Top 10 Articles in 2014!

I hope you are gearing up to enjoy some down time with friends and family during this holiday season. Before we ring in 2015, let’s look at the top 10 articles published at Bridging the Gap in 2014.

1) How to Build Better Stakeholder Relationships

Every email you write, statement you make, and deliverable you create is an opportunity to invest (positively or negatively) in your stakeholder relationships. Let’s swing the dial over to the positive side.

2) Can We Really Trust Amazon, Google, or our Competitors?

Because how often have your stakeholders said to just do it like ____ leaving you tongue-tied? No longer! Learn about 3 super-intelligent responses.

3) 4 Data Modeling Techniques

Data modeling is not a single-faceted technique. There are many ways to model data. This article looks at 4 of the most common models.

4) Starting a New Business Analyst Job (4-part series)

The first of a 4-part series in what to expect in your first day, week, and 60 days in a new business analyst job.

5) How to Get Your Organization to Create a New Business Analyst Job (Just For You!)

An in-depth look at how to create a business analyst job opportunity without switching employers.

6) How to Create a Business Analyst Timeline

So your project manager wants an estimate before you can even meet with the business sponsor. Or, worse yet, establishes a timeline without your input. Learn how to turn this tough situation around.

7) What’s the Difference Between PDs, CDUs, and PDUs?

Don’t be the next person who asks about the wrong acronym on LinkedIn. Hint: If you are going for one of the IIBA certifications, you shouldn’t be worrying about PDUs.

8) How to Turn from IT Analyst to Business Analyst

This is Emily Kong’s insightful and inspiring story of landing a new business analyst job.

9) How to Use Feedback to Become an Expert in Requirements Documentation

A goodie from Adriana Beal giving away a few super-valuable tips from her requirements course.

10) The Business Analysis Process: 8 Steps to Being an Effective Business Analyst

Because you want to be more effective, don’t you? Enough said.

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And in addition to all of the new content, we launched a new e-book, two new courses, and delivered 6 instructor-led virtual course sessions.

We issued 1792 PDs/CDUs, helping business analysts across more than 10 countries meet their certification and re-certification goals.

Thank you so much for being part of what we do at Bridging the Gap and investing your time, resources, and intelligence in being a great business analyst. I look forward to helping you achieve even more career success in 2015.

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