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Getting ready to find your first or next business analyst job? We’ve got you covered! The BA Job Search Pack includes all 3 of our self-study courses. Together they walk you through the entire BA job search process.

Upon investing in the BA Job Search Pack, you’ll receive the following 3 virtual, self-study courses:

Mastering the BA Job Interview 


Go into your next BA job interview with confidence because you’ve prepared as much as possible (without going overboard).

We cover:

  • How to prepare to answer a wide range of behavioral interview questions and speak authoritatively to your experience.
  • How to analyze a job opportunity and predict what the hiring manager is really looking for in a candidate.
  • How to answer the most general and vague (and important) question you might ever be asked: “Tell me a bit about yourself.”

Getting Hired Faster


Get crystal clear on the relevant and transferable business analyst experience you have (even if it’s informal) so you can position yourself as qualified for a broader range of business analysis jobs.

We cover:

  • What experience counts as business analysis experience and how to find it in your career history so you can add it to your resume or bring it up during a job interview.
  • 8 Business Analyst Discovery Components to walk you through core business analysis skills.
  • How to use our brainstorming techniques so you don’t overlook any experience that might be relevant to your BA job search.

Building a BA Resume that Lands You Interviews


Get interviews for more business analyst jobs with a resume that highlights your business analysis experience (even if you’ve never held the “Business Analyst” job title).

We cover:

  • How to write better bullet points that help you stand out in a sea of hundreds of applicants.
  • How to organize your resume so your resume actually gets read.
  • How to get your mindset about your resume right, so it starts to write itself.

Each self-study course is individually offered at $127. With the BA Job Search Pack, you’ll save $84 today.

With the BA Job Search Pack, you’ll have everything you need to build a resume that lands you interviews, prepare for your interviews as much as possible, and also get crystal clear on your transferable BA skills and experiences so you’ll get hired faster. What’s more, all 3 courses include instructor support so you can email in your critical BA job search questions (up to 6 questions via email) and receive personalized advice specific to your career situation.

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I am from an Application Development and Maintenance background in IT industry who has taken a 2-year break for child care. I have received two job offers in my 3-week job search with job titles as Senior Business Analyst / Associate Business Architect. I attribute my success of converting interviews into job offers primarily to the guidance and tips presented in the course. I had 3-4 rounds of interview for each company and in each interview I was questioned ‘How many years of Business Analysis Experience do you have?’. The course prepared me to answer this question with confidence. – Sarika

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