The Business Analyst Blueprint® Certification Program – Success Stories – and What It Looks Like to Up-level Your Career

One of my favorite aspects of running our online training programs is seeing our participants up-level their careers and to be able to help them celebrate their successes.

Often these messages come out of the blue, like when Amelia Kram McHenry shared this post with me.

Whether or not now is the right time for you to join one of our online training programs, their stories will inspire you with ways to be moving your career forward and identifying the resources and support you need to get where you want to go. The next level looked a little different for each participant. What does it look like to you?

From Technical Writer to Lead Business Analyst and a $20K Salary Bump

Amelia McHenry, a participant in the Spring 2018 session of The Business Analyst Blueprint®, went from reaching the ceiling of her Technical Writer role to a Lead Business Analyst Role making $90K/year in Brentwood, Tennessee. This move represented a $20K salary bump in less than a year.

Despite this phenomenal success, Amelia’s path wasn’t straight or simple. In between, she held two BA contract jobs, volunteered to finish the projects required to complete The Business Analyst Blueprint®, and overcame a lot of internal resistance to finishing the program.

She built her confidence and her skills one step at a time. I’m incredibly honored to share her story with you today. This is what SUCCESS and PERSEVERANCE look like as a business analyst.

>> Click here to read or watch Amelia’s case study <<

How to Up-Level to a Senior Business Analyst Role

Munzolli Tower from the New Jersey area, is a business analyst with a business background. During the Spring 2019 session of The Business Analyst Blueprint®, he interviewed for and received an internal promotion to Senior Business Analyst within a new department in his company.

Munzolli walks us through exactly how he achieved this promotion, and how important it was for him to be able to speak to his key business analyst skills (and not just business expertise) with confidence to secure this new role.

>> Click here to read or watch Munzolli’s case study <<

How to Land Paid Contract Work and Build a Work Portfolio During COVID-19 with No Technical Background

Becky Goll tackled the challenge of a pandemic and leveraged her participation in the Spring 2020 session to land paid contract work during shelter-in-place orders, even while she was recently unemployed. She left the program with a work portfolio she can show to future employers

>> Click here to read or watch Becky’s case study <<

How to Land Paid Contract Work as a Business Analyst with a Software Background

Todd Fleming, a participant in the Spring 2019 session, is from Somers Montana, which is near Kalispell, Montana, and leveraged his investment in The Business Analyst Blueprint® to land paid contract work with a past employer, and the opportunity to build up his on-the-job business analyst experience.

>> Click here to read or watch Todd’s case study <<

From QA to ServiceNow Business Analyst

For Manuel Ninapaitan, a participant in the Spring 2018 session, it all started with updating his title in his email signature – which he had the confidence to do while in The Business Analyst Blueprint® training program. Soon his manager asked him to take on a BA-like project. And a year later he was in his first official business analyst job role.

>> Click here to watch Manuel’s case study <<

Leveraging The Blueprint on Strategic Initiatives

Jami Moore, a participant in the Spring 2020 session (right during the COVID outbreak), leveraged the techniques in The Business Analyst Blueprint® certification program to bring clarity and make a bigger impact on a multi-year strategic program re-envisioning her organization’s entire customer experience.

>>Click here to read or watch Jami’s case study<<

Finding Confidence in Her Value as a Business Analyst

Kira Judge was a participant in the Spring 2019 Session of The Business Analyst Blueprint® certification program. She shares her journey to finding her confidence in a relatively new business analysis role and how she shows up as a leader to ensure she’s solving the right problems for her organization.

>> Click here to watch Kira’s case study <<

Support Analyst to Business Analyst (Just 4 Weeks Into the Program)

Roshni Dominic started The Blueprint while working as a support analyst for the British Red Cross. Just a few weeks into the program, she leveraged her business process work to move into a part-time business analyst role with ongoing project responsibilities.

>> Click here to listen to Roshni’s case study <<

From Senior BA Lead to BA Manager

Annette Richards in Toronto, Ontario, was a senior business analyst when she joined The Blueprint. And, as she says, she knew more than she thought she knew.

But it didn’t matter because she felt like she had a “gap” that was holding her back.

With the increased confidence that came from going through the program, and receiving instructor feedback on her business analysis work, she was ready to take the leap into a management position setting up a new business analysis framework and mentoring new business analysts.

>> Click here to read or watch Annette’s case study <<

Long-Time Business Analyst Affirms He Is Doing Things Right and on the Path to Certification

When Michael Rodriguez joined The Business Analyst Blueprint®, he had quite a bit of experience (like 10-15 years of experience) gathering requirements as a software development lead. He is a highly skilled and competent professional, and was looking to take his business analysis skills to the next level.

>> Click here to listen to Michael’s story <<

Unemployed in the UK – Lands 2 BA Job Offers

Perry McGuire joined The Business Analyst Blueprint® having held the title of business analyst, but not fulfilling the full scope of business analyst work he found in his local job postings in Jersey, one of the British Islands. By going through each of the skill sets in The Business Analyst Blueprint® and applying them through volunteer work at a local non-profit, Perry boosted his practical business analyst skills and increased his confidence to apply for a broader range of business analyst positions

Soon after recording this interview, Perry reported in our online community that he landed a business analyst job offer. And a few days later, he had a second job offer to consider!

>> Click here to listen to Perry’s story <<

Newly Aware of Business Analysis, Gains Confidence In Her Innate Gifts

Sara Rankin has always loved asking questions and solving problems, and only recently learned that there is a profession and a job title for doing just that! I love Sara’s story of self-realization and self-actualization, from the bigger ideals of doing work that truly leverages her innate gifts with more clarity and confidence and shifting more of her day-to-day work to business analysis, to the smaller (but just as important) win of gaining “street cred” with developers by demonstrating her new data modeling skills.

>> Click here to listen to Sara’s story <<

Experienced, Newer BA – On the Path to Certification

Jennifer Hurley was an experienced business analyst moving into a technical analyst role, who joined The Blueprint with her business analyst team.

As a single mom, a lot of training options are not feasible, and our flexible online training program gave her opportunities to expand her skills and get the credits she needed for certification.

>> Click here to listen to Jennifer’s case study <<

Experienced, Certified BA Gains Deeper Appreciation for her BA Skills

Shelly Feyerherm was an experienced business analyst who already had her CBAP when she participated in The Business Analyst Blueprint®. In fact, one of her motivators was that she needed CDUs for re-certification.

She found she experienced many takeaways from the program that had an immediate impact on her project work and created a deeper appreciation for her business analysis skills.

>> Click here to listen to Shelly’s case study <<

About The Business Analyst Blueprint®

When you join The Business Analyst Blueprint® certification program, you’ll learn all 12 of the industry-standard techniques and the business analysis process framework – to build your confidence in the best practices of business analysis.

You’ll create validated work samples and be a credentialed business analyst as a recipient of the Applied Certification in Business Analysis™ (ACBA).

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