From Technical Writer to Business Analyst through an Internal Promotion

I really love Michal Swartz’s story because she harnessed an opportunity in her current role to do business analysis work, setting up an opportunity to do business analysis within her current organization. Here’s her transition story.

Michal Swartz was a technical writer before she was a business analyst. She started her BA career by offering to complete a workflow analysis for a new process. She reported that as a technical writer she was comfortable with workflow documentation but uncomfortable documenting bad design. Completing the workflow analysis felt amazing and informed others about her skills.

The keys to Michal’s success were asking lots of “silly” questions, insisting on working with front line staff to understand how the as is really works, and thorough documentation, using both pictures and text.

Michal leveraged the blog posts and free BA career planning course at Bridging the Gap.  She’s been working on BA projects since October 2010 and was officially deemed a “Business Process Analyst” by her employer in August 2011.

Find Michal Swartz on LinkedIn.

Please join me in congratulating Michal!

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