring Business Analysis (the company that owns Bridging the Gap and My Business Analysis Career), since she is so involved with you day-to-day, it’s high time for a more formal introduction.

Laura: Marci, tell us a bit about you.

Marci: Well, first of all, thank you for the kind words. Let’s see… I’ve been working as a virtual professional since 2003, providing a wide variety of administrative, bookkeeping, and social media services to entrepreneurs and small businesses. I truly enjoy being “behind the scenes” ensuring that everything runs smoothly, and freeing you up to focus your time and energy on what you like to do. I love learning new skills, keeping up on the latest technology, and drinking good coffee – not necessarily in that order!

Laura: What do you like best about working with Bridging the Gap?

Marci: I think Bridging the Gap has become such a wonderful resource for business analysts at all levels, as well as those aspiring to become BAs. I’m so proud to be even a small part of this exceptional global community. Of course, one of my favorite perks is having access to all of the eBooks and training course materials.  I have learned so much about business analysis and I continue to learn each and every day. As someone who has always been analytical and process oriented, I find all of this quite fascinating. Perhaps I’ll become a real BA myself someday!

Laura: What project have you enjoyed the most?

Marci: That’s a tough question. I have enjoyed so many projects and different aspects of my work here at BTG, but I would have to say that being a part of Launching Your Business Analysis Career has been an amazing experience. I’ve been so inspired by your passion to help people get started in business analysis and this course has so much to offer. It’s been rewarding to have been involved from the beginning and to see it all the way through development and launch, to become a successful online learning platform.

Laura: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about the business analysis community during the last two years?

Marci: The most interesting thing to me is that the BA field is so wide open with possibilities. I guess I was surprised to learn that BAs come from so many different backgrounds and how each person can really carve out their own unique career path. On the flip side, there is a lot of vague or conflicting information out there and I think it can be overwhelming. I see some parallels between the business analysis and virtual assistance industries. In the grand scheme of things, both are relatively young and are still dealing with some of the challenges associated with industry standardization, such as national/international association growth, setting standards of excellence, the value of certifications, etc.  Steady progress is being made in both professions and luckily for business analysis, Bridging the Gap and its growing knowledge base, contributing authors, and members are here to help make a positive impact.

Laura: What one thing do you hope we can change or improve on this year?

Marci: Personally, I’m always striving to streamline a few more processes on the back end so we can be more efficient, but I really look forward to helping Bridging the Gap continue to expand its reach and increase its value as a resource for all business analysts. I’m excited to see how the BTG community will continue to grow and evolve.

Laura: Thanks Marci for sharing a bit about your role here! It’s been my honor to work with you for the last two years. You are an amazing asset to this growing community and I’m excited to continue to work together.

Marci: Thank you, Laura – it’s truly been my pleasure. I love being a part of this community of talented professionals and I appreciate the official introduction. I look forward to being more “visible” and available to your readers – I’m at your service!

Have a question for Marci or just want to give her a warm virtual welcome? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Doug Goldberg says

    So YOU”RE Marci!
    Thanks so much for everything you do and for keeping the boss sane.
    Nice to finally see you!


  2. Michelle Swoboda says

    Welcome Marci!!

  3. Hi, Marci! It’s great to finally get to see a picture of you :-).

    Your work here “behind the scenes”, and now a bit more visible, is highly appreciated. Thanks for all your help getting BTG running smoothly!



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