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Adriana Beal has developed a successful career in business analysis and product management, having lead the investigation of business problems, defined winning solutions, and written requirements documents for a large number complex software projects. She is also the coach of Crafting Better Requirements, a program that has helped hundreds of business analysts improve their requirements documentation and communication skills, and the author of the e-book, Measuring the Performance of Business Analysts, which has been adopted by dozens of BA managers interested in improving the performance measurement systems in their organizations. Her newest e-book, designed to help BAs struggling with getting the right information to analyze and use to specify their solutions, is called Tested Stakeholder Interviewing Methods for Business Analysts.

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  1. Hi, Maid,

    There is no such thing as a person with knowledge of the key business processes in the job you are applying for, except for people working for the same organization, and in some level, people working on similar organizations in the same industry or a related one.

    All production processes are composed of inputs, processing steps, and outputs. However, the types of inputs, processing steps, and outputs, can vary greatly from industry to industry, and even from company to company, depending on the “unique value proposition” the organization has, regulation it is subjected to, culture, and many other factors.

    My recommendation is that you research the company you are interviewing for as much as possible, and if you can, locate a subject matter expert in the same company to take part in an informational interview (possibly via email if they are too busy) so you can ask questions about the business and the challenges it faces.

    In an interview for a BA position in the business side, the interviewer(s) will probably be interested in confirming your ability to analyze business problems and determine the best solutions for them. Knowledge about business analysis techniques can’t hurt, so if you don’t have it, I would recommend you buy a copy of the BABOK (http://www.theiiba.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Body_of_Knowledge) to help you prepare.

    Good luck with your interview!

  2. majid radaei says

    Hi ,

    I graduated in MBA from Hult IB in Aug 2010, And also have found the job in Business analyst position but more business oriented rather than IT ,Could you help me out if you know someone who has experience regarding this type of position, I will have a interview about the concept and suppose to be asked about some key business processes in this job in order to get hired.

    I would be so appreciated if you could assist me to find out that person with above mentioned competency.

    Maid Radaei