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You are a business analyst, or want to be a business analyst, and you are looking for the missing link that will tie your career together so you can earn the respect, title, and salary you truly deserve.

Ultimately, you want to experience more confidence and success in your career. You want to do fulfilling, financially rewarding work leveraging timeless skills. You want to solve business problems and make the world a better place.

We are here to help. Bridging the Gap was established in 2008 and has helped thousands of business analysts take their careers to the next level.

Bridging the Gap provides online business analysis training  to new, aspiring, and I've-been-doing-this-forever-but-no-one-ever-taught-me-how business analysts.

We build our profession one business analyst at a time. Success starts with you.

What sets us apart is that we have a no-nonsense, very practical approach to being a business analyst. We do not teach theory that doesn't play out in the real world. All of our training, and all of our support, is based on practical experience of what it really takes to be successful.

This is one of the many reasons our online learning model includes months of instructor support. Not because the content requires months to go through (it's actually broken up into short pieces that are easy to consume on the go), but because we want you to have time to learn, apply, experience real-world challenges, and get your questions answered by experienced business analysis professionals.

This is how you experience true success in your career. 

When you join a Bridging the Gap program and do the work, you'll experience immediate improvements in the work you are doing NOW. Your employer will love it and you'll get on track with your career, perhaps for the first time (or the first time in decades).

Meet Our Team

Founder and CEO, Laura Brandenburg

Laura Brandenburg, ACBA, CBAP is an internationally recognized leader, author, and keynote speaker known for helping mid-career professionals start business analysis careers.  She is the creator of Bridging the Gap and the best-selling author of How to Start a Business Analyst Career.

Laura brings more than a decade of experience in the business analysis profession, filling such diverse roles as a full-time business analyst, consultant, and hiring manager. She brings all of these perspectives into her writing, presenting, coaching, and training to help you find transferable business analysis skills, expand your business analysis experience, and start your business analysis career with confidence.

Our Support Team

Lee Ann Armstrong joined Bridging the Gap in 2021 as our Program Administrator. She facilitates communication between our training program participants and instructors, answers logistical questions, processes certificates of completion and ACBA certifications, and provides excellent all-around support to our participants and instructor team.


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