We’ve added a new toolkit our extensive catalog to help new and aspiring business analysts

Bridging the Gap is pleased to announce that there’s a new toolkit in our catalog – the Email Communication Templates.

When you download the Email Communication Templates today, you’ll receive 32 simple, copy-and-paste email templates covering business analysis work scenarios that can be handled effectively via email.

You’ll save time by using the templates as a starting point. What’s more, the the methodical approach incorporated into the templates will ensure you are using email in the most effective way.

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Here’s a quick summary of everything you’ll receive when you download the templates.

All 32 copy-and-paste email templates covering the following business analyst work scenarios:

  • Set Expectations – Explain what you do, clarify assignments, manage your workload, and provide meaningful status reports.
  • Get Information – Get the information you need when you need it by making a clear request, following up politely, and escalating as needed.
  • Request Input on Requirements Deliverables – Manage your requirements documents through the entire lifecycle, from early draft to final approval.
  • Manage Issues – Identify, resolve, and communicate about project issues without causing unnecessary drama.

Bonus #1 – Case Study Guidebook so you can easily navigate all 32 templates and see how the sample emails would be used together on a typical project.

Bonus #2 – 65 Ways to Personalize Your Email to help you easily add a personal touch to your emails, ensuring you can use and re-use the templates.

Click here to learn more about the Email Communication Templates

Check out our extensive catalog of tools available for new and aspiring business analysts

The Email Communication Templates are an addition to our comprehensive collection of template toolkits, all designed specifically for new and aspiring business analysts. Here is a quick overview of the other toolkits available in the collection.

Business Analyst Template Toolkit


Why start from scratch? Save time with annotated templates handling common BA scenarios. Whether you are a new business analyst and not sure where to start on your first project or a seasoned business analyst looking to streamline your documentation, you’ll find templates to start with and work samples to model in this unique toolkit.

Click here to learn more about the Business Analyst Template Toolkit

Visual Model Sample Pack


Get access to 22 real world visual model case studies that cover everything from UML diagrams to whiteboard drawings shared from the files of a working BA. You’ll be able to easily incorporate more visuals into your requirements process and get the process moving faster.


Click here to learn more about the Visual Model Sample Pack

Requirements Discovery Checklist Pack


Make requirements discovery easy with checklists that cover every important question to ask. When you download the Checklist Pack, you’ll receive over 700 categorized and cross-referenced questions so you can prepare for your next elicitation session with a sense of ease and confidence.

Click here to learn more about the Requirements Discovery Checklist Pack

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