Volunteering to Analyze a Business Process – 3 Case Studies

You know about the chicken and egg scenario when it comes to business analysis – you can’t become a business analyst without experience and you can’t get the experience without being a business analyst.

How do you break the egg?

While many of our Business Process Analysis course participants are employed in business analysis roles, others are employed in non-business analyst roles and still others are not employed at all. In this article, we’ll look at a few case studies of participants who have leveraged their involvement in the course to volunteer and expand their work experience.

Finding Problems Leads to a Second Job Interview

First, let’s talk about a course participant we’ll call Maggie. Maggie volunteered to help her local pharmacy to figure out why there were so many errors and issues when they filled prescriptions. After about 10 hours of pro bono work, she had documented the as is business process and identified the source of many of the errors. Her work was so well respected that the owner of the pharmacy asked her to continue to help them resolve the problems.

Needing to transition to paid work, she respectfully declined. However, the owner was well-connected in her target industry and proved to be a valuable reference for her. A few weeks later, Maggie was able to leverage this new business analyst experience to get past the initial interview screen. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“I was able to leverage your course, my pharmacy (pro bono) experience and their request for me to come back for process improvement assistance to get the in-person interview! I wanted you to know, even if I don’t get the ultimate job offer, that you’ve made a difference in my life and I thank you.”

Gaining Real World Experience to Hone Her Skills

Another course participant, we’ll call her Rudy, invested in the course and then went to her local church to find an opportunity. She found the course to be a perfect excuse to get them to give her a business analysis volunteer opportunity and analyzed the process for recruiting volunteers.

Rudy iterated through several hand-drawn visual models and used our Business Process template to add more detail. While working and re-working the process, she ended up combining four processes into one and simplifying how she and her stakeholders viewed the process.

As a result of this iterative process (which is a very normal part of analysis), she learned how to get to the right level of detail. Rudy left more confident in her skills.

Leveraging Close Connections to Bolster His Resume

Finally, let’s talk about a gentleman we’ll call Joshua. Joshua invested in Essential Elicitation Skills first and conducted an elicitation interview with a non-profit about a fundamental process that had yet to be documented. Then, during Business Process Analysis, he formalized the information he collected into a process model.

The secret behind Joshua’s experience is that he interviewed his wife while she was cooking dinner. The non-profit was a local parent teacher organization and the process was how to raise more funds. However, you’ll notice that by selecting the most relevant details, it’s possible to frame this experience in a much more positive way.

Take this lesson to heart – don’t under-estimate the value of your opportunities to add to your professional credibility, or fail to add a relevant work experience to your resume.

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