On every successful project…

In the Business Analyst Manifesto, I state:

On every successful project, you’ll find a business analyst. Their title might be director of technology, product owner, product manager, requirements analyst, business process engineer, VP of operations, development lead, team lead, project manager, or CTO.

The title is rather irrelevant. The activity of creating alignment around a clear understanding of “done” that creates positive change is what it means to be a business analyst.

Here’s the thing, I want that business analyst to be YOU. Watch this short video to learn more about how to see the business analysis already happening inside your organization.

(I got a little excited about this topic and originally recorded the video via Facebook live stream, so my apologies for the choppy imaging!)

This would be a great message to share with your team or manager, especially those who might not really get what the business analyst does and why business analysis is so important to successful projects.

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