About Laura Brandenburg, CBAP

I’m Laura Brandenburg and I’m your host here at Bridging the Gap. I discovered business analysis in 2003 after about 2 years as an associate editor and nearly 2 years as a quality assurance professional in the publishing industry.

I changed jobs and locations twice over the next 4 years, nearly always finding myself as the first BA in an organization with limited process maturity.  In 2006, I landed in Denver, Colorado, where my senior BA role quickly turned into a director-level role. I built a 15-person team of business analysts, project managers, and QA professionals and interviewed dozens of BAs as part of building that team.

I loved helping my staff tackle new challenges, but management was not the right fit. I left in June 2008 and took the summer off to rediscover work that could ignite my passion. I found that what I enjoyed most about every job I had had all came back to business analysis. I started consulting as a business analyst and founded Bridging the Gap.

As a consultant I’ve performed BA work on IT projects, business change efforts, and helped organizations define their BA practice and recruit BA professionals. So at this point in my career, I’ve seen business analysis from just about every angle – and I bring all of those perspectives into the books and courses you find here.

I released How to Start a Business Analyst Career in June 2009 and Professional Development for Business Analysts in 2010 and How to Earn Your CBAP in 3 Months in 2014. (You can find a complete list of all of my books here, on Amazon.) In 2011, I created the My Business Analysis Career professional development platform, launched my first course, and earned my CBAP.

Today Bridging the Gap is focused on helping professionals like you start successful business analyst careers through our books, templates, and virtual courses. I have a unique approach to business analysis training that includes 1-1 instructor support to ensure you leave our courses having taken concrete steps towards your business analysis career goals.

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for reading. I look forward to helping you build a fulfilling career in business analysis. And if you haven’t already, click here to learn more about starting a business analyst career with our free email course.