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About Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is a leading provider of online training specifically for business analysts. We offer downloadable template toolkits, select self-study online courses, in-depth instructor-supported online training, and an online group coaching program.

Our flagship offering is The Business Analyst Blueprint® certification program, in which participants have the opportunity to earn their ACBA – the Applied Certification in Business Analysis™. In this program, participants apply their learning on-the-job across 4 separate modules. With each module, they submit a workbook that goes through an in-depth review by one of our instructors.

Our purpose is to help business analysts find more fulfillment in their work by stepping into increased confidence, success, and a sense of their own value. We aim to promote a practical, results-oriented, and engaging approach to business analysis that creates positive organizational change.

Our primary goal is to inspire those in our community to inspire meaningful action that moves their career forward.

Program Administrator Goal

The Program Administrator supports the active and past participants of Bridging the Gap’s online training programs in an efficient, proactive, and positive manner. They help participants succeed in the programs they’ve invested in and transition to additional programs that best serve their personal needs and career goals.

The Program Administrator protects the time and energy of our instructors by handling administrative tasks and being the glue that holds everyone together. This role leverages our systems, processes, and content to serve our course participants in the best way possible.

Bridging the Gap is a 100% virtual organization, and this is a remote, work-from-home position, starting out as a 6-month independent contract with the potential to convert to a part-time employee.

Key Responsibilities

Primary Program Administrator responsibilities include:

  • Providing administration to ensure our programs run smoothly and the instructors have the tools and information they need to be effective. This includes checking work submissions against basic requirements, assigning work to instructors, updating tracking sheets, issuing certificates of completion, updating canned response templates, tweaking email copy, editing emails in Infusionsoft campaigns, and posting/uploading webinar replays (within 24 hours).
  • Providing logistical and technical support to course participants. This includes answering questions from how to log in to our online learning program, to how to succeed within the guidelines of the program. Be a filter for the instructors by handling questions and issues not directly related to the course materials and workbook completion.
  • Providing continuity support to past customers. This includes such activities as answering questions from past customers about their programs and upcoming offers and re-issuing certificates of completion.
  • Collecting program-related data and participant-reported successes for reporting and monitoring of course participant performance. Preparing reports.
  • Maintaining clean and organized email inboxes.
  • Providing technical support on live webinar sessions, on occasion.
  • Auditing instructor responses and dialog with our participants to ensure adherence to program guidelines. Supporting instructors with information about processes and procedures and general program flow.
  • Develop and maintain Standard Operating Procedures, canned response templates, and other assets that support a structured, systematized, and repeatable way of doing business.

Programs Supported:

  • The Business Analyst Blueprint® certification program
  • ACBA Achievement program
  • BA Essentials Master Class Self-Study
  • Circle of Success

Potential future responsibilities:

  • Support live chat during program launches.
  • Create and update a searchable FAQ to support the live chat.
  • Provide sales support to potential program participants.
  • Handling customer service tasks, such as sending new download links, refunding payments, sending receipts/invoices.


  • Available during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. (Hours are somewhat flexible, but we do need you to regularly check-in and handle any essential items by 12 PM Eastern time and again in the afternoon or evening.
  • Available for weekly team meetings, currently held Tuesdays from 4-5 PM Eastern.
  • Available for monthly instructor team meetings, held in the evening Eastern time, typically on the first Thursday of the month.
  • Approximately 10-15 hours/week to start, with the possibility of expanding hours as our business and needs grow, or with your aptitude to take on additional tasks.
  • Ability to take on an increased workload during our program launches and workbook review periods.

