About Bridging the Gap

At Bridging the Gap we help you start your business analyst career.

You come here for concrete ideas, validation, and transparency. You might have thought you were on this journey alone, but now you’ve found a encouraging source of support to draw on.

What is Bridging the Gap?

Bridging the Gap is a leading provider of virtual training to help you, a mid-career professional, start your business analyst career, find more success in your current business analyst position, or find a new business analyst jobs.

We offer virtual business analysis courses to people who want to get started in a business analyst career or make sure they succeed in their current business analyst position. All of our courses are delivered virtually and that means you don’t need to travel anywhere farther than your closest computer with an internet connection. Instructor support for our professional credit course options span several weeks so you have time to actually apply what you learned, ask questions, and receive instructor feedback on your deliverables.

Who is Behind Bridging the Gap?

Laura Brandenburg, CBAP is an internationally-recognized leader known for helping mid-career professionals start business analysis careers.  She is the creator of Bridging the Gap and the best-selling author of How to Start a Business Analyst Career.

Laura brings more than a decade of experience in the business analysis profession, filling such diverse roles as a full-time business analyst, consultant, and hiring manager. She brings all of these perspectives into her writing, presenting, coaching, and training to help you find transferable business analysis skills, expand your business analysis experience, and start your business analysis career with confidence.

Instead of giving you a pre-defined plan, she helps you discover the plan that makes the most of your background and career experiences. Laura leaves no stone unturned in unearthing your opportunities and has never had a client leave a consultation without finding at least a few transferable skills, often in areas they thought were irrelevant to their BA career.  To learn about the approach that has helped 100s of professionals move forward in their BA careers, check out 5 Steps to Becoming a Business Analyst and the Business Analyst Career Roadmap.

Marci Dahms underpins everything we do here at Bridging the Gap. If you get in touch with us, you’ll probably meet Marci. And she’ll help you find the answer you need, if we have it. Her smile, positive personality, and passion for helping others makes her a wonderful asset to your experience with Bridging the Gap.

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