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  • Do you feel uncertain in your career and are not sure what to do next? (Especially since every role is just a bit different.)
  • Are you looking to thrive in a faster-paced environment, see the missing pieces of the puzzle, and ask the right questions at the right time?
  • Are you frustrated that your management and business users don't understand what you do? And don't participate as fully as you need them to?

If so, then our courses and templates can help you achieve more success in your business analyst career.

Gain confidence and take control of your business analyst career.

Foundational Business Analysis Skills

With practical, real-world online training, you’ll learn techniques and processes that elevate your career potential in any industry or type of project.

Real-World Application Builds Credible Experience

With hands-on instructor coaching and documentation reviews, you’ll create work samples showcasing your experience while making an immediate positive impact.

Our biggest success is empowering one business analyst at a time.


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For Those Who Like the Details…

Most business analysts consider themselves lucky to have found a role for the skills they enjoy the most - creative problem solving and collaborative communication. They get to take big ideas and make them real.

They excel at creating clarity out of ambiguity, alignment out of disagreement, and order out of chaos. They create positive change for their organization.

Yet you aren’t alone if you also feel like your work is under-valued, your energy is pulled in multiple directions, and your role is unclear role. You may even feel stuck in your career.

I get it. Truth be told, for most of my time in corporate I felt like I was in a made-up role created on the back of a dysfunctional organization, not a role I could make an actual career out of.

And yet I received a ton of positive feedback about my work, earned one promotion after another, and found myself leading a 15-person team before the age of 30, and then started consulting and contracting, finding my way in the then-new agile environment.

As I started to train other business analysts over a decade ago, I started to see that my success came from focusing on a core set of foundational business analysis techniques. I developed 4 foundational courses covering the techniques and communication strategies in the following areas:

  • Business process analysis
  • Software and functional requirements
  • Data modeling
  • And the end-to-end business analysis process framework.

Today, these 4 courses make up The Business Analyst Blueprint® framework. With our practical, real world, online training, you will be able to be effective on any type of project and collaborate on any sort of team - no matter what industry, software development practice, or type of solution.

Laura Brandenburg

Here’s What Successful Business Analysis Looks Like…

Jami Moore

"Here’s the feedback I received from a senior-level stakeholder on my first use case: “I’ve never seen things done this way, and it’s great.”

Jami Moore

"I came back from a confidence crushing layoff. I’m applying everything I learned in the course, and realized I was more qualified than I had been led to believe."

Kevin B.

"I started approaching my work with a business analyst mindset, and more opportunities kept coming my way."

Manuel Ninapaitan

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