The Top 5 Resources Every Aspiring BA Should Check Out ASAP

So, you’ve made the decision to become a Business Analyst? Great! Congratulations! Score! You are about to join a profession of intelligent, strategic, highly inquisitive, thinking people. You’re raring to go. Your motor is running…vroom…vroom! Ready, set…now what?

You may ask yourself, “Why should I listen to this person? I don’t know her from a can of paint!” Well, I was right there where you are now – pondering the possibilities of Business Analysis and asking the question, “Is it for me?” My answer was YES! I knew what I wanted. The task at hand then became uncovering my resources. I demonstrated the BA skills I already possessed and started my search.

Our first resource, Bridging the Gap is a great place to learn. Laura’s books and blog helped me immensely. But, what else is out there? What can complement the wealth of information you find on Bridging the Gap?

In an effort so save you time and “Help a BA!”, I would like to share with you the four other top resources that helped me figure out what I needed to know about Business Analysis and becoming a BA.

  • Business Analyst Mentor – The first resource I came across was Alex Papworth’s “Blueprint for Success starting a Business Analyst Career.” Alex gives a great starting place for how to develop your career transition.
  • BA Times – My next discovery was BA Times. I see this resource as a way to find out the latest and greatest. It can also serve as a method to dive in and familiarize yourself with terms that may be new to you.
  • The BA Coach – The BA Coach, Yaaqub Mohamed (Yamo), provides an insightful eBook, helpful to Business Analysts of all levels entitled, “5 Pillars of a Great Business Analyst”. He also hosts a Podcast to help take Business Analysts to the next level.
  • The IIBA – I received excellent advice from a previous co-worker. If you want to move into a different career, join the professional association for that career. I joined my local chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis and it led me to my first BA job. I am now a member of the board and enjoy meeting fellow Business Analysts in my area.

Rest assured, you have found one person previously in a situation similar to yours – Me. There are others out there who have lived this and would possibly be willing to “Help a BA!” out. I believe I was wrong to think, at the time, that everyone is too busy to stop for a minute and provide a bit of guidance. Get out there and talk to these people or connect with them on LinkedIn or Facebook.

I hope I have helped you in your quest. If you still have a sliver of concern about whether Business Analysis is for you, with some due diligence and career soul searching, I’m confident you will figure it out. If you have done your research and are worried you won’t be able to do it, may I quote the famous words from Adam Sandler’s movie Waterboy, “You can do it!”

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  1. Just found this: “How do Business Analysts use Excel [Guest Post from a Rock-star BA]”

  2. Felicia, first of all congratulations on becoming a BA. You are one of us now; welcome to the gang!:)

    Also, thank you so much for thinking about and listing TheBACoach and the Five Pillars ebook. It really means a lot to be listed in company of some very respectable resources.

    If anyone wants to download the ebook, I have created an easy and memorable URL that points them directly to the eBook’s page: – This is my humble gift for the BA community for all that I have learnt over the years and my little way of paying back.

    Best of luck with your future assignments and I wish you a tremendous growth in your career!

    PS: Never stop learning and sharing the knowledge.

    • Thank you, Yamo. It’s nice to be part of the gang. 🙂 It was my pleasure to list your book in my resources. It’s a great contribution to the BA community. Good luck and may you have continued success!


  3. Lesley Brown says

    Very excellent advice. I can personally attest to the benefits of two of the four items you mention. After attending my first local IIBA chapter event next week, I’ll be able to attest to 3/4 items.

    • Thank you, Lesley! I’m glad you found a couple of these resources beneficial. I hope you enjoy your local chapter event. Chapter officers do appreciate feedback. If you have a chance, let them know what you think of the meeting. Thanks!

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