A few things I believe…

We all have things we know to be true. Here are a few of mine:

  • The more we each do the work that matters to us, and that lights us up from the inside out, the better place the world becomes.
  • Change and growth is part of business and it is part of life.
  • To expand in the future, we need to let go in the now.

One of my special unique abilities is helping people feel more confident in their skills and abilities. And over this year, I’ve come to realize that the absolute best way I can do this is by providing skill-based training, the kind we’re offering through The Business Analyst Blueprint® certification program and through the separate components that make up The Blueprint.

Once upon a time, I created a set of 3 courses from a different place and based on a different skill set. As a hiring manager, I built a 15-person team and conducted close to 100 interviews and resume reviews. I’ve also been on the interviewee side of the fence several times, as a consultant, contractor, and full-time employee.

The take-aways from all of that experience got bundled into these 3 courses:

We’ve since bundled these 3 courses together as part of the BA Job Search Pack, where you can save $84 over your individual purchases. This was good work. It was in my zone of excellence at the time and I’m proud of these courses and they’ve already helped more than 1000 professionals be more confident and strategic about their job searches.

But I’m realizing that this is no longer my work to do. To expand in the future, and make room for my best and brightest work and my biggest contribution to the business analyst community, I have to let go in the now. So these courses will be retired.

However, it didn’t feel right to pull the product from our virtual shelves without giving you one last chance to join the program. This is your one week notice.

All 3 courses and the 3-course pack will continue to be available through next Thursday, December 7. Then they are gone. Like forever gone.

>> Click here to check out the BA Job Search Pack <<

As always, I wish you the absolute best success as a business analyst. I trust you are also doing your best and highest work. And I’d also encourage you to consider what you need to let go of as we close out the year. What is it time to leave behind so you can do YOUR best and brightest work? Leave a comment below.


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