Clear Priorities – Check!
Focused Delivery – Check! Organizational Buy-in – Check!

Use Project Prioritization Organizer to turn barely managed chaos into a nice, neat list of clearly prioritized projects.


The Project Prioritization Organizer is a toolkit I’ve used several times in my career to help executive teams clearly prioritize projects for their technology department.

Without a clear understanding of what is most important and how the different priorities fit together to support the organization’s strategic objectives, the typical reality feels quite chaotic.

Here are some symptoms you might be experiencing:

  • A business analyst is in elicitation meetings for several different projects in a single day. By the time they update the requirements, the stakeholder input is a blur, meaning they need to go back and ask some of the same questions again.
  • A technical team member gets asked to do tasks by a particularly energetic and persuasive business stakeholder and misses a deadline on a critical project.
  • A lot of work gets done but little gets delivered, as team members bounce from one project to another, making a little progress here and a little progress there. Business stakeholders are frustrated and the technology team members feel overworked and under-appreciated.

A simple solution
comes to the rescue

Clearly, it’s impossible for an organization to deliver the most possible value when these realities keep popping up. The solution is relatively simple – a clear list of project priorities that has buy-in across the organization. This is business analysis and project management 101.

However, getting there can be difficult. It requires discipline to stay focused on the most important priorities. And it is often a big change for organizations to clearly identify what those priorities are at the project level.

In comes you, the change agent. You might be frustrated by the lack of direction, too many meetings on too many projects, or just feel inspired to find a new path forward.

With the Organizer, you will have the templates and processes you need to transform your organization’s way of prioritizing and focusing on projects. It will still take work, but you’ll know what to do because you can see a future that looks very different from the one you are living in now.

What’s included in the
Project Prioritization Organizer

Let’s take a quick look at what’s included in the Organizer.

Prioritize Project Request

Process Document

This holds the future state process you are looking to create from your work – when new project requests are submitted in an organized fashion, reviewed regularly, and prioritized against other items on your project list.

You’ll want to review this first to get your bearings about the future you are building for your organization.

Project List

Template and Sample

This Microsoft Excel template is how you will pull together new project requests and active projects, and present them to stakeholders as a ranked list of priorities.

You’ll also receive a sample with a few projects filled in, so you can see how it comes together to provide a birds’ eye view of an organization’s project priorities.

Project Request

Form and Sample

Provided as a Word document, this is the template that stakeholders will use to provide details about new projects and delivery teams will use to provide input on those projects, before a project makes it onto the list.

Steering Committee

Meeting Agenda

Once your new project prioritization process is in place, this is an agenda you can use to facilitate the prioritization of new projects by the Steering Committee.

Project Request Team Response
Meeting Agenda

Once your new project prioritization process is in place, this is an agenda you can use to facilitate productive, working meetings that enable your delivery team to provide an informative response to new project requests.

Getting Started:

10 Steps to Organizing Project Priorities

This 13-page guidebook will walk you through the messy, but critical work you need to do as change agent. From transitioning to the barely managed chaos you might be experiencing now, to a much more organized way of considering and prioritizing new projects.

All of the templates and processes
are fully customizable

And one more thing – while many of the pieces in the Organizer can be used out-of-the-box in many situations, your organization is unique and may have special requirements.

You are more than welcome to make adjustments to these templates and process documents to suit your organization. In fact, I encourage you to do so. Make them your own and make them work for you.

No matter what,
we’ve got you covered

Let’s address the questions we most often receive about our toolkits:

  • First, you’ll receive an immediate link to download all of the materials as a nice and neat zip file so you can quickly save them wherever you’d like, and to as many of your personal or work computers as you’d like.
  • While hundreds of people have used our download system without issue, we have very friendly customer service that can help you through this process if anything goes wrong. We’ve had people email us 3 years after their purchase when they lose their files due to a computer crash for a new download link. It’s not an issue and we’re happy to help.
  • The templates and processes are all delivered in Microsoft Word and Excel so you can easily copy and paste anything or even edit them for future use. The content is yours to use again and again.
  • While I fully expect you’ll find the templates save you time and add to the professionalism of your emails, we’ve got you covered with a 30-day hassle-free money back guarantee just in case they don’t work out for you.

Here’s a quick summary of everything
you’re about to receive

With the Project Prioritization Organizer, you’ll have everything you need to get organizational buy-in on clear priorities.

In addition to the 10-Steps to Organizing Project Priorities Guidebook, you’ll receive the following customizable templates and process documents:

  • Prioritize Project Request – Process Document
  • Project List – Excel Template and Sample
  • Project Request – Form and Sample
  • Steering Committee – Meeting Agenda
  • Project Request Team Response – Meeting Agenda

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I’m confident you’ll find the Project Prioritization Organizer helps you save time and be more organized on your next project.

But if for any reason you find the Organizer (or Template Bundle) isn’t a good fit for your work as a business analyst, we offer a hassle-free money back guarantee for 30 days following your investment.