How to Start a Business Analyst Career

The most comprehensive guide available for creating an actionable plan that enables you to start a business analyst career.

Ellen Gottesdiener, Author
The Software Requirements Memory Jogger

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Get YOUR successful start as a Business Analyst

With the average salary for a business analyst in the United States reaching above $90,000 per year, more talented, experienced professionals are pursuing business analysis careers than ever before.

But the path is not clear cut. No degree can guarantee you will start in a business analyst role. What’s more, few junior-level business analyst jobs exist.

Yet every year professionals with experience in other occupations move directly into mid-level and even senior-level business analyst roles.

My promise to you is that this book will help you find your best path forward into a business analyst career. More than that, you will know exactly what to do next to expand your business analysis opportunities.

Here’s a look at what’s inside:

  1. What It’s Like To Be A Business Analyst – Learn what a business analyst really is, experience a realistic sample workday, and receive answers to dozens of FAQs.
  2. What You Need to Know About Business Analysis – Decipher the key skills a new business analyst needs to be successful.
  3. How to Expand Your Business Analysis Experience – Receive time-tested ideas for how to gain valuable business analysis work experience, whether you are in a technical role, business role, or unemployed.
  4. How to Connect With Business Analyst Professionals – Learn how to leverage the strength of the business analysis community to accelerate your career.
  5. Focus On The Right Business Analyst Role For You – Eliminate the perplexity of today’s business analyst job descriptions, by absorbing the explanations of the most common types of business analyst roles.
  6. Your Career Transition Strategy – Confidently decide on your best path into business analysis.
  7. Move Toward Your Business Analyst Career Goals – Create a career transition plan that helps you experience success sooner than you might expect.

What’s more, as you use How to Start a Business Analyst Career to plan your next step, you’ll be able to download a BA Resource Pack full of electronic worksheets that walk you through the well-received Putting It To Practice exercises inside the book.

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How to Start a Business Analyst Career

Laura Brandenburg has been involved with helping people become business analysts for years. As you read How to Start a Business Analysis Career, you feel that she is talking directly to you, listening to your travails, and offering solid, practical, and applicable advice. There is no pie-in-the-sky theories about how things should be, just simple, usable, honest, real-world descriptions of the way things actually are in the world of business analysis.

Steve Blais
Author of Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success

Laura’s book provides spot-on recommendations to help you drastically reduce the amount of effort and time required to jump-start your business analyst career. If you were to invest in just one resource to help you transition into a high-paying and rewarding business analyst career, you couldn’t do better than this book.

Adriana Beal
Product Manager and Principal Consultant at Beal Projects LLC

When people ask me, how do I become a business analyst?, I always sigh (inside!) because I would love to give them a simple guide, but I know that it is complicated, and any answer has to start with it depends…Laura has done the almost impossible by providing a route into business analysis via a step-by-step process that anyone can follow.

Alex Papworth
Business Analyst and Mentor,

What a wonderful gift you can give yourself with this book, which will help you decide if business analysis is the right career move for you.

Bob the BA
(aka Bob Prentiss)

Practical, principle-based, and easy to read and use, professionals of any background or career level seeking an opportunity in business analysis stand to benefit from this book.

Jonathan Babcock
Jabian Consulting and Editor of

This book helps you understand how to use your experience in other business areas to transition into business analysis above entry-level positions.

Aaron Whittenberger, CBAP
Regional Director of America’s Eastern Region, International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®)
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