Circle of Success – Success Stories

You might be wondering what you can expect to achieve by joining the Circle of Success coaching program.

The best way for me to answer this question is to share the stories of some of our members who have accomplished incredible things in 2019 and are coming back for more in 2020 and 2021!

Moving Into a Senior Business Analyst Role with a $30K Salary Increase: Tracie Edwards

Tracie gained more recognition for her role, in an organization that didn’t have a clear understanding of business analysis, and then ultimately moved into a new senior-level role with a $30,000 salary increase. The coaching inside the Circle of Success helped her see this opportunity, and is now helping her step into the SENIOR in her Senior Solutions Analyst title.

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Leaving Behind Burnout to Start a New BA Job in a New Domain with Confidence: Molly Zglobicki

Molly decided to leave her around-the-clock consulting job that was negatively impacting multiple areas of her life. She found help with interviewing and moral support inside the Circle of Success. Now that’s she’s in her new position, the Circle of Success is helping her focus on adding value and create a positive cycle of wins for her new employer.

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Getting Out From a Never-Ending To-Do List: Kenji

Kenji traded getting more and more done every day (yet it never felt like enough) for saying “yes” to what matters most. Inside the Circle of Success, he learned how to reframe his limiting beliefs that kept him busy all the time but limited his impact. This spaciousness around time has had a positive impact on his family as well.


Finding Confidence in Her Value as a Business Analyst: Kira Judge

Kira is shining her light and stepping into more abundance. She’s built an unstoppable confidence in the value she provides as a business analyst and as a result, new opportunities are unfolding for her. Inside the Circle of Success, she’s constantly looking for and celebrating her wins, which helps maintain her positive mindset.

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Immersing Herself in the Business Analysis Profession: Sue Melchert

Sue completed a big location move and is reinventing herself as a business analyst because this aligns with her unique gifts. Sue is learning the day-to-day of the life of a BA and drawing transferable skills from projects.

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What a Confident Business Analyst Looks Like: Diana Sofariu’s Successes as a BA Consultant

Inside the Circle of Success, Diana learned how to reframe her interconnection of “smart” and “quick” and learned to take action through the fear. She even received a commendation from her practice lead for being more confident.


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