Business Analyst Templates to Get You Started with Effective Business Analysis Practices

A set of business analysis templates gives you a great starting point, whether you are on your first project as a business analyst, or are tackling a different type of project as an experienced business analyst.

Leveraging an established set of business analyst templates will ensure you understand the documents created by business analysts and avoid a lot of common challenges that trip new business analysts up!

At Bridging the Gap, we offer a variety of template toolkits, work aids, and even a few free business analyst templates, so you can get a sampling of what we offer!


Business Process Template

Discover what your stakeholders REALLY need from the project.

  • Discover how to ask powerful questions.
  • Avoid wasting money on software with no ROI.
  • Clarify step-by-step workflows with ease.

Click here to download the business process template


Use Case Template

Get everyone on the same page about the software requirements.

  • Clarify exactly what the software needs to do.
  • Avoid wasting time with technical jargon.
  • No coding knowledge necessary.

Click here to download the use case template


Requirements Checklist Template

Discover what kinds of questions to ask, to gain powerful project insights.

  • Identify what questions to ask during an elicitation session.
  • Feel more confident and prepared going into a discovery meeting.
  • Free sample from the Requirements Discovery Checklist Pack.

Click here to download the free checklist

"Your pack of BSA templates was a great moral support for me because it helped me to realise that even though I haven’t worked for a large company, I still did some work and I could relate to what others (like you Laura) have done and what the standards are."

Dmitry M.

“I have applied the free business analysis template provided by Bridging the Gap to capture the As-Is and develop To-Be business processes for my clients. It has been quick and easy to use the template and I would recommend it to anybody starting out as a Business Analyst.”

Chimwemwe Nkhoma

"I have just downloaded your new pack and just about to start going through it. It looks brilliant, so I am confident it is going to help me massively as modelling is a skill that I am constantly trying to develop."

– Tom James

"I found useful not only the different templates to choose from but the bullet points with advice. I think the templates also work as a reminder on how to structure work. In my current situation with no direct person to report on daily basis and being in the middle of everything is quite important to keep a structure to refer to."

– Anonymous

Full Template Toolkits Covering the Business Analysis Lifecyle

Our business analyst templates and work aids will help you get further faster. All of our work aids are provided in easy-to-download digital packages so you can start working with them right away.

Save $138 and get all 5 Template Toolkits

Each template toolkit is individually offered at $97. For only $347 (a $138 savings), you’ll receive all five toolkits and can leverage them as part of starting and growing your business analyst career.

Click here to learn more about the Bridging the Gap Template Bundle


Business Analyst Template Toolkit

Why start from scratch? Save time with annotated templates handling common BA scenarios. Whether you are a new business analyst and not sure where to start on your first project or a seasoned business analyst looking to streamline your documentation, you'll find templates to start with and work samples to model in this unique toolkit.
Click here to learn more about the Business Analyst Template Toolkit


Email Communication Templates

Save time writing professional emails with 32 simple, copy-and-paste templates specifically for business analysts. What's more, the methodical approach incorporated into the templates will ensure you are using email in the most effective way.

Click here to learn more about the Email Communication Templates


Visual Model Sample Pack

Visual Model Sample PackGet access to 22 real-world visual model case studies that cover everything from UML diagrams to whiteboard drawings shared from the files of a working BA. You'll be able to easily incorporate more visuals into your requirements process and get the process moving faster.

Click here to learn more about the Visual Model Sample Pack


Requirements Discovery Checklist Pack

Requirements Discovery Checklist PackMake requirements discovery easy with checklists that cover every important question to ask. When you download the Checklist Pack, you'll receive over 700 categorized and cross-referenced questions so you can prepare for your next elicitation session with a sense of ease and confidence.

Click here to learn more about the Requirements Discovery Checklist Pack


Project Prioritization Organizer

project-prioritization-organizerv2Turn barely managed chaos into a nice, neat list of clearly prioritized projects. When you download the Organizer, you'll receive a full set of customizable templates and processes to help your organization get organizational buy-in on clear priorities for more focused delivery.

Click here to learn more about the Project Prioritization Organizer


Business Analyst Template Toolkits
Product Demonstration

Effective Conversations Template Collection

Being offered as a stand-alone product for the very first time, the Effective Conversations Template Collection contains 20 conversation scripts with 3–5-minute videos to ensure you know exactly what to say in some of the toughest situations business analysts face.

Click here to learn more about the Effective Conversations Template Collection

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic templates used by a business analyst?

Business analysts use a variety of different templates and models to help business and technical stakeholders make good decisions on software projects. The most commonly used business analyst templates are:

  • Scope Statement
  • Business Process Document
  • Business Analysis Plan
  • Use Case and/or User Stories
  • Product Backlog
  • User Interface Wireframes
  • Data Dictionary / Data Maps
  • Change Request
  • Issues List
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Meeting Notes

What software do business analysts use to manage requirements?

Many of a business analyst's typical templates are provided in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. These formats can be converted or uploaded into an organization's wiki or project management tool, for easier sharing with team members.

A business analyst will often create many visual models, such as process maps, wireframes, entity relationship diagrams, and system context diagrams. These are created in a tool like Microsoft Visio, LucidChart, or Gliffy.

A common tool set on agile projects is Confluence for textual and visual requirements documents like business process documentation, with the user stories being managed in Jira.

Do business analysts use Excel based templates?

Many business analysts don't have access to tools to manage requirements, and so they do work in Microsoft Excel. For example, you might maintain a list of business processes, use cases, or user stories (a.k.a. Product Backlog) in Excel. Or you might export lists from a tool into Excel for review and prioritization.

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