Get Everyone on the Same Page About the Software Requirements
[Free Use Case Template]

As a business analyst, use cases will help you ask incredibly smart questions about the software, even when you don’t actually know that much about the technology or the business.

Even if you aren’t a business analyst, you can benefit from writing use cases:

  • As a business user, if you can write a use case that describes what a piece of software does or needs to do, you’ll know enough about the “technology” to talk to technologists about software systems. You’ll also go down a path of asking and answering many important questions about the requirements.
  • As a technical professional, if you can explain what the software does, without diving deep into how it’s built, you’ll learn how to talk about technology without using the technical jargon that is not relevant to the business community.

If you’ve been wondering what questions to ask, or how to get tech details without knowing the tech – start writing a use case. I guarantee new questions will pop and you’ll be well on your way to looking smarter than you already are.

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