What are you doing to bridge the gap between business and IT today?

As a technology professional, it’s critical to make incremental improvements in how you engage with the business.  You won’t go from “IT maven” to “bridging the gap” overnight, but by focusing on taking incremental steps to better engage with the business each day, over time you’ll change your style and, hopefully, how the business perceives you and your IT team.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Pat Ferdinandi of SBDi on the phone last week and she stressed this point with me again and again.  Your technical skills will not help you successfully wade through these tough economic times but your ability to communicate with the business will. Check out the archives of her “Tips for Engagement” eZine and her blog with “Tips for Communicating Effectively between Business and IT

So what are you doing TODAY to bridge the gap with your business team?

  • Stop by and initiate a conversation with someone you have not spoken to in awhile?
  • Carefully explain some options in non-technical language?
  • Help a colleague explain a technical issue?
  • Provide clear and concise pictures?
  • Ask what their current challenges are and suggest ways you can help?
  • Streamline a process that bridges the gap between instead of creates a huge gulf?
  • Be open to the infamous “fly by” and take extra time to help and answer questions?
  • Ask a business person what product issues they would like to know about?
  • What are your ideas?
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  1. Laura, your post reminded me of something I wrote a while ago, which I posted on my blog.

    Bridging the gap between the business and IT requires a plan, some processes, but mostly, a lot of human interaction: http://tinyurl.com/aqe8h7