The Financial Magic E-Book Manual

Do you find yourself wondering where the money went each month? Are you bringing in variable income and find that leaves you worrying about how you’ll pay next month’s bills? Would you like to create a spending plan that enables you to make critical investments in your future and those of your family?

Would you like to be free from worry about money?

The Financial Magic E-Book Manual by Gary Barnes will help you eliminate the stress around your personal finances. This is not about creating a budget, it’s about creating a spending plan – one that will help your money go farther so you will have less anxiety about your money.


I have personally used Gary’s Two-Tier System (TM) to transform how I look at money and evaluate financial opportunities. In a few short weeks I took control of my financial life and reduced the amount of time I spent budgeting and managing cash flow by over half.

This is the ideal solution for independent consultants and small business owners who have a variable income as it will help you feel in control even though most of your income and costs are unpredictable. But even if you have a fixed income, you’ll still benefit from implementing the system and seeing your money go to the areas that are most important to you and your family.

The Financial Magic E-Book Manual contains over 50 pages of information, teaching, training, and an explanation of the Two Tier System – all the forms and instructions you need to create your own personalized plan.


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