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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon should I expect to hear back from you?

We strive to respond to all requests as quickly and effectively as possible. We operate on Mountain Time,  regularly respond to communications Monday-Friday, and observe all US holidays. If you are an existing customer, you’ll hear back from us within 2 business days. If you are requesting more information about one of our offerings, you’ll most often hear back from us within 3 business days. We strive to reply to all other communications within a week or so of receiving them.

What order should I take your courses in?

Our courses can be taken in any order and there are no pre-requisites. Although there is no ideal order, there may be an order that makes the most sense to you. Use the contact form to share more about your professional development goals and we’d be happy to make a suggestion.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept investments in our courses, books, and templates from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal.

Do I need to travel to attend your courses?

No. All of our courses are virtual. If you have a computer with an internet connection you’ll be all set.

I can’t attend the live sessions. Are replays available?

From time to time we run live sessions of our on-demand courses. When we do, replays of our instructor-led sessions are made available as soon as possible.

For all of our on-demand sessions, you are receiving pre-recorded materials that are available on your schedule. This is one feature of our training that many participants tell us they really appreciate.

What’s more, even though the materials are available on-demand, you’ll be able to contact your instructor throughout the course session and receive individual feedback on the deliverables appropriate to your selected course.

Click here to learn more about our virtual course offerings.

How can I get access to all of your webinar recordings?

Check out our Bridging the Gap webinar archive for the most up-to-date list of webinar recordings as well as upcoming live sessions. Join our email list to receive notifications of future live business analyst webinar trainings.

How do I get started as a business analyst?

You are in the right place! Check out our 5 Steps to Becoming a Business Analyst (don’t miss the “Yes, Buts” at the bottom) and our free BA career planning course.

If you’d like advice specific to your career situation, click here to learn more about the Fast Track Coaching Service.

Can I get a discount on your courses?

We appreciate that in today’s economy, everyone is looking for the best value for their dollar. We do run specials from time to time and offer past course participants a Customer Loyalty Discount on future course investments. The best way to be sure to hear about our specials is to join our email list.

Outside of these special offers, we have found that the financial investment for our courses represents an equitable number for participants and for us. We’ve found that making the financial investment leads to making the time investment, which leads to a successful completion of the course.