Measuring the Performance of Business Analysts

Looking for solid advice on how to start or revise how you measure the performance of your business analysts? Adriana Beal has pulled together an excellent handbook that cuts through the complexity of measurements and focuses on measuring real BA results.

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Measuring the Performance of Business Analysts includes…

Chapter 1: Why measure the individual performance of business analysts?

Chapter 2: What to measure

  • 4 rules for performance measurement effectiveness
  • Defining key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Examples of indicators that can be used to measure the business analysis work
  • Leveraging ratings and other qualitative data
  • Avoiding measures that drive the wrong behaviors
  • Individual, departmental, and process perspectives
  • The impact of skill levels in individual performance measurement and management

Chapter 3: Using performance measurement for learning and improvement

  • Providing context to performance measures
  • Avoiding the “blame the weather” syndrome
  • Finding the “bright spots”
  • Performing regular reviews
  • Offering constant feedback
  • Providing reward and recognition
  • Maintaining your performance measurement system
  • Ensuring long-term consistency
  • Taking the broader view

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