Key Traits

  • Excellent written communication. In particular, the ability to craft clear and concise emails.
  • Guideline focus. Ability to understand business and program guidelines, be clear on why they are important, and hold boundaries in clear and kind ways that help our participants leverage their investment as fully as possible.
  • Decision-making. Ability to make sound decisions about how to handle specific scenarios and exceptions.
  • Process orientation. We are still articulating and defining our standard operating procedures. We need you to actively seek out the processes and templates that do exist, recognize when a process doesn’t yet exist, propose a process, request any necessary clarification, and turn this into a repeatable, structured process.
  • Detail orientation. Passion for getting the details right, from dates on webinars, to the amounts that go on invoices, to how names are spelled in emails and on certificates of completion. In fact, this criterion is so important we ask that you please use “I love details” as the subject line of your email application to us, in all caps.
  • Reliability. Availability during certain times and to complete time-sensitive tasks is critical, as well as advance notice when you need time off, and proactive communication when unexpected events do occur.
  • Analytical reading. Ability to “read into” a request and understand what the customer or potential customer is really asking, in order to resolve their request as efficiently as possible.
  • Positive attitude. Ability to keep a positive attitude, even when dealing with the occasional frustrated customer or technology that’s not working the way it should. And while the vast majority of our customers are absolutely wonderful to work with (we wouldn’t have it any other way), they are often breaking through upper limits as they go through our programs and so we occasionally experience the temporary negative reactions that can accompany those shifts. You should have the ability to not take their reaction personally and provide kind, consistent, and effective service aligned with the program guidelines.
  • Personal responsibility and accountability. You take personal pride in your work and personal responsibility for your results. We understand mistakes and missteps happen. We are looking for someone who takes ownership when issues arise.
  • Technical troubleshooting. A basic understanding of web and email technologies, and the ability to understand how our different technology systems fit together, to provide initial troubleshooting of any issues.
  • Prioritization. Ability to look at the work required in a given day or timeframe and focus on what’s most urgent in terms of serving our active and potential customers. Our priorities do shift between program launches and delivery, so we do need you to make adjustments.
  • Data-oriented mindset. We’re cultivating a stronger data focus within our business and would love to bring in someone with a strong data-oriented/analytical mindset who can help us use data to make better business decisions. This attribute is not essential but could enable growth opportunities within the role.
  • Flexible and adaptable. We are shifting the way we do business, by putting in place processes and procedures, re-aligning roles, and launching a new certification. We need you to be flexible and adaptable as we all figure out the future together.

Alignment with Purpose and Core Values

We are a values-guided organization focused on building our team culture with intentionality. Enthusiasm for our purpose and vision, as well as alignment with our core values, is essential to success in this role.

BTG Purpose

To help business analysts find more fulfillment in their work by stepping into increased confidence, success, and sense of their own value.

How this applies to you: While you may not have experience in or excitement about the business analyst role specifically, the idea of contributing to the confidence, professional fulfillment, and success of others energizes you.

BTG Vision

To promote a practical, results-oriented, and engaging approach to business analysis that creates positive organizational change.

How this applies to you: You can embrace the idea that professionals applying these skillsets make a positive impact on their organizations, and get excited about the potential ripple effect of that impact. And just like we invite our program participants to embrace a practical, results-oriented approach to business analysis, you are ready to bring a similar approach to your work, seeking progress over perfection and focusing on results-oriented activities, not just the checking off of to-dos.

Bridging the Gap Values

  • Achievement: We celebrate results, big and small. We believe that a sense of achievement leads to an expanded sense of self-worth and a greater sense of success, and so we are win hunters – helping people become self-aware of their own progress.
  • Growth: We value personal and professional growth. We help our participants accomplish incredible career objectives. We believe that the growth of one person has a profound ripple effect. We build our profession one business analyst at a time, and each person makes a positive contribution to the world – often well beyond what we or they can be aware of.
  • Practicality: We value real-world experience and application. We don’t allow perfectionism to stand in our way of improving our current state. We create successful outcomes in the here and now, always focusing on taking the next best right step.
  • Sustainability: We want everyone to thrive. We value what can be done in a repeatable way. We value simplicity. We leverage our resources. We create structures and systems that feed each other and support our people.
  • Commitment: We are focused on delivering our key outcomes. We follow through on our commitments and act with integrity in all situations. We take personal responsibility for our results. We hold clear boundaries with compassion to help our customers to follow through on the commitments they make to themselves.
  • Clarity: We are clear in our communication. We leverage clarity to cultivate increased awareness and focus on what’s important. We use analysis, questions, and active listening to create clarity. We highly value “Aha!” moments.
  • Connection: We value personal, authentic connection. We show up as our best, authentic selves. We value collaboration over competition. We bring people together through their shared love of business analysis. We are respectful to each other and look for the best in everyone.


We use the following technologies. Prior experience with these platforms would be helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

  • Infusionsoft
  • Help Scout
  • Kajabi
  • Gmail
  • Wrike
  • Slack
  • SamCart
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Zoom (as administrator)
  • Dropbox
  • Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo)
  • PlusThis
  • WordPress

Hardware and Software

This position will start as a 6-month contract position, with the potential of converting to a part-time employee in the future. During the contract position, you will use your own computer system to perform the above duties. We will provide online access to all necessary web-based software applications.

It’s expected that you have a computer that enables you to access these systems effectively, download any required apps, a current web browser, Microsoft toolset (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

For some applications (such as Slack and Zoom), you may need to create your own account to use to perform the required services). For others (Help Scout, Kajabi) you’ll use a shared account or a new one we create for you.

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We’re accepting applications (with completed application assignment) through Sunday, March 7, 2021, midnight Eastern (New York) Time.

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